Sunday, December 14, 2008

It's -2 deg BELOW ZERO!!!!!!

Yes, It's 2 Below zero this morning in Rapid City, SD!!!!! Plus they had 2-4 inches of BLOWING snow. Portions of Interstate 90 have been closed, many of the local events are being cancelled and the Police are asking everyone to STAY PUT!!!! Between 2pm and 5pm Saturday, the Police were called to more than 40 accidents......

Every morning when I get up I read the Rapid City Journal on my computer. This is a neat feature and I thoroughly enjoy it. The service is totally free of charge. It was interesting to see this mornings headlines..
"Your Journal mat not be delivered this morning due to hazardous road conditions" ............Fortunately, this doesn't effect the Electronic publication. It was right here waiting for me as usual. Every morning about 3am, they email me the Daily edition. What a neat service.

If you want to enjoy your Home Town newspaper while you're down here "basting" in the sun, this is a nice way to do it. Isn't it fun to sit down here and read about the weather UP NORTH?? I just have to glance at my indoor/outdoor thermometer and right now at 5:25am, it says 63 outside and 71 inside. No snow outside to shovel, no icy streets, no heavy coats and we don't have to warm up the car or scrape the ice from the windows. I don't know about you, but I'm GRATEFUL for that!!! I fought those Blizzards and road conditions for nearly 50 years as a way of life, and my memory is not failing me to the point that I have forgotten all those experiences. How well I remember!!!! If I didn't remember, I wouldn't be so thankful to be where I am today. Thank you AGAIN God!!!

Speaking of NEWSPAPERS, the second thing I read EVERY morning is a Blog written daily by our good friend Nick Russell. Nick is a former Newspaper Editor and publisher of the famous RV'ers newspaper... GYPSY JOURNAL. His Blog is as GREAT as his Journal, very well written. Nick tells it like it is!! You need to give it a shot and put it on your every day "to do" list. It's short, quick and enjoyable. Now I didn't say you have to always agree with him, but it's just plain good reading.

Try this: NICK'S BLOG and when you get there, do some "clicking" around, you'll enjoy it!!!!

This is none other than NICK RUSSELL. Nick is doing some serious thinking for his next publication at this PUBLIC rest area on Hwy 87 in Nebraska!!! LOL

Nick published this picture in his Blog some time ago. When I saw it, I got a special HOOT!!! I recognized this "rest area" immediately. I doubt there is another one like it in the entire world!! Unbeknownst to Nick, this rest area is located just a couple miles north of my HOME TOWN of ALLIANCE, NEBRASKA and is just a short distance from the infamous CARHENGE.

My parents had a Cattle Ranch where we lived about 25 miles west of Alliance, deep in the heart of the SANDHILLS of western Nebraska... Nick is a history buff and this stuff was all right down his alley. This one sure brought back some fond memories!!!

This is Nick and Terry standing by their bus in Arizona last winter when we helped them install their PressurePro Tire Monitoring System.

Nick and Terry also put on the Gypsy Journal Rally twice a year. It's one of the best Rallies available. The next one will be Feb.9-13th in Case Grande, AZ. at the Fairgrounds. Many of you know what a neat Rally it is, for those that don't, you need to ATTEND and find out!!! It won't cost you an "arm and leg" like some do and it has some of the best Seminars and training sessions you will find. Look for more info and an application form in Nick's Blog...... See you at the RALLY!!!!!

That wraps it up for this time. Thanks for stopping by and we hope to see you Wednesday. To all you folks up north ...... STAY WARM and SAFE!!!

GOD BLESS you all!!!
It was a GREAT WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Jerry and Suzy said...

You bet we'll see you at the Gypsy Gathering! We read Nick's blog second, also, after first reading all our our emails (not many, usually).

Can't wait to pick your brains about our Pressure Pro system. Maybe we just need a few sensors replaced. While we're sitting still here in Benson, I should be out working on the system. However, my strong point is procrastination, not action.