Sunday, December 7, 2008

Santa STOPPED!!!

Santa is hitting it early this year so he can relax during the holidays. He stopped by our place this week!!!

He brought me a new Sony LAPTOP computer!!!!! My present Sony is nearing 3 years old and is slowing down and missing a lot of the features, memory and speed of the new ones. I got the Sony I have kinda by accident. Best Buy gave it to me FREE when the Gateway I bought from them dealt me a FIT for nearly 2 years. I wasn't familiar with Sony laptops at the time, but I was so FED UP with that Gateway, I was happy to get anything different. I have loved this one since day one,,,,,,it's done a super job and been very reliable. So, when Ms Pat saw a new one on sale at Circuit City, she ordered it for me. It arrived Wednesday!!!!

So now the big project of transferring all my "stuff" from the old to the new. Fortunately, we are close to Mark and Dale Bruss,,,,,,,Mark is a computer expert, second to NONE!!!! Mark agreed to set up the new computer for me and transfer everything over. OH MAN,,,Thank You Mark!!!! You're a lifesaver, I could NEVER do it on my own, I would get it real messed up! It's a slow process to do it right and consequently, as anxious as I am, I haven't been able to get my hands on the new one except for a few minutes, but it's gonna be GREAT!!!
Santa had one more gift in his bag for us before he flew off into the sky....... While at Sam's this week, we found the PERFECT size TV to replace the old analog set in our bedroom. (remember the time is getting close for digital only to work without a converter box) When you have a certain size cabinet for it to fit in, it's hard to find the "perfect" size. But we found it,,,,a 26" Sony Bravia,,,,,,,,,,,fits perfect!!!!,,, and WOW,,,,,,,,now we have 2 Sony Bravia's and the picture is SOMETHING ELSE!!!! With this new 5 LNB dish and HDTV Direct Satellite DV-R receiver, TV is UNREAL!!! I never dreamed TV could be so good,,,,like 3D! It also does well off the regular "batwing" RV antenna on those Stations that broadcast in HD........NOW, if we just had some decent TV shows to watch,,,,:-)

This is DirectTV's latest "Slimline" 5 LNB "Oval" dish. It's a bit bigger than the preceding dishes and has 3 incoming coax cables. So it takes a little heavier duty mast. The pole size for the mount is 2". Otherwise, it is no different or any more difficult to aim than the previous dishes. We have had DirectTV Satellite dishes since we went on the road in 1995, so I've been aiming TV dishes for a long time. Before that, aiming my amateur radio antenna arrays at Ham Radio satellites was a hobby, so I enjoy it. The MAIN thing to remember is to have a "PLUMB" & "STABLE" mast, perfectly level and vertical. Then just set your dish to the coordinates as instructed by Direct and with it pointed in the right direction (azimuth), you'll be pretty close and many times will be on without the use of any instruments!! But I like to "tweak" mine to the BEST signal, so I play with it.......These new SLIMLINE'S have a fine tuning set up that I love and it makes it even easier to aim....Setting it up is HALF the fun!!!!
So, that's it for this week. Christmas is over,,,now we can sit back and wait for the BIG dinner that I know we will have........
Thanks for stopping by, come back Wednesday and by that time maybe I'll dream up something that's not quite so boring....:-)
It was a GREAT WEEK!!!!!
Hope Santa has a little something in his BAG for you.....
PS: Don't forget to call about our PressurePro "Christmas Special"!!
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Jerry and Suzy said...

Merry Christmas! We're beginning to shop for a TV for our Casita. It'll be 22 or 26 inches, plenty big for our little sitting area. We've been told Sony is tops, so we'll watch for that!

Carol said...

Santa came here early too. A 32inch SONY LCD and an HP laptop!!! Guess Santa has all us 55+ folks getting the same stuff this Christ-mas!!!