Sunday, July 13, 2008

Another WONDERFUL week in the BLACK HILLS of SD.

MONDAY after we got our 4 mile walk in I had a project to do that I had been putting off for a while and it needed to be done. Our Electric steps had developed a crack in the metal where it attached. The only way to fix it was to remove them, weld and reinforce and reinstall them. No easy task!! Those steps are HEAVY!! After we got them off, I took them to Doug at the Ruby Creek Ranch north of Custer for repair. Doug and his wife Becky have a beautiful ranch out in the country and do METAL Doug builds "anything big or small" out of metal. He has a GREAT shop with all kinds of up-to-date tools. Doug welded it all up for me and added some gusset plates to give it the strength it should have had in the beginning. BEAUTIFUL JOB! When I got ready to pay the bill,,,it was $10.00. Yep, you read right $10.00 total.....
Only in CUSTER,SD.
We enjoyed meeting Doug and looking at their beautiful metal art work and seeing their ranch and his shop. Funny how things happen, this was pure luck (good luck). I saw Doug's small ad in the local paper that he did welding and repair. I asked my friend Mike Nielsen who runs the local hardware store if he had heard of of them and he told me that Doug did GOOD work. So we gave him a call and that's how this meeting came about. Amazing!!We will be back to buy some of these items. Take a look at their web site Ruby Creek Ranch . Oh, did Imention they do "Chuck Wagon" Breakfasts, Dinners and Suppers. It's all on their website.

Now those heavy metal steps were a job to take off, but WOW, it was really tough to get them back up under the Teton and bolted down. (or I mean up!) With Ms Pats help we were finally able to get the job done......NOW they are SOLID!!!! Well done... mark that off the list.......

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Meet Reve & Susan Carberry.... full timers from upper New York State. They are parked nearby at Custer's Gulch campground and saw that we lived close by. They had been wanting a PressurePro Tire Monitoring System for quite a while and had heard about us, so they decided the time had come...Lucky for us. They called and we invited them over for a glass of lemonade and a demo of the system. This picture shows them as the proud owners of a new system.. Really enjoyed meeting these nice folks......Ya gotta just love this life!! I advised Reve if he had a problem installing it to just give us a call and we would be there in 5 minutes. He later advised me that he installed it without the slightest hitch, including the Echo Repeater. They have a beautiful Travel Supreme Motorhome. They love to hike, so Friday we took them on our little Stockade Lake trail for about 3.5 miles and they enjoyed it so much.... now they are ready to make the famous Harney Peak journey. Looking forward to that in the near future....

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This is Jim & Ellie Meacham, full timers originally from Colorado. They ordered a PressurePro system from us about a year ago. They are parked just south of us in the Broken Arrow Campground. They just got a BRAND NEW PHAETON Motorhome by Tiffin. WOW is it a beauty!!! They call it "the castle" and believe me it is just that!! (click to enlarge)

It is longer than their old Motorhome and they were missing a few Sensor signals occasionally on the Toad, so they wanted our opinion of what would correct it. Ellie invited us down to make a "house call". Now I love troubleshooting on the rig rather than on the phone, so we jumped at the opportunity. PLUS, she also invited us for BBQ chicken!!!! Now that's bribery at its BEST!!! LOL.

The Echo Repeater was the answer to "missing Sensor" problem so Jim and I installed an Echo Repeater in the rear closet of his new coach. That should take care of any and all missed signals. We love meeting and spending time getting to know our customers and making new friends for life!!! Check out Ellie's Blog .

Mike Gorman who lives in Rapid City and is about to go full timing had been talking to us about a PressurePro system for some time wanted to drive down and get one while we were here. Mike is the Adjutant General for the South Dakota National Guard.........It was a pleasure meeting Mike and showing him how our PressurePro system worked on our rig. He knows that if he has any trouble installing it, we will be right close!!! I don't think he will have a problem, but I do hope we get to see more of him down the road. More customers and friends.....(I forgot to get a picture of Mike,,,,:-( shame on me!!) Now we gotta see him again!

We did get one day of fishing in at Angostura Lake, but it wasn't spectacular. But it was a beautiful day to be on the lake, after the early morning storm and heavy rain had passed. That slowed us down a couple hours but Pat caught a nice Walleye, so it wasn't a total loss. You know what they say, even a poor day "fishin" is better than a day of "wishing you were fishin". Is that the way that goes?,,,Oh well, you fishermen know what I'm saying!!!:-)

It was another GREAT WEEK!!!!

Hope everyone is having a SAFE and HAPPY summer so far. Please keep it that way!!!
It was 37 deg here this morning when we got up! Now that's cooler than normal, but we love it and thank goodness for heat pumps, even in July!!! It will soon be warming up and we will wish it would cool down!!! I would tell you that there was FROST on our Honda,,,,but you wouldn't believe it.......But it is true!!!!

Thanks for stopping by,,,,,tell us you were here in the shoutbox above and be sure to stop in again next week!!! Come and see us!!!
Mark & Dale, we are patiently waiting for you all, your spot is empty. We will leave the light on for you!!!

Remember life is SHORT,,,,,,don't wait!!!!

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