Sunday, January 4, 2009

Nice Weather!!!

It sure has been nice here in Mission, TX. the past few days.....78 was the high on New Year's day, then 84 on Friday, with 87 yesterday. This morning as I write this at 5am it is 68. It has been very comfortable with a light to moderate breeze a lot of the time. The Rapid City Journal tells me that it is 3 deg up there this morning. Burrrrr!!!

We were able to get some things done the last couple days after a great New Year's Day. Congratulations to the Cornhuskers and the Seminoles for winning their Bowl games!!! Well done!
The Painter has stained the cabinets in the Coach House and will be back today to put on the final coat of varnish. Estaban (the cabinet maker) was here late yesterday afternoon and finished up the last shelf on our cabinets. So after today, we should be done. Oh ya, forgot, I have to finish up plumbing the wet bar, but that shouldn't take long...
Almost every evening around 5:30 or 6pm, Pat goes up to the Clubhouse and enjoys the Hot Tub!!! She loves it! Quite often I go with her. Last night I took a couple pictures.

By the time I arrived, Pat had it all cranked up and it was HOT!!! This entire Pool and Hot Tub are SALT water. It feels great, especially after a long hard day. (click on all pictures to enlarge)

It's just starting to get dark and the lights are starting to come on. Ahhhh, 20 minutes of this and you'll be ready for bed..... Makes me sleep like a LOG!!
Pat gets over in the BIG pool and does a few laps. Tonight our Neighbor and early morning walking buddy, Dale Bruss, came over and visited us.
This is the entire pool and patio area. It consists of 3 pools. A wading pool, the hot tub and the big lap pool. It's like our Private Spa tonight, as usual!

Here is the exercise room. There is also a nice shower area where you can take a nice LONG hot shower........

We have a great pool room.

Pat also loves to shoot pool, plus she can hold her own with the best. Even beats me!! (most of the time) :-)
Now you can all see what a hard life we lead. It's tough!!! But you know, somebody HAS to do it. So it may just as well be us.
Now we're ready for our first guest for the Guest House. Terri, our daughter, will be here on the 14th to spend a couple days. We can't wait Terri!!!
We were happy to have our good friends Nick and Terry Russell of the Gypsy Journal stop by and visit us. It was great seeing them. They will soon head West to Casa Grande, AZ to prepare for their Western Rally...we'll be if you can make it to the Rally, stop by our PressurePro booth. Come back to see us before you leave, Nick & Terry.....
So, now its your turn. Come on down out of that COLD country and spend a few days with us. We have a place for you!!! Soak up some of this sunshine and warmth to take back with you!!! Sit in our Hot Tub with us!!
Thanks for stopping by and special thanks to those that leave comments. You know how much that helps. It kinda lets you know somebody is reading this nonsense!!!LOL
It was a GREAT WEEK!!!!!!
God Bless You All!!!
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Jerry and Suzy said...

Pat and Mike, you guys are a living advertisement for your park! The pool and hot tub look so inviting!

You bet we'll come and see you at Casa Grande, maybe get to know you better.

Yes, we do know how good it is to get comments! We just about gave on our blogging and journal some time back because we got so little response, but you guys are helping us keep going! Thanks very much

Anonymous said...

It was great seeing you guys. We were very impressed with the resort. Great activity center!

Carol said...

Boy, this is sure a nice place and Mike, you do such a good job of taking pictures so we can all be ENVIOUS!!!!!!!!!! Nearly 2' of snow here yesterday and windy today. Oh boy! That always makes for fun snow removal/moving.

Joy and Phil said...

Mike and Pat,
Just a note to thank you for stopping by my blog and signing up as a follower. The more the merrier is my motto!
I went to Bruce and Carol's blog too and signed up to follow them as well. Those two are a lot tougher than we are and I told them so!
See you in Casa Grande,
Joy and Phil