Sunday, November 11, 2007

Work on our Coach House

Here another week has gone by and we continue to work on the inside of our Coach House. That's what they call the little 12x20' building on our lot here in Retama Village in Mission, TX.

Really its just a "shed", but we decided to make it so we could easily have our friends and kids come to visit and have a comfortable place to stay. Now, I had NO idea how much that would involve. But I do now!!!! WOW,,,,,,,work and MONEY. We must have made 50 trips to every building supply store within 20 miles!!! We've had lumber, dry wall and fixtures delivered to us and hauled 2 or 3 truck loads of "stuff" ourselves.

Right now I'm wondering if we shouldn't have just left it as a "shed" for storage. Sure would have been a lot simpler and of course CHEAPER!!!! However it will be GREAT when we get it finished and it is finally starting to take shape. I'll show you a few pictures as we started and the progress we have made. There are more pictures on my web albums, but these will give you a quick tour.....

OK, here we go!!! First thing is to cut out the ceiling joists!!! Yep, we decided on a "raised" ceiling. It will make the place look much larger. Here we remove the FIRST one.

Now the BOX for the raised ceiling is framed.

We thought we might need some POWER!!! This little guy and his helper are "pulling" wires from the pedestal. It will be 100amp service.

They delivered the Shower, the Stool and the bathroom sink

That's the bathroom on the left and the Utility room on the right. We're framing them now.

Lots of wires had to be strung. 600 ft of wire to all the switches and plugs, etc.

Now the Insulation is here and has to be installed. See what I mean, Work, Work, Work. I had no idea!!!! Now I know why I wasn't a carpenter!!!!

But with a lot of Blood, Sweat and tears, it went up. Did I tell you this ain't easy!!!

Doggone, now they deliver the Dry Wall.........and they tell me it shouldn't be left sitting outdoors. Its got to go right up!!!! ugh! Alright, how do we do this? Lets get it done!!!!

MAN,,,,,we got the Ceiling up in the Box!!! What a JOB!!!! I just "thought" I was retired.:)

Anyway, that brings you up to date on where we are. I'll show you more next week. Get ready Folks and Kids, it will soon be ready for you to come and stay in......Pats already shopping for a Ceiling fan and PAINT!!!!! I'm beginning to wonder if it will ever get over!!!

Can't wait to stand back and say "OK there she is, done"!!! That will be NEAT!!!

If you just CAN'T WAIT, you can go to our web albums and see ALL the pictures, but I warn you there is a bunch!!!

Thanks for dropping by!

Its a GREAT DAY!!!!

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