Sunday, August 21, 2011

Shop! Shop! Shop....Until you DROP!

First of all, I want to thank everyone for their thoughts and comments on our little kitty from Heaven, Megabyte2. Boy are we relieved!  She continues to get better every day and only has two more antibiotic pills to take. It sure was good to watch her playing and chasing her toys around the place again. Praise the Lord for that. For a while there, I thought he was going to take her back.

Well, since we are heading to the Escapade in Gillette, WY in a few days, we didn’t move into the cabin. So I’m still reporting to you from the Motorhome.  When we get back we will move in.

Last Thursday was a shopping day. We got away early at 7:30 am headed for Rapid City for what I knew would be a long day. I will admit I’m not a shopper of any kind in anyway shape or form. I hate shopping!! But since Gina or Dale weren't around, I knew I had to do it. I kept telling myself all night and all the way to town....I can do this...I can! I can! Plus, I have to act like I’m enjoying it and make it as easy on Ms. Pat as possible. So here we go!! Wow!!  We went to SIX different furniture stores!  Yes SIX! That doesn’t count Sams, Lowes, Safeway, the Polaris store, or the Harley Davidson place.  It was a long day but a successful one and we came home with a truck and trailer load of furniture. When we got home it was late and we were both wiped out so we left everything in the trailer and called it a day!
 Thursday was put together day!  The Recliner/Loveseat came all crated up.
We took it apart and finally got it through the door.  The TV we bought and the wall mount are in the corner waiting to be put up.
Finally we got it put together and Ms. Pat is happy!  It sure is comfortable.  You can't really tell what color it is in the photos but it is a dark brown leather.
Next we got the TV wall Mount up and mounted the TV.   Notice Ms. Megabyte2 in the chair relaxing.:-)  That is one of my Mom's old rocking chairs that we inherited.  We'll find a place for it in the cabin somewhere. Mom would love this place.
Next was to get the Bar Stools put together…… there was a zillion parts and pieces. What a job!

But it was worth it as they look great….  Good job Mom!
 We're not done but we're getting there!  Rollie and Gina, you gotta get back up here and see what YOU built!! You can't see Rocky's plumbing, but its there and working beautifully!
We put the new box springs and mattress on the bed frame and made up the bed with our new quilt and pillows Barb made for us.The picture doesn’t do justice to all the colors and hand stitching in the quilt and pillows but I can tell you it is BEAUTIFUL!!  Thank you so much Barb.  Now, Ms Pat says she wants to find the perfect dust ruffle to accent the colors in the quilt but right now, it is what it is.  We are still shopping for nightstands to go by the bed.

About 2:00pm Roy and Ann stopped by to say hello. They are Blog followers and PressurePro customers from New York. They are enjoying the “crooked” roads in the Black Hills and are on their way to the Escapade in Gillette. It was great getting to meet them.  As usual, I forgot to take a picture of them. :-(

Just as they were leaving, Duane and Carol our friends and big time PressurePro Distributors pulled in for the night on their way home to Arizona. These are the folks that we buy all our PressurePro Systems from. We are ever so thankful for all their help and support over the year's.
We tried to talk Roy and Ann into staying as Ms. Pat was cooking Buffalo Burgers for everybody but they had other commitments and had to go. Bob and Cindy, from Hemingford, Nebraska, were also in town and joined us. Cindy brought a super good salad that everyone enjoyed.  Above is Bob with his back to us having some of Ms. Pats special Smoked Salmon dip.   (A special thanks to JRoger and Susan for the recipe). In the circle is Cindy, Carol, Me, then Duane. Look at all those COATS. Here it is August and it is "oh so nice and COOL!!!" We love it.

Bob and Cindy both have Trike Motorcycles, so yesterday (Saturday) we all went for a nice 3 hour ride in the beautiful Black Hills.    As you can see, we never have a dull moment around here but I believe we are about ready for a little down time. Some R & R……Ha, that’s a joke.

Stay tuned as we prepare to leave Saturday morning for the Escapade in Gillette WY. Looking forward to seeing all our friends that are already there or headed that way.  If you're in the area, come and join the fun.  There are lots of educational seminars, entertainment and social activities to enjoy.

It was a GREAT WEEK!!!!

Thanks for stopping by……..come on back whenever you can.


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Jim and Sandie said...

Your cabin is really looking wonderful. You done good with the love seat and stools. They just really do look great in there. Also really happy to hear that Ms. Megabyte2 is feeling so much better.
I can't believe the coats. You probably won't need those in Gillette. We're going in early on Saturday. Should be lots of fun.

Jerry and Suzy said...

As usual, we won't see you at Escapade! We're still tied up with family in Nevada, although we are in California this week, just 40 miles away.

Place looks great -- someday we'll surprise you and pop in to see it in person.

squawmama said...

Your place is really shaping up... Loved the couch!!!
Have fun

Sam&Donna Weibel said...

Your place really looks great, you guys sure have come along just fine, Be safe out there and enjoy it. Sam & Donna...

Rod Ivers said...

Even if you don't move in right away, you got somewhere to go when the motorhome gets a little tight and confining. Looks great!

Bruce said...

Looks really nice. Something to enjoy for a long time.
See you can do the shopping, not hard at all. Look at all the possibilities that little excursion has opened up for you...

Happytrails said...

The cabin looks GREAT!! Love all the furniture and that loveseat looks so comfortable! It is all perfect!
So glad Ms. Megabyte is doing better. I know that is a relief...GIG!!
Travel safely to the Escapades!!

Anonymous said...


Jerry and Lu Larson said...

So glad to hear that you kitty is doing better. Its always stressful with sick animals. Your cabin is coming along nicely. Just the right size. Sorry about all the shopping but someones got to do it. LOL

René and Jeanette Genereux said...

Your place is looking great. Soon, really soon, you'll be moved in. A little road trip will break the shopping blues. Enjoy the Escapade in Wyoming.

Sue and Doug said...

nice work on the furniture shopping!..the cabin is looking like a home!!

QuiltinLibraryLady said...

Your place is looking great. All that trucking around to furniture stores was worth it.

My daughter & her family went to the Black Hills this summer and drove those crooked roads. She said she wouldn't want to be on them at night. 15 yr. old granddaughter did the driving on the way up and thought going through the Pine Ridge was the most interesting....when they do road construction they tear up the whole thing instead of just one lane at a time & it's like off roadin'. An experience for her. I think she kinda liked it. LOL

Ron & Barb said...

It is so beautiful with the furniture, Pat. And Mike you did a good job shopping too because that loveseat / lounger looks so comfortable. I am so happy for you that it's all coming finally. And I am thrilled to see the quilt and pillows on the bed. Have a great time at the Escapade!

Paul and Marti Dahl said...

Your little cabin sure is looking cozy, almost too good to leave and hop in your motorhome for a trip!

Glad you survivied all that shopping, I'm not a big fan, either, of "Retail Theraphy". ;c)

Debbie Goode said...

I've been amiss in my blog reading of late. It was so good to "catch up" with you guys...needless to say I was sooo relieved to hear Miss Mega is doing well now. Your cabin looks fab and those new recliners extra comfy! Take Care and Travel Safe!

Mark and Dortha said...

You did a great job shopping. The house is looking beautiful.

Looking forward to seeing you in Gillette!

where's weaver said...

WOW....your place is looking awesome. I love the bed!!! The chocolate color looks so rich! Great job. Ms. Pat looks pretty comfortable! Enjoy Gillette!