Sunday, November 25, 2007

NOW its taking SHAPE !!!

Here is where we started back in May and on through where we are right now.

(click on pictures to enlarge)
This is how it was when we departed the area last spring and headed up to Custer,SD. for the summer.

Now we are back in Oct. and discussing how we should do the Coach House.

A few days later....

Quite a few days later....

5 days later,,,,,,,

The next day!!!! Ceiling is an off white and the walls are Camel.......
Still a lot to do but we're gaining. Should have it looking good by the time we get ready to head West to Arizona in Jan....
Most of our help took a little Holiday vacation, which slows us down a bit. Doubtful we will get much done next week, but stay tuned.
Of course there are more pictures on the Web Album:
Go completely to the bottom of the album to see the most recent pictures.
See ya NEXT TIME!!!
Its a GREAT DAY !!!!!!

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