Sunday, November 30, 2008

Turkey and College FOOTBALL!!

We hope you all had a fine THANKSGIVING. We sure did!

It's very sad for me to report that our friends, Bob and Molly Pinner, lost their niece Kristy, about midnight Thanksgiving day. She is the young Mother of 4 that I mentioned in my last post. This is an extremely tough time for the family and our heart goes out to them. For just a month short of a full year, Kristy fought this dreadful, painful disease and all of it's complications. We know so well what they are going through, as it was just a few months ago that our Son Scott lost his battle to this same dreaded disease. Right up until the last, we were so sure he would get well, then in just a few days he was gone! I have been following Kristy's Blog closely and when I read that she had been put in the ICU unit, it brought back sad memories. When Scott went into the ICU, he never made it out, neither did Kristy. God Bless them both. The only comfort is knowing that they are no longer suffering. Our prayers and thoughts go out to the family.

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The "Boys" and Sue gathered outside with the usual discussions. We all tried to stay in the shade, as it was quite warm.

The gals were inside arranging all the GREAT food!

Two of the 5 tables of delicious dishes everyone had prepared.

A few short minutes later and this Turkey was GONE!!! Everything was GREAT!!! Another SUPERB Thanksgiving feast that we so thoroughly ENJOYED!!!!

Below are a few current up-to-date pictures of RETAMA VILLAGE. It has come a long way since we were here last year.
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The Clubhouse is all finished and is it BEAUTIFUL!! You should see inside,,,very NICE!! This is the first thing you see as you pull into the front gate.

This is on the south side behind the Clubhouse and is the entrance to the Patio and pool area. Notice the big Fountain,,,it is bubbling with flowing water, and HUGE!

The Hot Tub in the foreground and the 2 bigger pools behind. The big pool has 3 lap lanes.

Also, on the patio just outside the Clubhouse, is this Outdoor Kitchen, with outdoor grill, oven, cooler, sink and more. (JRoger, I can see you (and mr.E. Times) having a ball in this Kitchen!;-)

Turn around from the outdoor kitchen and this is what you see, more patio and the pools. On the right from the pool is another building that has a large Craft room and Showers, plus Laundry Room and full Gym with super equipment...... Nice set up.

In the weeks to come, I'll show you more of what they are doing in this complex. They have started building RV Ports, with Casitas and also houses, all inside a Gated area and well maintained. There are several lots of your choice available and although they have gone up in price since most of us bought, we still feel it's a bargain. Come on down and take a look, who knows ?? might do like so many of us and decide to put down some roots. 80 deg + on Thanksgiving day isn't bad!:-)...............Of course, it will probably cool off and get clear down to 70 around Christmas..... They do have a large public Campground with around 300 sites right next door!!

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Love hearing from you all.....

It was a GREAT WEEK!!!!

Come on back Wednesday.


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Jerry and Suzy said...

Mike and Pat,
We have been praying for Kristy. Perhaps her passing from pain and suffering to beauty and glory is the answer to all of our prayers. Now her parents need prayers for support, and we'll add them to our list.

Beautiful park you have there. We'll have to stop by some time, if we get out this time of year!