Sunday, July 20, 2008

Greetings and WELCOME!!

We stayed busy again this week. A large order of PressurePro Systems came in from our supplier on Monday and it was just in the nick of time. We shipped out 6 systems during the week, plus a PowerTank was shipped to Virginia. Our bill at the Post Office is huge! But that is a good sign. :-)

Tuesday they started on our long desired Pole Building

After we measured out the exact location, the holes were drilled for the poles. As usual they ran into some rock and had tough drilling in a few places. (click on pictures to enlarge)
But soon they were all dug!

Poles up and ready for the Concrete truck.

It's going up FAST!! Only 2 guys working on it.

By Friday at noon when they quit it was really taking shape. By next Friday it should be all done and ready for the concrete floor. That is if the weather holds!! Keep your fingers crossed.

Our friends Jutta and Doug Franks stopped in Saturday morning for a visit. They are our customers and neighbors down at Retama Village in Mission, TX. They are staying at the Broken Arrow campground just south of us. It was great seeing them. Here is their blog:
D&J's Adventures

We all got together yesterday afternoon (Saturday) and had a cook out down at the Broken Arrow Campground. Present are Jim & Ellie Meacham, Reve & Susan Carberry, Doyle & Feona Payne, Doug & Jutta Franks, Pat & I and we asked the owners, Larry and Geri Gustafson to join us. They not only joined us, but furnished the gas grill, the neat picnic pavillion and some delicious grilled potatoes. We have gotten to know Larry and Geri quite well since they opened this campground just a couple years ago and what GREAT people they are!!! Real pleasure meeting up with them. Everyone tells us what GREAT hosts they are. If you are going to be in the area be sure to check them and their campground out. Here are a few pictures of the cook out.

This is Larry Gustafson the owner of Broken Arrow campground. He not only owns the place, but he furnishes the grill, the shelter and he COOKS too!!

This is Larry's wife Geri and Pat. Larry admits that Geri is the "brains" of the outfit!! Super couple!! Nice Place!!

This is Doyle and Feona Payne, our new friends and Dri-Wash customers (and soon to be PressurePro customers, we hope) from Oklahoma. They are relatively new full timers and are enjoying their new lifestyle very much.

More new friends, Reve and Susan Carberry came over from another local campground to join us. They are our customers and fellow hikers from New York. Here we are waiting for the food!

Ah, all chowed down!! Good Food, Good Friends and a GREAT PLACE!!!

Larry and LeeAnn McCormick also stopped by to say Hi. They couldn't stay for our wonderful meal due to a prior commitment but I'm sure they'll be joining us the next time. Check out Jim & Ellie's Blog for a few more details and pictures.

With all this activity we still managed to spend a day on the lake fishing!! Monday morning at 7:15 we found ourselves down at Hot Springs out on Lake Angostura fishing. By 2pm Pat had managed to catch 2 nice 19" walleyes. I caught one that was just barely a keeper at 14.1". We released several that were "just" under the wire, but still had enough for a meal or two!! Friday we had Walleye and good old "southern cheese grits",,,,,,,boy was it good!!! My favorite!!!

That was about our extent of excitement for the week. Staying real busy seems to be the answer for us right now. The time is passing fast!!! Now we are looking for a Concrete Contractor to put a floor in the Pole Building. No easy task up here this time of the year, several won't even call you back!!

Thanks for stopping by,,,,,,,,,,,see ya again next week...

It was a GREAT WEEK!!!!!!

Take care and be safe!!

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Jerry and Suzy said...

Mike and Pat - we apologize! We haven't been checking in on your blog regularly, but we'll keep in closer touch. Your pole building project reminds us of when we had a home in the mountains outside of Butte, MT. We were in the process of building a covered deck when I got transferred and ended up in Arizona.

You have lots of friends dropping by, and that must be rewarding.

Jerry and Suzy