Sunday, December 30, 2007

New Year----------New Coach House !!!

Happy NEW YEAR Everybody !!!!!!

We are really enjoying our Coach House! We haven't had a "house" of any kind for over 10 years and this is just the right size........We never want a BIG house again, so this fits the bill perfectly. For someone that wasn't going to do anything to it this first year, except maybe put in some "wiring" and lights, we got a lot more done than we expected....

This is some pictures of the progress:

We had just completed the FIRST project, Framing out the Raised Ceiling, Oct. 24.

Back in the first part of Nov, we had the Framing done, Wireing done and was working on the Insulation.
This is the same corner TODAY!!!!
Recognize that Hide A Bed? Yep that's it! It came from our Teton. (the 5th wheel)
And the Coffee Table, and the End Tables, and the Rug!!

Now we have an "empty" spot in the end of our HOME...............Pat is already shopping! I have a feeling it will soon be filled........
We are GLAD it's done and quite happy with the way it turned out. Now I'll have to find something else to bore you with...................................
Somebody give me some suggestions,,,,what do you want to see pictures of in the area?
Soon it will be 2008, where did the time go? It flies by so fast, seems like we just celebrated New Year 2007 a couple months ago! In this day and age, we just celebrate surviving!!
It has been a GREAT year for us and now is the time to set back and recall all the memories, friends and good times we have had in this lifestyle that we both enjoy so MUCH!! I hope it can go on forever...........HAPPY NEW YEAR to EVERYONE!!!! Hope to see you down the road.
Drop in next week, I'll find something to talk about.....(with your help)
Its a GREAT day!!!!!!!!

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