Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My Last Blog in 2010

What, 2010 gone already? Unbelievable!!! However, when I stop and think of everything we accomplished this year, that’s also unbelievable! What a year!

At this time last year, we were still in South Texas and didn’t have even a clue that in less than 3 month’s we would own a HOUSE! A house that fits us perfectly. 15 years of full timing in an RV came to an end. Now we’re part-timers.

It was a joyous 15 years and neither of us would trade it for anything in the world. The fun and experiences we had are beyond explanation. Memories and friends we met during our travels are outstanding and unforgettable. For 10 years, we volunteered our services at Custer State Park in South Dakota in the Summers....we had a great job and kept going back year after year.   Winters we went anywhere our hearts led us. What a wonderful experience!

About this time last year, we had an experience that was like none we have ever had before. It was when God placed Rollie and Gina in our lives. It was definitely a meeting made in Heaven that brought us together with this fine young, Christian couple.  Our admiration for them is beyond words.  We have a special bonding with them that is like none other and the enjoyment of meeting up with them was definitely the highlight of the year!!  It was during this time that we unexpectedly lost our oldest son Mikel.  I don't know if we could have made it through losing a second son without them. They took over and cared for us at a time when we needed them most and we are truly Blessed.  We know there are Angels walking with us.
Before we departed North Ranch, Rollie and Gina decided they would come to our place in the Black Hills and help us finish off some living quarters in part of the pole barn we built during the summer of 2008. They made a quick run home to their place in Louisiana and then headed up our way. The rest of the summer is a blur.

We all worked extremely hard day in and day out on what Gina has named “The Cabin” in SD. We got so much done it was unbelievable, way more than I expected. First thing I knew it was all framed, electrical in, plumbing done, dry wall done, painting done, fixtures including bathroom are in. What an accomplishment!! Our good friends Sherri and Rocky drove many miles out of their way to come up and do the plumbing for us….God Bless you guy’s!

During the summer, Ms Pat and I decided we would put our Teton 5TH wheel and Volvo semi tow truck up for sale. I put an ad on “Craig’s List” and 2 weeks later it was SOLD!! Pat and I suddenly found ourselves HOMELESS! We desperately moved everything into our “cabin” and barn. It had no kitchen or floor covering or furniture as of yet, but we were able to improvise and sleep there.

We had decided that we wanted to try a Motorhome before we completely gave up RV’ing. The search began, we loaded up and headed south after looking locally without success for the Motorhome of our DREAMs. Suddenly after a couple weeks of searching, our "Dream Motorhome" appeared right out of nowhere. Did I mention there are Angels walking with us? We knew this was the one!  In about a week, we pulled back onto our place in the Black Hills with our NEW HOME!

So it was a BUSY YEAR to say the least. I didn’t expect to buy a "sticks & bricks" house but it happened. I didn't plan on building the "Cabin" in the barn but it happened.  I didn’t plan on selling the Teton 5TH wheel and Volvo so fast but it happened. I didn’t plan on buying a Motorhome but it happened. I didn’t plan on selling our place at Retama in South Texas so fast but it happened.  It's hard to believe all those things happened in less than a year.
When I was in a store the other day with Ms Pat, I saw this framed plaque. I couldn’t leave without it. What GREAT advice!! So this is my advice to everyone. "Saddle up and Follow Your Dreams!!!!!"

We certainly followed and found ours!! I continue to Thank our Lord and Father for all he does for us. My 3 favorite word’s: Praise the Lord!!

May you all have a Happy and Prosperous NEW YEAR!!

It was a GREAT YEAR!!!


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David, Sheila and Stella the Beagle said...

Yee Haw, dad loved the cowboy way from the way he'd dress to the way he hunted. Thanks for the memory triggers!

David & Sheila Knapp

Travels with Emma said...

You cerainly have had an eventful year! Maybe 2011 will be a bit calmer? :)

Sam&Donna Weibel said...

Hope your coming year gives all the enjoyment you had in 2010. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

Sue and Doug said...

what a year you had! the quote and thanks for the recap!
Happy New Year to you and Pat and Ms.Megabyte!!!

Rick said...

2010 was a very eventful year for you both. What a bunch of changes you've made. I sure hope the coming year brings nothing but good times. Happy New Year!

Kenny And Angela's Adventure said...

You guys did have a good year even with the ups and downs.

Happy New Year!!!!

Anonymous said...

Greetings from rainy Southern California.

I added myself to follow your blog. You are more than welcome to visit mine and become a follower if you want to :-)

May God bless you and your family in 2011 ~Ron

And always remember: Smiles don't have to be saved for a rainy day. It's good to waste them :-)

All Because Two People Fell In Love said...

Gina and I have been so blessed by you and Mom this year. I'm not sure we are angles but we do love the Lord and we know and believe he put both of you in our lives for a reason. We will always cherish 2010 as our best year. You and Mom mean so much to us. We miss and love y'all, your kids