Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Nice Weather and Good Friends!!

Yes....the Weather has really turned out great the last few days and our plans have fallen into place perfectly.   Praise the Lord!!  Don’t you just love it when your plans finally come together and you can sit back, enjoy and appreciate the results? We have owned a small lot here in North Ranch for several years. With a small lot, they don’t allow you to have guests stay on it with you. However, if you have one of the larger lots, you can have as many guests as you can comfortably get on it. Since we bought our little home on this large lot, we can now park our friends right on it and close to us.  We also decided to keep our small lot and have additional space for friends that want to stay around for a while.  

Yesterday all that planning came into reality. Larry and Geri, previous owners of the Broken Arrow Campground in Custer, SD,  are enjoying our small lot.   When we got the word that Mike and Janna were headed this way...Hallelujah....we had a place for them. We met them a couple weeks ago when we were boondocking in the desert near Bouse,AZ with Rollie and Gina. We have known them through our Blogs for a while but were finally able to meet them in person.  Mike and Janna are from Montana and I could tell right from the beginning that they were our kind of people and I hoped we would have the chance to get to know then better.

Since they were headed this way to get new tires and wheels for their new cargo trailer they just bought, Ms. Pat and I invited them to stay with us.   About 2:30 pm yesterday, they called and said they would be at North Ranch in about an hour. We met them at the gate and led them down to our place. They have been boondocking in Bouse and haven't had any hookups of any kind for over 2 months. So we got them all situated on our new big lot with FULL hookups.
We no more than got everything all situated and I looked at my watch and LOW and BEHOLD it was 3:56.  I told Janna, WOW, just perfect....HAPPY HOUR in 4 minutes in our screened-in porch! A few minutes later, Larry and Geri arrived and we were all seated in our favorite Happy Hour spot on our new patio furniture and enjoying a beverage of our choice and some wonderful companionship.  Wow, Life is GOOD!!  How could you beat this?  Again, I love it so much when a plan comes all together. It sure makes it all worth while!!
As the sun went down and evening set in, all were settled  and a beautiful day came to a pleasant end at the Ranch. A good time was had by all. Mike and Janna are all set to head into Phoenix and get their new tires and wheels for their new trailer in a few days and we are starting to load up our Motorhome in preparation for heading over to Yuma next week for the Gypsy Journal Rally.
Thursday we went to the Tile Store in Phoenix and made the first move in our new Project. We now have all the tile for the screened-in Porch. The next move is up to Rich, our contractor, to get started on the job. He will work us into his schedule as soon as he can.  More on this project later. I can hardly wait for the completion, it's gonna be NEAT!!

It is a GREAT WEEK!!!!

Our Blog will come to you next Sunday from some where in the desert near Quartzite.   We plan to boondock on our way to Yuma where we will set up our usual  PressurePro and PowerTank booth to service all our many old customers and hopefully help some more RV’ers become safer on the road as they monitor the air pressure in their tires while traveling in their RV's.

Thanks for stopping by and we hope to see you Sunday.

God Bless you all.


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Sam&Donna Weibel said...

Great to see you have all your company situated and are enjoying a good time together.Tell them all Hi from Sam & Donna, oh yeah and as the old Sarge says, Be safe out there...

Jerry and Suzy said...

Mike and Pat, so glad to hear you guys are going back to Gypsy Journal gatherings! You were so fed up with them not long ago, I figured you'd never go back again. That's always such a great rally, we are sorry we'll have to miss it again. That week is one of our busy weeks with the Board of Directors and preparing for our own SKP rally in Amado. Hey, you could come to our rally also, but no vending!

Janna and Mike said...

Thanks a bunch for all the kind words, Mike and we appreciate the opportunity of getting to know you and Pat better. And, thanks for the full hookup site, too!

Sue and Doug said...

great little campground you have going on there!! very hospitable!!..enjoy!!

Al Bossence said...

Those are some pretty dusty travelers you got there in your driveway after two months in the desert. Nice that you have full hook-ups at your place because that is a great convenience not only for yourself but for RV visitors as well.

Sharon Del Rosario said...

So glad to hear you'll be at the Gypsy Journal Rally. We'll look forward to seeing you there!