Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Here we sit on Halloween Day! Trick or Treat!!

We had such a wonderful weekend with Rollie and Gina and all their family……. What a wonderful bunch of people.

Saturday, Rollie took me over to Bass Pro just a couple miles away because he knows I like to check out the guns wherever I go.  Then we went to Camping World which was a few more miles away…  all the time he was showing me the area.  This is where he grew up.  It sure is growing and businesses are springing up all over the place and closing in on their beautiful home.  While we were doing that Ms. Pat was with Gina shopping at some of the close by stores. The day sure went by way too fast…

Rollie is a very important businessman now days and he had to leave Sunday afternoon and head back towards Houston where he works. Here he waves so-long and says to tell all his friends “Hello”! I sure enjoyed spending some time with him again, just like old times.

Here he is cooking up some of his famous Cajun type foods that are so good.  That's Ashley, their son Thomas's wife, coming out the door.

Rollie and Gina love to cook and I love to let them!!  

I’m not one that believes in showing pictures of Food, but Boy, he makes some delicious stuff.  That’s Rollie's famous "Jambalaya" on the left and Gina's Shrimp and Corn soup on the right. 

Rollie's airplane
Sunday afternoon about 4:00 it was time for Rollie to head on back towards Houston and be ready for work Monday morning. The gals took him a short distance to his plane ride.

rollie's sunset..
A couple hours later he sent me this view from the Airplane………… taken with his iPhone.

Just as he was leaving we got a few last minute pictures…
So long Rollie and Gina, it was so great seeing you all. Can’t wait until we meet again…  Love you both so much!

Sunday morning we were up and out on the road around 8am as Gina gave us our last hugs for a while and bid us goodbye.  Hmmm, there is that tear coming to my eye again!   We had a very enjoyable trip West as we headed for Motorhomes Of Texas in Nacogdoches for some minor service work.  We stopped for lunch right at the Texas-Louisiana Border and Ms. Pat made us a sandwich.   The weather was perfect as we continued on to our destination. 
After 301 miles we pulled into Motorhomes of Texas driveway about 3pm, gave Keith the Service Manager a quick call and told him we had arrived. Almost immediately, Keith and Kyle came out and took over. They took the motorhome and parked it on their lot in the lineup. They sure treat us great here.  They were full up to the brim but managed to squeeze us in. Here we are parked in their lot. It may look like we are at the end of the line, but we are at the head of the line! Next one’s up!!

Since it was nearing closing time and after we discussed what all we wanted done, Keith and Mike, the Shop Foreman, told us they would get us in first thing in the morning. That’s fine with us.  We had good 50 amp power and were ready for a good nights rest. They told us if we needed anything just let them know.

At exactly 8:00 AM Tuesday morning we were parked in Bay # 4. with 3 different technicians working on our motorhome. Now that’s service! It's unbelievable what great service they give us here.  David, the Owner of the MOT, came out, shook our hands and said “welcome back”. When we bought this Foretravel from them, David told us we were part of the MOT family. I can truthfully say, they treat us like family.  If you're looking for a Motorhome, look no further. If you buy it here, you won’t be sorry!! Just tell Mel, our personal salesman and faithful Blog reader, we sent ya! 

They service all makes and models here at MOT and I wasn’t too surprised to see this Prevost parked in the parking lot getting some work done on it. I would say its an “eye catcher” wouldn’t you? Maybe a sore eye....Smile.  How would you like to travel around the country in this monstrosity?   Ya, me neither!!  I never did get to meet the owner of it as I guess he just dropped it off and is probably off trying a lawsuit somewhere! Stay out here on the road long enough and you’ll see about everything.

They also had several big Newells here, some for service and some for sale. Take a look at their website.  Many of you know about the Newell Motorhomes. They are about the finest you can get. They have a 2003 46' er for sale at a mere $300.000.00!  A real nice, newer one that was here for service and finishing up just as we arrived belonged to race car driver Elliott Sadler……a big name in the NASCAR world. They also have 2 Allegro busses and a couple Country Coaches along with others for sale...... They take trades and do consignments too.
We had a motor go out on one of our MCD electric shades and they had to order one shipped overnight from Dallas. That is all that held us over last night...hopefully it will get here this morning (early) and they will get it installed so we can get on our way WEST!  I know I may be dreaming to expect it to work out that well, cause usually it doesn’t. But a guy can dream, can’t he?? Ms. Pat and I are getting ever so anxious to be at home in North Ranch, Arizona.  Wish us luck!! Tomorrow I want to be near Albuquerque……or maybe Tucumcari.

Thanks for stopping by as our venture gets closer and closer to its destination.   If the Good Lord is willin', I will be coming to you from our front room at home Sunday.  See you then.


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JerrieLea said...

SLOW DOWN, friends. You'all travel too far and too fast. I worry about you.

But if you do make it to Tucumcari - stop at the Elks there - they have electric and water and are really friendly.

Looking forward to waving hello when you round the corner on Escapees Way.

Ron and JerrieLea

Sam&Donna Weibel said...

Looks like you had a great visit with Rollie & Gina,They are such great people,We had guest's here at the Ranch too, Kevin & Ruth from Canada on their way to winter in Mexico. They are like adopted kid's to us too. We are so lucky to have such nice people come into our lives.I sometimes think that God does some matchmaking. You guys enjoy your journey to your winter home and be safe out there, We will be following you. Sam & Donna.......

Paul and Marsha Weaver OCT. 17, 2009 said...

I LOVE Jambalaya. Last summer I made a huge pot for the family. They loved it. None of them had ever tasted it. What a treat. I will say though, it isn't the cheapest dish to make...hehe

The photos are wonderful! Looks like a great time was had my all.

I think you picked the correct words...sore eye...YUCK!

Rod Ivers said...

Like Jerrie Lee suggested, slow down a little and take it easy.... You have plenty of time.... But like you, I can't wait to get out of KC and head West to Az.... I'm stalled for a Dr's appointment... But we'll both be there sooner or later....LOL

Rod Ivers said...

Like Jerrie Lee suggested, slow down a little and take it easy.... You have plenty of time.... But like you, I can't wait to get out of KC and head West to Az.... I'm stalled for a Dr's appointment... But we'll both be there sooner or later....LOL

JB said...

Great to see Rollie and Gina are doing great and he is still cooking up that great grub. I was poring over those photo's looking for some of those rocks and that big piece of jade that he hauled all the way back from Canada. I am sure they are there somewhere but with all the rocks Gina scoops up who knows. Travel safe!

Al Bossence said...

Nice photos of all you folks together. Sounds like you got yourself a great RV dealer there for sure. If we win a lottery we'll head right on down there & get ourselves a 90 footer. Too bad about that part holding you up. I kept looking in my rear view mirror Wednesday expecting to see you bearing down on us. Told Kelly to tie an extra rope on the door handle because I figured you would go by us so fast you would blow our doors off:))

Al Bossence said...

Hey Mike, it's Friday morning & just tried sending you an email but we are having problems with Verizon. The Skull Valley construcion is maybe 2 or 3 miles long, a little bumpy in spots but nothing serious, We had maybe a 10minute wait in a convoy of 6 vehicles & a white construction pick-up truck led us through......They sure have the road cones placed close together but we left em all standing......

Elaine said...

great pictures glad to see you all had such a nice visit...and the food looked divine...