Sunday, November 23, 2008

Back on our lot at RETAMA VILLAGE in Mission, TX.

Here we are back at one of our favorite places, Retama Village in Mission, TX., about 1/4 mile from the Border of Mexico....right near the Rio Grande River. It is about 1500 miles straight across the Gulf of Mexico to Miami. The temperature was in the 70's when we arrived yesterday and the low last night was 56 deg. Click on "our location" on the right. If you remember, we spent about all of our time here last winter fixing up our COACH HOUSE.
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This picture was taken last year just after we arrived and got situated. It looks almost the same this year, except the roses, flowers, shrubs and trees have grown considerably.

Last year this tree wasn't anywhere near our Teton, This year I had to cut some of it off as it was scraping on the back cap, picture window and top.

This picture was taken last year just after we had started work on the Coach House. We are putting in a BOXED ceiling......

The Ceiling is finished and painted....

Here is the finished living room area. We also have a full bathroom with a nice shower and a 20 gal. water heater. So both Pat and I enjoyed nice, long HOT showers last night! After a long drive and a BUSY and FULL past several weeks, we are ready for some R&R to recuperate!!

We will be here about 2 months, then head on to another one of our Favorite Spots, ARIZONA! See you soon Mikel, Paul and Nancy, and all the rest!!!

Meanwhile, we have a lot to keep us mighty busy while we're here........there are at least 10 other Heavy Duty Trucks and many, many of our friends already here. This place is beautiful, as they continue to progress and complete the construction of all phases. I will show you more pictures of how it is coming along in the weeks ahead....

Here are some pictures(more than you want to see!!) from my Web Albums of some of the construction last year while we were here..

Many of you checked out my Wednesday Blog post and told me you enjoyed the Mid-Week post, so I'll continue......Stop back Wed!!!!

Thank you all for stopping by and your comments and emails........We are still working on our Verizon Air Card usage problem...Hope to have some news for you about that soon.

It was a GREAT WEEK!!!!!!!!


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Jerry and Suzy said...

Welcome home to Retama Village! You guys have some very nice places to hang out.