Wednesday, February 20, 2013

WOW,,,that was quick!

Good Morning
This week went way too fast!!  We enjoyed our time with JRoger and Susan so very much and way too soon, it was time for them to head on back home to Florida. They have many things going on at home and Susan’s failing Mother needs attention. They wanted to see the Grand Canyon before they left and decided it would be good to go that way on their way home. Then the forecast came that a “Big Storm” was headed right for the Flagstaff and Grand Canyon area. So Monday morning, they decided they better head out and get through that area ahead of this storm.

Oh No, darn it they are leaving......
Here they are all bundled up ready to head North towards the Grand Canyon. It was 40* here at North Ranch near Congress, AZ. this morning and in the single digits in the Grand Canyon area.  But it was nice and clear and the sun was shining brightly.

Heading out,,,,
Here they are departing the Clubhouse after a lot of hugs and yes, some tears….

On the highway nowHurry back,,,we're gona miss you....
Out the front driveway and on down the road, through the mountains and up to Prescott, then on to the Grand Canyon….

A couple of Old Guys that are mighty happy the way the new 30-06 shoots...Right On !!
JRoger and I have developed a friendship over the last 10 years second to none. We have so many of the same interests and experiences in life that we just “understand” each other. I trust him 100%, as I’m sure he does me. Through his superb guidance, I was able to find a rifle that I had long been looking for. An Interarms Mark X, 30-06 with a Mauser action, in superb condition. I already had the scope I wanted to put on it and JRoger helped me do that. Plus, we took it out and sighted it in. It took JRoger about 5 minutes to “bore sight” it and we only had to fire ONE shot to find out that he had it set mighty close!!
Now at 50 yards (about as far away as we could safely do it in the desert) that is close enough for me! I can take it to the 100 yard bay at the Gun Club and fine tune it.  It took JRoger just a short time to do what it would have taken me a half a day and half a dozen bullets to do. I have always been a “handgun” guy and this is the first "big" rifle I ever owned.  Look at the size of that hole!!  Now, I’m happy as a kid in a candy store! I finally have a good high power rifle. I may never use it but just the pride in owning it is priceless!

We squeezed in a couple of neat rides in the desert………..

They enjoyed the spectacular views we have out here in our vast desert land surrounded by beautiful mountain's.  They even tried to look like a saguaro cactus!! Smile

They had a great, long day going through the Grand Canyon and ended up in Flagstaff for the night. Tuesday they headed out early and went Southwest through the mountainous area of Heber and on down past Silver City and then Deming, NM. for the night. They really enjoyed their scenic trip and the weather was fine except for a little wind now and then.

Are they ever lucky they got through and out of the Flagstaff area!  Tuesday, during the night, the storm hit that area and the entire area they had just traveled. There is 6 inches of snow in Flagstaff this morning. Roads are closed or heavily snow packed, including the interstate. Schools are closed, it is still snowing with possible 12 inches before it's over. WOW, good planning ole' buddy!!  This morning (Wednesday) they will proceed on West from Deming on I-10 and get as far as they can tonight.  They should be safe except for maybe a little rain. 

We sure miss them already but we are so happy that they got to see and enjoy the Grand Canyon before this unexpected storm arrived.   Their visit was, as I said, way too short, but we understand the obligations of loved ones  and especially our aging families and parents.  Travel safe you guys and we’ll see you again soon.  How about Custer in July???

It is a GREAT WEEK!!!!


Thanks for stopping by and God Bless.


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Allen DuGuay said...

Nice having such a good friend like J Roger and that you had such a great week with he and his wife. Glad their Grand Canyon visit worked out for them. Our best to you, have a great week!

Kevin and Tracy (a.k.a. kcgaz) said...

Great to have such good friends visit and boy what a shot! Have a great week and stay dry.

Al Bossence said...

Lucky break they dodged that storm as well as they did. Probably a nice feeling for them knowing they are headed for warmer weather. I know our Aunt Jean will be glad to get back to Florida's 80+ temps.

Nan said...

Does that rifle put your shoulder in the next county?