Saturday, June 30, 2007

Repaired KING DOME..

I'm on top of the rig,,,,,Great view up here!!! Neighbors house, McDonald's Neighbors house, Cordell's

I tried to cover the entire roof with solar panels.

Our King Dome hasn't been working for a while and tech service for them hasn't been able to find out the problem. I've spent hours on th phone with them. They advised me I needed to send it in to St.Paul,MN for repair. NOW,,,that's a JOB!!!
I took it off and sent it to them and here are a few pictures of when I reinstalled it. BELIEVE IT OR NOT IT WORKED!!!! It is real nice to have when you been traveling all day and just want to stop for the night and don't want to set up the dish, just hit a button and it finds the Satellite and that's it. That's IF its working. Well its working again now!!! Found the Satellite on the first try!!!!

It'a a GREAT day !!!

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