Sunday, June 24, 2007

Time is Flying!!!!

We have been back on our "place on the hill" in the Black Hills of SD for over 2 weeks!!!!!
All kinds of things have been happening.......

Chuck and Rhoda Roper our X neighbors and good friends from Tallahassee, Fl were here for a few days and we did 3 nice hikes in Custer State park with them. We showed them the Park and then let them explore a lot on their own. They just loved the Hills!!! Now they can see why we don't even want to go back to FLORIDA..........Time came too soon for them to leave and we miss them already.

We met new friends and recent fulltimers Larry and LeeAnn McCormick from Las Vegas,NV. Its so exciting to see new fulltimers and see how much they enjoy this lifestyle. makes us remember that we take it for granted way to much.......It seems only yesterday that we started out and we can't even think of living any other way. It will Kill us if we ever have to give it up. But we know we will have to someday. Right now we don't want to THINK about it.
We enjoyed Larry and LeeAnn very much and look to seeing them and getting to know them better. They want to hike the trails with us. That's fine we love that, makes it more fun for us to go. They are followers of Howard and Linda and the RV-Dreams forum.

Our old (were ALL OLD!) friends that we worked with for so MANY years (9) out in Custer State Park were invited to our house last night for happy hr. It was sure GREAT seeing the Stewarts, Bob and Shirley and the Zubrod's, Duane and Kaye. The Kramers, Daryl and Catherine couldn't make it. Catherine works at the winery (wouldn't that be fun :)) and didn't get off until late. We all spent some real fine times together in the Park. We will cherish those times for ever. Sometimes Memories are all one has left, remember to cherish them.

The weather has been good, but its starting to warm up a little. Got up to 90 today for a short time and it was 68 when we got up this morning. We ALMOST had a hail storm the other night. BOY, it was to CLOSE for comfort. Hailed like Hail for a few minutes and we started to get GOLF ball SIZE. But our prayers were answered and it stopped.....Whew!!
ENOUGH of that, no damage this time.

We have lots of our RV'n friends that will be stopping by this summer to see us. Its always fun to have friends stop and spend a night or two on our little "Hill" and see the view we have....In fact with the 4th of July coming up, our yard might be FULL!! wouldn't that be great.

I'll try to take more time and keep this up to date a little better. Maybe if I done it more often and not so Looooooong, it would be better...YES!!!

Drop back again when you can.....c u later


Another a GREAT DAY !!!!!!

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