Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Tragedy in Tucson

How can I say anything this morning without saying something about this terrible, senseless tragedy in Tucson.  Tucson was my oldest son Mikel's home for many years. During that time, we visited there quite often. Tucson is a neat town that we always enjoyed and it sure has been in the news a lot lately. This tragedy just makes me sick and so sad. I miss having Mikel there so I can talk to him about it. He, too, would be devastated by all this.

I don’t know Representative  Gifford and therefore have no idea what her beliefs are but I will say the people of Tucson are pouring out their support. What further troubles me are the many are so quick to place blame on gun laws and even on Sarah Palin.  Good Lord and to protest a funeral is despicable. It's just WRONG!  Our hearts and prayers are centered on all the victims and their families.
Our hearts are further saddened by the illness of Mike Nielsen, a friend and Church member in Custer,SD.  Mike and his wife Bonnie own the local hardware store in Custer. We spent a lot of time in their store last summer while we were building our “Cabin” in our Toy Barn.

Mike has been battling Cancer for a few years and has recently taken a turn for the worse. He is in the Regional Hospital in Rapid City. I wish we were close and could go visit him. He is certainly in our prayers daily as he fights this terrible disease. Thank you to his wife Bonnie who has set up a Caring Bridge site for Mike so we can keep up with his condition and continue to give him our support.

I’m sorry this is such a gloomy Blog this morning but I’m kinda down in the dumps myself. Just the winter "blues" I suppose. Ms Pat and I both have been sick with some kind of bug but we're a lot better than we were.  Our ambition level is right at zero so we are both have a hard time getting motivated.   It’s been so long since I've felt this way that I guess it all came down on me at once…… I don’t like it and I’m gettin' out of it…. Onward and Upward!!!

Rollie and Gina will be here soon and that’s about the most cheerful  thing I can think of….when they get here, I’ll be FINE!!  Gina has a couple of doctor's appointments before they can leave but hopefully they'll be on the road next week.  We'll be waiting with OPEN ARMS!!!DSC_2767
I sure like my new wheel covers and I have even had some people stop by and compliment me on them. They are made out of top quality vinyl about like the Truxedo pickup cover. They slide in a track that is attached to the wheel opening. We got them at MCD when we had the solar shades installed. The sun can be brutal down here in Arizona and these covers will keep it off those expensive tires.  They can be ordered by mail for your rig and it shouldn’t be hard to install them.

We have 5 new FOLLOWERS that I want to WELCOME:

Lynn-Country Heart Roses
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Thank You all for your support.  I am so happy to have you stop by.

It is still a GREAT WEEK!!!!

Praise the Lord and God Bless you all! 


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All Because Two People Fell In Love said...

Hey Pop's,

I couldn't agree more with your blog this morning. Guns don't kill people people kill people. No funeral should ever be protested and a lot of states are passing laws making it illegal to protest. More laws that we don't need but none the less needed to keep ignorant individuals from adding to the pain families are dealing with when losing a love one. Ok enough of that. We will be seeing y'all soon and we both cannot wait for those big hugs.

Love & Miss Y'all
Your Kids

squawmama said...

Terrible things are happening in these times but no one is to blame but that young man who did such a violent act... We all here what's going on but no one in their right mind would react like that. It is ok for you to dump here we understand. As for the protestors they should be ashamed! Try to have a fantastic day and stay safe!

Sue Malone said...

Thank you for the welcome. Thank you also for saying something about the tragedy in Tucson. It wasn't a political act, but I think folks don't speak up because it can be politicized. I didn't speak of it, even though it was the first thing on my mind when I wrote last. Sad.

Rick said...

In planning our trip south this year for our 4 month holiday, we decided months ago to skip Arizona for the first time. The reason was pretty simple - the inflamed rhetoric we were hearing on radio talk shows and the rise in anger and hatred of those with opposing political views. It just seemed to me to be too volatile a mix.

I'm not going to step into the quagmire of guessing who or what's to blame for this tragedy as minds seem set in stone on this. I'm just watching and listening to the reactions - some calling for civility and understanding while others continue to rant, rave and preach anger and hate. Judge for yourself.

As for me, I'm comfortable with our decision to avoid Arizona this year. I had hoped a tragedy like this would never occur and like you am terribly saddened. I can't, however, say I'm totally shocked by it.

Sam&Donna Weibel said...

When I was in PA with my Sister, a young Marine from a small town a few miles away was killed in Afghanistan and brought home for burial, The church group from Kansas that does all the protesting said they would protest at his funeral, The morning of the funeral there were about two hundred riders on Harley Davidson Motorcycles from three surrounding states from a Veterans Motorcycle group lining both sides of the road and escorting the procession. Never saw so many flags and bikes. Funny thing no protesters showed up.I believe in the freedoms we have fought for, but I think protesting at a funeral steps over the line of common decency and it should have regulations prohibiting it.Having served in an armed position all my life I can't help but think how many more crazies would be out there if it weren't for the young men & women serving in law enforcement today. Mike you've been there and done that, Thanks, buddy. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

New Beginnings with Budhi and Cyndi said...

Beautiful picture of your rig and those covers are nice ones. It's a new year and put claims on it and you will get out of the rut you are in!

Al Bossence said...

We all get those kinds of days & moods Mike & no one is immune to them. I applaud you for talking about your feelings. Not always an easy thing for men to do & I always gain a lot of respect for someone when I see them being honest with their feelings. There are both men & women who would never admit a 'down' day if it stepped up & slapped them in the face!! Now, get a big smile on your face & go out there & gently kick some butt around!! Politics is not my game so I never go there nor do I ever offer a public opinion. But, I will say this.....Arizona is a fine State just as the rest of the States are & whatever can happen here can happen anywhere & that includes our country of Canada as well. I would never avoid going to a State or Province just because of it's political views. This is a beautiful land we all live in so lets flush all that political 'stuff' down the drain & get out & enjoy what we have....while we can. This is not going to last forever:((

Sue and Doug said...

thanks for sharing your feeelings today..Tucson was a terrible tragedy!..and I do agree that guns don't is the people with the guns that kill..hang in there Mike..soon you will be surrounded with your 'kids' is all around!

René and Jeanette Genereux said...

I have to concur with Bayfield Al. Can't really ad a whole lot more.