Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Now It’s Coming Together!!

This is Paul, one of our finish carpenters installing the new front storm door yesterday. Check the coat he has on, it was quite cool here and rained off and on all day.
Here is the new storm door all installed. I really like this door.  It is an extra heavy duty Larson and will protect the front inner door a lot. Last year the snow piled against the front door and then melted. When we returned last Spring, it looked like the moisture had seeped inside the door.  Hopefully, this will help.  Plus it gives us a much better view and you can lower the glass and a screen automatically rolls down from the top.....neat!!
Open the front door and step in.....this is what you see…  Counter Top is on, Micro/Convection and Stovetop installed and the Sink is ready to hook up. Mom is HAPPY!! They are sending us a new panel for the front of the cabinets, so we still have to install that. But all the door framing and the floor moldings are completed..
A closer look.
Look at the kitchen window sills Ms. Pat chose.....I love it.
The living room window sill.
This is the bedroom with the sliding mirror closet doors and the floor moldings installed…
This is from the kitchen looking out towards the front door. What do you think Rollie?                   

If you want to look back and see what we were doing at this time last year, check this Blog :
August 2010

Now all it needs is furniture.  Yep, I’m afraid there are some furniture shopping trips in our future… Gina....Dale.......Please could someone come and help me out…I hate shopping!!

Today I am looking forward to getting the bathroom stool reset and the refrigerator and washer/dryer back in.

 It is a GREAT WEEK!!!!     Praise the LORD!

Thanks for stopping by and if you're in the area, stop and see us.  Everyone please travel safe and God Bless.


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Jim and Sandie said...

We had that kind of door on our house and loved it. Especially being able to open the top of it. The house just looks so beautiful. The window sills are really something. Excited to see the furniture in it.

Ruth said...

It's really starting to look lovely. So cozy. Nice job done by everyone.

Sue and Doug said...

nice work..the transformation is amazing!!!..looks onto furniture shopping and decorating!!..whoohooo!!!...have fun with that!!

Jerry and Suzy said...

Looks like you're just about ready to move in. Hope to get back up your way someday to see it all settled into!

Sherry and Charley Dilworth said...

Wow!! It is beautiful. I know you are glad that it is finally coming together. We know you are going to enjoy it immensely!!

Happytrails said...

It really looks GREAT!! I just love the wood on those cabinets...just beautiful. Quite a difference a year makes.
Now....just enjoy your shopping spree!!

Rod Ivers said...

That really looks good. I showed the pictures to Loyce and she really likes Pat's choices on colors. Especially the cabinets.

Paul and Marti Dahl said...

It's come together so nicely. All the colors complement each other.

I think you're going to wind up keeping this place! ;c)

where's weaver said...

Just caught up on the last two blogs. Your place is gorgeous. I love the cabinets. Beautiful color. Can't wait to see how it is decorated. Enjoy!

Al Bossence said...

Looking good:)) Now, for the shopping trip:((

The Schell's RV Adventures said...

Your summer home is looking great! Ms. Pat made some very nice selections, with your help of course! Now on to the next phase......happy shopping!

All Because Two People Fell In Love said...

Mom & Pop's,

The "Cabin" is looking fantastic!! It sure looks a whole lot nicer than what I ever thought it would. I can only see the rough that is why I have Gina. She can see the finished product. The windows and sills look great. I was unsure last year how they would come out since they were so deep. Need some of those nice blinds that you have at North Ranch. The closet doors look wonderful too. Everything looks fantastic. Wish we could have been there this year to help finish it with y'all.

Love & Hugs,
Your Kids

Barb and Ron said...

It looks beautiful Pat and Mike. After shopping, it will be just like home. You can do it Mike!

Roadrunner Chronicles said...

Beautiful place! Very nice. We are in Brookings SD for a Care-A-Vanner (Habitat for Humanity) build and our RV sites are furnished by Larson's Mfg. We are in their parking lot. A couple of days ago we toured the factory where that beautiful storm door was built!