Sunday, March 6, 2011

Back in the DESERT again!!

We departed North Ranch just before noon yesterday leaving our place in the good hands of Mike and Janna. They are waiting for some tires and wheels for the trailer they just purchased. It has been such a treat to have these folks with us the past few days and has given us a chance to get to know them. They are mighty fine folks and we wish they could stay around much longer but they have other pressing things to do and see. As soon as their tires and wheels get in and they get them installed, they will be on their way towards southeast Arizona to spend a little time looking around.

We made it to our destination over here in the desert near MM#99 about 5 miles south of Quartzite,AZ.  It was only a 100 mile trip for the day but we had stopped off in Aquila, AZ at some friend's house for a short visit.  It was about 3pm when we found our campsite.  It was a beautiful warm afternoon and we prepared for a nice, quite evening in the desert. I went in to get the camera so I could take a couple pictures of this beautiful spot and our new rig for the Blog this morning when I discovered I had forgotten and left my camera back at the house.  What a bummer!  Now I have no camera for the entire Gypsy Journal Rally.  I could SWEAR....but Ms. Pat is trying to break me of doing that, so I’ll just go off somewhere and throw a tantrum. This memory thing is starting to scare me folks! I have never had the best memory in the world but let me tell you, lately its gotten to the point of being right down SCARY!! I remember putting the camera on the couch so I wouldn’t forget it and it must still be laying there…   Sad smile
Since I don’t have my camera, about all I can do is show you the picture I took last year at this exact same spot, exact same day, just not with our Motorhome.  Seeing this old Rig does bring back some real fond memories though...

Today we will slowly make our way on the 80 miles to the Fairgrounds in Yuma. The Fifth Annual Western Gypsy Journal Rally doesn’t start until tomorrow but today is “Early Bird” day.  We can check in at Noon and get all set up for the registration and big kick off day tomorrow.  We have many, many friends that attend this Rally and we look forward to seeing them all and meeting some new ones. That’s the main reason we come to the Gypsy Journal Rally. Now if we just happen to sell a PressurePro System  and a PowerTank or two, well that’s OK too!!
I have shown you pictures on this Blog of our good friends Dave Brown and Lois Putnam many times. Some of you have met them at our place in Custer, SD or at North Ranch. They even visited us in Tallahassee, Fl before we sold our house there. Here is a picture I took of them sitting with Ms. Pat in our Booth at the Gypsy Journal Rally last year. Since they spend their winters in Yuma, they always came and spent a couple days in the booth with us.  I am so saddened to report that Dave took real sick just a couple months ago with lung cancer and passed away on Feb 28TH. Had I not been so tied up with Dr appointments myself right at that time, both Ms. Pat and I would have been at his bedside.

Dave was from Sturgis, SD. and a true buddy and good friend. A jolly guy he was and always had on his Sailor Cap and Cowboy Boots. He was 85 or 86 years YOUNG and as active as a any man many years younger than him. I admired him so much. Pat and I both fished with him many, many times over the years and had so much fun. We camped and cooked fish with him and Lois at Angostura Lake in South Dakota. He LOVED the southern way Ms Pat cooked fish and her "Hush Puppies" and Cheese Grit's. We loved him like a family member and will truly miss him. It is with tears in my eyes that I dedicate this Blog to him. So long my Friend. I know God has a special place for you and I want you to spot all those fish so one day you can take us out fishing again.  God has another great Angel!! We will get together with Lois as soon as we get to Yuma.  Her family will be taking her back to South Dakota next week.

It’s been a LONG WEEK!!!!  I hope greater ones are to come.  None the less, I continue to Praise the Lord for what he provides us..

Thanks for stopping by.  Drop in on Wednesday and I’ll report on how the Rally is going.   If anyone knows of a GREAT, CHEAP little camera I can pick up at Wal-Mart or Sam’s, please let me know..

God Bless you all……and Safe travels


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Sam&Donna Weibel said...

Just go to Wal=Mart, I saw a cheap little point and shoot camera with about 7 megapixels for about $35 dollars last time I was there. In addition to my Canon we have a Panasonic Lumix that is more money but it is 12 megapixels ,that is what Donna uses as it it so easy to shoot nice pictures with. Plus you could leave it in a drawer in the Motorhome and then never be without a camera,Hope you find something we look forward to riding with you to the rally. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

Donna McNicol said...

We have ended up with four cameras as well as the ones on our phones. LOL! The smallest is pocket sized and fits in windshield back, around my neck on a lanyard or in my purse. I have one a little larger with more zoom but may be selling that one since this new one is really working out.

Then we have a waterproof one we carry on the motorcycle, not very good photos though. LOL!

Finally there is the big Canon with a tele-photo lens. It's too big for everyday use so we only carry it when in very scenic areas.

It's amazing how well the cameras on our phones work...just no zoom.

JB said...

Always tough when old friends move on to their father's house, but that is the way of the world. I am sure he, and your other angels, will have all the good fishing spots scouted out when you rejoin him.

I am not sure I could function without my camera, I know for a fact, no photos, no blog. I just can't seem to write anything without a photo to talk around.

Sue and Doug said...

sorry to hear you forgot your camera!..I would just go and buy a cheapy one at Walmart!..can't be without one!!..have fun a the rally..hope you sell lots!!!

Al Bossence said...

MM99 is exactly where we always went when in Quartzsite as well, only back into the desert a little farther probably. Being a camera guy we have 5 of the darn things. Two Nikons & 3 Canons. The Canons are point & shoot & one of the Canons is actually Kelly's. I'm thinking you might want to have a spare for when you forget one. That's why we got 5 cause I generally forget the first 4:(( I've been able to cut down on my tantrums that way but the bad words still fly around loud & clear sometimes...