Wednesday, January 21, 2009

These WHEELS are made for Rollin' !!!

We are anxious to "hit the road". Nick and Terry Russell are in Casa Grande, AZ getting things set up for their Western Rally. He tells all about it in his daily Blog: Gypsy Journal Blog

Hearing all this makes me anxious to get out there and get set up. Nick publishes the Gypsy Journal and has 2 rallies a year, one in the West and the other in the East. It's my kind of a Rally! It doesn't cost an "arm & leg", is laid back and we have lots of friends that attend. One thing I like is that all the Vendors are set up just outside of the meeting places and work out of their rigs. That's real comfortable... you can spend all day working and never leave the front of your rig. That makes it a lot more FUN! Believe me we've been to lots of Rallies where we have a booth and need to stand in that booth all day for 3-4 days. It gets OLD fast!!! Here is a picture of our last years set up at The Gypsy Journal Rally in Casa Grande:

We really like this spot and Nick has assured us we will have it again this year. All of the other vendors are directly in front of us, as the picture below shows.
I took these pictures early one morning before the crowd was out. Everyone passes right in front of our spot on the way to all the functions. We stayed quite busy and did real well.. In fact, we SOLD OUT of PressurePro Systems and had to call our Distributor. He agreed to FLY us in an Emergency shipment.

Here is Pat meeting Duane at the Casa Grande Airport picking up the "rush" shipment of 10 more PressurePro Systems. Duane lives a few hundred miles away and loves to fly his neat little 2 place single engine airplane. In fact, when I get out to North Ranch Escapee RV Park at our other lot, he and I go flying all over the country. I have a Private Pilot's license and don't get a chance to use it much, so it's a real JOY for me!! Duane lives in a rural "airport" community and has his own private airport.
From Duane & Carol Sprague's Private Airport
This is Duane and Carol's "private airport". Click on the picture and if I did it correctly, it should take you to the entire Web Album. They have a real nice place. See you guys soon!! Anxious to get brushed up on my "touch and go's"! :-)
Meanwhile, we are starting to prepare things for our departure on February 1st or 2nd.
More on that later. Thanks for stopping by. Be safe and GOD BLESS!!!
Its a GREAT WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Carol said...

Have a great trip. Imagine it takes a bit to get ready to "hit the road" and say goodbye to your friends there. Sure do enjoy seeing and hearing about your days! :)+

Jerry and Suzy said...

We remember your setup from last year. It was prime. We'll be able to find you easily at the Rally.

We may be able to touch bases with you at Cochise Terrace, but probably not. We'll be pretty busy that week. We'll see what happens.

Bruce said...

Give Mega 2 a kitty pat from us before you leave. Have a safe trip and hope to see you soom... Bruce