Wednesday, December 3, 2008


This place on the Southern tip of Texas continues to fill up every day....More and more people stop by and are interested in living in Retama Village. Yesterday we were happy to have our customers and new acquaintances Bruce and Sandra Starkey stop in. They were looking the area over and actually found a lot right next to us that they are interested in. They will be back TODAY for the BIG tour that goes on once a week. They might be our NEIGHBORS!!
I showed you a few pictures last week, here are some more this week.

This is part of the Front Entrance as you turn in.

Here are the Entrance Gates.

Looking out the Entrance Gates from in front of the Clubhouse.

The Clubhouse has two main Entrance doors, this is one.

Here is the other.....

Just North of our RV complex, they are building this type of a home,,,,,several have been built and are being occupied. This is the Model Home and has offices where the Garage is normally on the occupied ones. Or you can have it built any way you wish.... Prices for these start around $150,000.00..........They are nice!

This is one of the RV PORTs that they are just completing in another area of the Village.

Here is a shot from the other side. You can also build these about any way or size you desire. This is a 2 bedroom with a smaller RV PORT.

Right across the street, they are building this one. It's almost finished. Several have been sold. I understand the prices start, again at $150,000.00. Then the SKY is the limit!!

This is one of the BIGGER ones that has been completed. Notice how much longer the RV PORT is on it than the previous one. The storage behind the RV is also much larger....

The Bentsen Palm Development is HUGE,,,,,,and goes on forever! Retama Village is a "gated" age 55 + community. On north a few blocks, there is an area for family homes. several homes have been or are being built there. Hope that answers some of your questions that many of you have asked about. If we can be of further assistance, please feel free to ask. Also, there is a web site at: Bentsen Palm Development

Meanwhile, back here at the TETON,,,life goes on. Pat is making arrangements to have some cabinets built to finish off our Coach House. We try to get our 3-4 mile walk in every morning about 7:30 am, watch our eating closely attempting to control our weight and keeping active, ,,i,e, HEALTHY...... Its a JOB!!! We are both up a couple lbs and we're trying to avoid as many temptations as possible....:-(.

We are blessed with such a wonderful life and want to keep as healthy as we can and continue
enjoying it.....

That's it for today......


God Bless and stop back.....


PS: Don't forget our PressurePro Christmas Special.

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Jerry and Suzy said...

Retama Village looks delightful! Enjoy yourselves, and DO stay healthy!

Carol said...

Wow, that is some place! :)+