Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Pat's New Fireplace.

Ms. Pat had been looking and talking about a Fireplace she wanted all summer.
She had in mind to put an “electric” Fireplace/Entertainment Center she found on the internet right here under our TV. She had a little trouble getting the one she wanted. Seems they are a “seasonal” item and neither Lowe's nor Costco, nor any other place would even order one for her.   Finally after she negotiated with these people, she informed me Monday that Lowe's finally had one in just like she wanted.  Uh Oh, I knew that meant a trip to Rapid City for sure. In the picture above, you can see the quilted runner that Ms. Pat made (with lots of help from Janna) for the top of this Fireplace laying over the back of the chair.

So Monday evening we came home with this BIG heavy box.  We had help loading it at Lowe's, but getting it unloaded was a different matter.  But I told Ms. Pat that I had just the solution.  I backed the pickup into the garage and placed the Motorcycle loading ramp on the tailgate and slid the box right out.  Worked like a charm but let me tell you, unboxing some of these big heavy items can be something else.  WOW, they pack them tight. Getting it all unpacked and without damaging something took some effort. Above Ms’ Pat is trying to force some of the bigger sections out of the big box! She will kill me for showing this picture of her….Smile

When I saw the picture of this Fireplace on the internet, I never dreamed that it came in a jillion pieces and you had to put it together. Wrong !!

We got it all unpacked, blanket on the floor so we didn’t scratch it up and then it was time to try and understand those involved and complicating directions…AGAIN!!

After a few mistakes, a few minor disagreements and a lot of head scratching, it finally began going together.

Maybe we will get it...........

After a while we decided it was getting so heavy we wouldn’t be able to carry it into the living room. So we finished it right close to where it was going to sit.  Ms Megabyte2 is saying, "Here we go again!"

There.....the top and the doors are on and it's about time for the Fireplace insert…….   * Note, we were watching  Hurricane “Isaac” nearing landfall….. We have kids and many friends in and around that area. We pray for their safety….  As I type this, it made landfall at New Orleans......80 mph winds, power out…and it's NOT MOVING!  WOW!!! not good..

There it is all done, as Ms. Pat and Megabyte2 stand back and admire the finished project…… 

I’ll tell ya, that fire looks so real it's unbelievable……

Now Ms. Pat has a place for the runner she made………………..   How about that, neat huh?  Check out the Hurricane on the TV and the Hurricane Lamp on the mantel.  Very appropriate, huh?  :-)

It is a GREAT WEEK!!!!

No more projects for a while!!..Please! I need some rest…….Ya, Haha!

Thanks for stopping by.  We are off for our morning hike and Ms. Pat has dance class at 9:30.   Record heat around here...schools closing because of the heat and it's so dry! But it is unbelievably cool inside our “Cabin”. This has been a real good test. About the hottest  summer we will ever have and it is always nice and cool inside. No A/C needed!

Travel safe and stay away from “Isaac”…


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Sue and Doug said...

nice team work on putting the fireplace together!..I have seen them in the would think they would come put together?..geesh!
hope your family and friends are safe from Hurricane Issac!

Betty Graffis said...

What a beautiful fireplace!!! You did a great job of putting it together. We got our fireplace from Costco a few years ago. It was very heavy also.

where's weaver said...

I love the picture of Ms. Pat's legs. The box is three times her size. She is so funny!
I knew you two would have NO problem with those zillion pieces.
The fireplace looks awesome! Does it put out a lot of heat?
Ms. Pat, the runner is beautiful. Good job....again.

Rod Ivers said...

When you folks go out to buy a space heater, you don't mess around!

Sometimes when things are big like that, I will just cut the box open in the truck bed and start taking individual pieces out of the box before its out of the truck..

I bought an LP grill this summer that I couldn't lift once they put it in my truck, but with the side cut out of the box it came out in individual pieces...

It really looks nice in your new home.

Janna and Mike said...

Beautiful fireplace Ms. Pat picked out and it's a perfect spot for the table runner!

Al Bossence said...

Mighty fine looking fireplace & I'm glad it was you putting it all together & not me. The cabinet might have ended up in the fireplace as kindling. Liked the picture of Pat's legs sticking out of the big cardboard box. Might make a nice play house for Ms Megabyte 2:))

Happytrails said...

Love your new fireplace/entertainment center!! It is perfect for that spot. I bet you can feel some good heat from it as well. :-)

Elaine said...

love the fireplace :) and the runner...on Sun you said no projects in the works..hahahh things can sure change quick can't they...

CANUSA said...

Great fireplace. Good selection. Glad to see that everything went together the way it should. Being able to work together really pays off.