Sunday, February 10, 2013

Fixing Up The Ole' Body

My “trigger finger” was getting so sore from arthritis that I could hardly pull the trigger.  Same thing happened last year.  My hand really hurt, throbbed, in fact.  Last May, my local doctor told me I should see a Rheumatologist.  Ms. Pat took me to a specialist in the big city.  They x-rayed my hand and said “Yep, it's just arthritis”. She told me that she could give me a shot of cortisone and it should help.

I was ready to try anything, so I told her to go ahead and let's give it a try. So she shot my big knuckle on my trigger finger.  Ouch!!  Boy, that smarted but only for a few seconds. Then in a couple days I didn’t have any pain anymore!!! Hallelujah!!  What a great feeling that was.  I could shoot again. That lasted until about a month ago, then it started hurting again. I told Ms. Pat to get me in to see that gal again.  My finger needed fixin!

So Friday we went into the big city and the same young doctor, Dr. Mohadevan, gave me another shot. It's just like magic, it feels oh so much better already.  She says she can give me up to 3 shots a year, if I need it. Well let's hope just the one will get me by for another year.  Sometimes this medical stuff is just plain wonderful. So I have my “trigger finger” back.  

Since Ms. Pat has agreed to get old along with me, she has again (still) been having pain in her lower back that has been giving her fits. She had an appointment with her Orthopedic specialist last Friday, too.  She agreed to let them try a different procedure where they give her several deadening shots in her lower spine area and specifically into some nerves surrounding the spine where the pain is. If these shots give her relief after a couple of these experimental nerve deadening shots, they will do the big operation, a  Radiofrequency Neurotomy.and go in and cauterize these nerves.

I was concerned about this. I told her, "Wait a minute, I don’t like the sound of this.  It sounds scary (i.e., risky) to me".  "Are you sure you want to do this?" They assured us that it was a safe procedure and Ms Pat did her research on the internet. "Yeah, but do ya trust them?"I asked. It scares me, that’s a lot different than getting a shot in your finger.  Backs and spines are serious business.  However, the thought of being pain free without surgery intrigues Ms. Pat and she agreed to go on with the procedure. She is keeping a diary on her pain and we are going back in Monday (tomorrow) for another consultation. Man, I pray to our Dear Father in Heaven that this works… 

We got down to 33* yesterday morning and as soon as the sun came up and I looked out the door, this is what I saw.....SNOW!!!
Snow on the Orange Tree’s and the Oleanders.
Snow on the Roof.
Snow on Gina’s Rock Garden.
Snow everywhere…
Snow even on the Grill….

and just when I told everyone that February meant “Warm” weather. Hard to believe it was 71* just a week ago.   It only warmed up to 46* in the heat of the day yesterday. But WARM weather is on its way!!!! And so are JRoger and Susan in their new little Motorhome.  They made it to a friend's place near Pensacola, FL on Friday, then yesterday they made it on to Beaumont, TX. Today they are heading on our way. Who knows where they will end up tonight but I’m sure it will be closer.  We are leaving the light (and the heat) on for you JRoger.....Smile

Ray and Cindy stopped by our place for a "So Long" Happy Hour yesterday before they leave on Monday.  Congratulations to Cindy for passing the "RV Driving Course".  Sounds like she is on her way to taking over some of the driving duties or at least be able to take over in case of an emergency.  Safe Travels guys..........hope you enjoyed your stay at North Ranch.

A great big WELCOME to our latest two Followers:
Steve and Joan
Sandy Beaudry
We are very happy to have you stop by and we hope you will come on back anytime. I see that both these folks have neat Blogs. Click on their pictures above and it will take you to their Blog site.  That brings our count to 246.  Wow, we’re going to make it to 250 yet!!

Thanks for all the comments, emails, etc. on the reloading process described in my last Blog.  Looks like I really hit an interest of a lot of folks.  I had no idea.  Stay tuned as I soon change my reloading procedures over to 9mm. I’m in the process of converting our Glock pistols from .40 S&W over to  9mm.  You know I love GLOCKS…… 

God Bless you all…
North Ranch--Feb 2013

It was a GREAT WEEK!!!!


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where's weaver said...

So glad that it is just arthritis. Those injections are like magic. I take a medicine called Arava. It is a miracle drug. Not sure if it is something your doctor would give you but it worth a try.


Kevin and Tracy (a.k.a. kcgaz) said...

It sure has been cold, windy and rainy here at McDowell Mountain Park this weekend. Prayers are being said for Ms. Pat that her upcoming procedure will be successful and she will be pain free!

Ruth said...

Have you tried taking glucosamine with condrotin for your arthritis? It is wonderful, I have been on it for years as I have arthritis in hands also and some days they would just throb. They don't anymore. You can get it at any pharmacy, I find Costco or Sam's has the best price. Give it about 1 month to feel the affect. Glucosamine is a natural product, ask your doctor about it.

Sam&Donna Weibel said...

Mike you sound like me, Boy was I scared before Donna's operation. But you see the hand of the Lord was on us and it all went well. We will pray that Ms Pats procedure go as well. Please keep us informed. Your friends. Sam & Donna..

Sue and Doug said...

snow in Arizona?..who knew?

Paul and Marti Dahl said...

Snow in Arizona? That's just wrong in so many ways. You might as well be back in South Dakota...;c)

TravelBug-Susan said...

I'm interested in Ms. Pat's back pain. Do they know what's causing it? My mom has been having severe lower back pain and the docs can't seem to figure out what's wrong with it.

The pain is excruciating for her. She takes pain pills and it goes away after about three weeks. It will be gone for a while (weeks, months), but keeps coming back.

I'll be following Ms. Pat's treatment with interest. I may suggest my mom look into it.

Nan said...

No snow in our part of the desert, but we just did have a nice rain shower. I had one of those shots in my shoulder last November. They are a terrific help.

KarenInTheWoods said...

Oooh starting to look like Wisconsin!

Karen and Steve
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