Sunday, November 9, 2008

Nice time to be in FLORIDA!!!!

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Greetings to everyone from Northern Florida! We are sitting at this beautiful spot we have nicknamed "Roger's Roost" out in the woods near Monticello, FL. We are only 20 miles from our old home town of Tallahassee, FL. It's 75-80 deg in the day time, around 50 at night and clear skies nearly everyday....while up at out place in the Black Hills of South Dakota, they are having a BLIZZARD!!!! 1-2 feet of BLOWING SNOW everywhere, power outages, roads closed and huge snow drifts larger than cars. Schools and Businesses closed. WOW,,,,,,how well I remember
that kind of weather. I spent the first 45 years of my life in that area!!

Now isn't this kind of weather better????
Here Ms Pat stands by the Birthday sign I put up out on the road at the entrance so all our guests could find "Rogers Roost" way back here in the woods.

Soon long time friends, old neighbors and family began arriving......
In the top picture is the back side of: (sitting) Rhoda Roper, (standing) Tim and Lynn Deaton, both close neighbors when we had the sticks and bricks. (that's what RV'ers call a house without wheels)
Above is a picture of our old friend Robert Parke, a well known private professional Legal Investigator, his assistant and wife Ely, then Roger Haddix and Chuck Roper visiting in the background. Waving is long time friend and retired private pilot for Bobby Bowden and all the Florida Governor's for the last 26 years, Winston Montague. What a privilege it is to see these fine folks again!!!

In the top picture is Carol Montague and Lynn and Tim Deaton...
Bottom picture.... we're gathering for the BIRTHDAY dinner!!!!

Top picture: Ms Pat and her oldest daughter Lisa. That's PAT on the left! (just kidding!) Both of these young ladies are just 39 years old!!! Lisa has worked for the State of Florida for 30+ years! She started young!!! She is a neat gal!!
Just above is another NEAT gal!!! One that can do no wrong in MY BOOK! She is my(our) pride and joy!! Megan Abell, Pat's granddaughter and her children. That's our GREAT granddaughter Kylie (11 months) in Megan's arms and GREAT grandson Dathon (3 1/2) standing. This is the FIRST time we had seen little Kylie in person..........Beautiful kids!!
Megan spent nearly every weekend at our house from the time she was 9 months until she was 14 years old. Pat was working Saturdays, Megan was home with me and we went everywhere and did everything together. What cherishable memories I have of that wonderful time!! I had raised 3 boys, so Megan was MY GIRL. I will never forget our walks on the railroad tracks behind our house, our bike rides, motorcycle rides and all the Gymnastics classes and competition meets. Megan was an excellent Gymnast and won many ribbons and trophy's. She loved ballet and to dance, play office, ride her trike and go "FAST" on the motorcycle. Plus, she LOVED happy meals at McDonald's!!! I tried not to, drive by a McDonald's, because if I did, I HAD to stop for a HAPPY MEAL!!!! Oh, those were great like so many things they are just MEMORIES. Seems like that is a lot of what life is all about when you get in these so called GOLDEN years. MEMORIES,,,,,,,, Can some of you relate? Anyhow, it was FUN having a hand in raising Megan and you can see why she is my PRIDE and JOY!!! I love her very much !!

Here is Ms Pat (top) with our most gracious Hosts Roger and Susan Haddix in front of Rogers SUPER BBQ Smoker grill!! As I said before Roger is a Professional cook and loves to do it. Above is Roger tending to the 6 Chickens and 6 slabs of Ribs and homemade Wild Hog sausages......................Smells mighty good !!!!
Well, I'm sorry I didn't get more pictures, but I was enjoying meeting all the GREAT friends and family that was here and visiting. Pictures were the furthest thing from my mind......
BUT, Ms PAT had a WONDERFUL Birthday!!!! The weather was wonderful and Pat says it was her BEST ever!!!! Thanks again to our SUPER hosts Roger and Susan Haddix and all friends and family that came. I know it was very SHORT notice. It meant a lot to us !!!!
Now, TODAY we have another BIG event planned. We're having a BIG Family day get together down south of Tallahassee at Pat's daughter Lisa and her husband Randy's place.....We're have some good old "fresh" Florida seafood....Oysters, Blue Crabs, and a Low Country Boil with lots of fresh caught Florida shrimp. YUM!! Gotta get moving and get ready for that so we'll tell you about that next week.........So much happening and time is going so fast,,,,,,,
Thanks for stopping by, hope to see you again next week and remember, we would LOVE to hear from you. In the comments below, on the shoutbox above, or email, phone, or come and see us!!! We have a lot to cram in during the next week!!! We only have one short week left before we head WEST!!! Leaving Monday the 17th.... Planning to be at our place in Mission, TX for Thanksgiving!!! (Lord willin!):-)
It was a GREAT WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Jerry and Suzy said...

Here's another visit for this Sunday! Roger's Roost looks neat! Do you suppose he'd put us up for all winter next year?

What a great birthday get-together, and time spent with grand- and GREAT grandchildren.

Keep on movin'!

Anonymous said...

Mike and Pat,

First, belated bithday wishes to Pat.

Looks like a nice place Roger and Susan have. Is there electric and sewer also, or are you doing your new solar thing? We might be coming down FL. way in a few months, maybe we'll look them up. Tell them hi from us.

Also, love reading your blog.

Safe travels to you.


Joy and Phil said...

Mike and Pat,
Although we have never met, feel like we know you after two Gypsy Journal Rallys in Casa Grande. Check out your blog every week and really enjoy following along in your travels.

What a great party. I could smell that BBQ from here!

Joy and Phil

Carol said...

Nice to see pics of you guys and Ely and Bob too! Enjoy that sunny Florida weather!

xooxox Carol and Bruce