Sunday, July 6, 2008


Last Sunday after church we did get a nice bike ride in the Park. It was such a SUPER afternoon and we hadn't taken the Bike out for a spin together since we got it last winter. It was really an enjoyable 50 mile trip. The weather was perfect and the traffic was light. We first went to Game Lodge Campground where our friends and Mission, TX neighbors Dick and Shirley Peer are Campground Hosting. We missed them!!! They were out somewhere riding their bike......Shucks.

So we proceeded on down the Wildlife loop, hoping to maybe meet them on the road. Down on the far South end of the Park in his normal spot was our old friend Bob Sperry. Bob and his wife Ann have worked at the Park for 12-13 (maybe a few more) years every summer. Bob is a retired school teacher from Oklahoma. Ann is the control dispatcher and operates the control tower and radio maintaining a fire and emergency lookout on top of Mt. Coolidge.

This is Bob Sperry, Historian. He is all set up under a nice shade tree where he gives programs on Buffalo hunting as it was years ago. He dresses the part and has the buffalo hides and rifles. Bob explains the procedures the Buffalo hunters went through. He is a world of information and always draws a crowd. It was sure nice to see Bob. He is looking GREAT after his big round with Cancer. He has lost a lot of weight and after much Chemo and Radiation, he is in REMISSION. Praise the Lord!!! Good for you Bob!!!!

4TH of JULY,,,, We enjoyed a nice family cook out at my niece's place in Rapid City. It was neat seeing all of my brothers family. Jami & Lyle Hack, of Rapid City, Juli Long, of Alliance, NE., Jill & Dom Harris of Alliance and my Sister-in-law Connie & her husband John Hansen, also of Alliance. Plus Jami's 2 and Jill's 4 children. It was a full house, but a lot of fun and the food was superb!! GREAT being with family on this Independence day!!!! My brother, who passed away nearly 11 years ago, would be so proud of his family!! But then, he is watching and I'm sure is enjoying.:-)

MT RUSHMORE FIREWORKS ! Each year the Fireworks Display at Mt. Rushmore is OUTSTANDING and receives world recognition. Folks arrive before 9am to get a spot at the base of the mountain to see this event. There was an estimated 30-35,000 people on hand to see it and that many more outside of the area watching it from afar.

If you had been here, here is what you would have seen:

Mt Rushmore Fireworks

Be sure to click on some of the side bars and make your own show and see how fireworks are made and work like they do...

Our place is about 20 miles away and we can see some of the higher, larger displays. However, since they don't start until 9:15 or later and as most of you know, we get up at 4am so 9:15 is past our bed time.....we elected to watch them from the bedroom TV. I think I made it through about a dozen big displays and blasts.

SATURDAY .... grass mowing time.

This is Quinton Cordell and his sister Katlyn. Quinton has been my head mow guy for about 3 years now. He lives with his family right across the street and does a fine job of keeping up with our yard. Thank You very much Quinton, don't know what we would do without you!!! Wonderful neighbors!!!

That's about it for this week, now it's off to Church this morning and we start another week. I thank God for this wonderful life and opportunity to enjoy it. Thanks also to our many men and women in our military services that have kept this country FREE!!!!

Thanks for stopping by, hope you drop by again next week and remember to say a few words in my "shoutbox" ! (upper right)

IT was a GREAT WEEK!!!!!

Travel and BE SAFE!!! (click on all photo's to enlarge)


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