Sunday, August 26, 2012

Gosh, It’s So Quiet!!

I feel so relaxed and comfortable. I am so happy that we finally made our trip to Glacier. If you knew how long I had wanted to make that trip only to have something come up, you would understand. I was just about to the point where I didn’t know if we would ever make it, or if we were even supposed to make it. But we did and enjoyed it BIG TIME!!

But you know its always good to get home.  It is "So Quiet" around here! No projects going on, not even any projects in plans. Wow, that is a good feeling. Time to just relax for a while…time to enjoy all our past work and projects.  It's almost so quiet I can’t think of anything to Blog about….. now that is TOO QUIET! 
Ms. Pat is really excited about this new found hobby of “quilting” She has taken up. Caryl, at North Ranch in Arizona, helped her make a couple nice baby quilts for our Twin Granddaughters.  She enjoyed that so much she bought a Bernina Artista 165 Sewing/Embroidery machine. Let me tell you she has been giving that machine a workout.

She enjoyed watching Janna do some work on her “long arm” machine while we were visiting with them.  Ms. Pat wanted Janna show her a few things, so Janna took her down to her "quilting studio" to show her how to make a "quilt as you go" table runner.  They didn't have time to finish it, but as soon as we got home, Ms Pat couldn't wait to get to that sewing machine and finish it up. Above is the finished product.  Now I think it looks pretty darn nice, don’t you?  It will be a table runner for our new Fireplace when we get it.   Thanks Janna...Ms Pat is so grateful to you for all your help.  Then yesterday, I see that when the day was about over, she had started another small baby blanket and almost had it done.

Plus, she does her Line Dance instructing on Wednesday mornings and, because of popular demand, she added another Friday morning class.   She will now be having two classes a week for the rest of the summer. Busy Gal, plus about 7am we always take our morning hike around Stockade Lake. So there is really not much relaxing for long around here. 

I can always keep busy with an old hobby of mine that rekindled itself within me the last couple years.   I have always had this admiration of hand guns. I just love ‘em! Here is my newest prize possession..  A Ruger "sr1911" 45 cal.  It is Ruger's first venture into the 1911 market and it is going over like gangbusters. It came out over a year ago and all dealers promptly sold out their inventory. It became scarce and hard to find as all dealers quickly reordered and doubled the amount of their order.

Ruger's Automatic hand gun building plant right there in Prescott, AZ became bogged down with orders for this gun. At one time, I heard that they were over a million orders behind.  The gun quickly went up in price since many dealers had sold their stock and couldn’t get any on reorders. I mean the price went up $100.00, then even $200.00.  I have been looking and researching the gun for months, but due to its price increase I couldn’t justify the price.

Well, just a couple weeks ago, I found a brand new one up for bid on Gunbrokers by a dealer that had a couple that he was auctioning off. I waited and watched, waited some more, and finally saw a sleeper and jumped on it at the last minute while no one else was watching.  I sure didn’t steal it, but I won the auction.  I have been admiring it every since.  I can truthfully say after shooting it that I definitely love it.

It was also my first venture into the 45 Cal 1911’s.  I’m impressed!   Ms. Pat wanted to shoot it, so at that indoor range up in Kalispell, MT, I loaded it up for her and showed her how it worked.   I moved the target down to 10 yds. and she took aim.  BAMM!!  I couldn’t believe it, right in the chest cavity. She blasted 9 more rounds right in the same area.  Laid the gun down on the counter after she cleared it and says “Nice Gun!  I like it”! I want one”.  Man, is there anything this Gal can’t shoot?

So that’s about it from up here on the Hill in God’s country. Fall is definitely in the air, 41 deg when I got up this morning and we have been wearing long sleeves on our morning hike. It's still extremely dry, hasn’t rained for ages and some of the trees are beginning to turn.  Seems to early for that but I guess I say that every year.Smile

It was a GREAT WEEK!!!!

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Just a quick special thanks to our dear Lord and Heavenly Father for providing our friend Sherry with a match and lung transplant recently and for providing her with the strength to go through such an operation. Last I heard from Charley, she was doing fine and walking the halls of the hospital getting stronger and stronger.   Praise the Lord and God Bless you Sherry and you too Charley. You guys been through a lot and hopefully it's paying off. 

Safe Travels, hurry back!


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Jim said...

Feels like winter is coming early down here in the Colorado mountains as well. Now that the rally crowd is gone, you better get that Harley out for a few rides before you're packing it away for another winter.

Rod Ivers said...

Have you ordered the 45 ACP dies yet?? If Miss Pat gets serious about that bigger iron, your gonna need them...

Sam&Donna Weibel said...

Welcome to the 1911a club I have a chrome 1911a made during WW2 by the Singer Corp. Yep the sewing machine company. A lot of companies converted to weapon manufacturing during the war.This is the gun that has my scrimshawed ivory grips with my wings on one side and a helicopter on the other, IT has an acurized barrel and bushing and is just a sweet shooter. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

michael ultra said...

Love the handle on your new shooter. .45 is my favorite. (as in P225)

Happy Hatter Bev said...

"Made in USA" it!

Paul and Marsha Weaver OCT. 17, 2009 said...

Great work, Ms. Pat.
I would love to learn how to do that but I don't really have the room for the material or sewing machine. Maybe after we stop traveling so much, it will possible to try this wonderful hobby.

Kevin and Tracy (a.k.a. kcgaz) said...

Mike - Bring some of that cooler weather with you when you return to Arizona. No real break in the heat here, but we are sure looking forward to it soon. Take care and enjoy your quiet week!

Bruce said...

We have known each other for probably 30 years and been friends most of that time. I love your blog as I'm always surprised with what you post and it is excellent reading. You guys are truly unique and special. So glad we hit it off so many years ago. Love you both...

Janna and Mike said...

Great job on the table runner Pat!!!

Al Bossence said...

Don't know anything about making a quilt & don't know a lot about guns except I've fired a few. Never made a quilt though....

Jack said...

Nice gun Mike. It might make a good companion to the 22/45 Ruger I'm looking at. The gold plated one...take a look on the Ruger site and see what you think.