Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Meet my new Friend,,,,,,

Well, another COOL one the last couple of days here in Mission, TX! 43 deg when we got up yesterday and it's 40 this morning. In Northern Texas, it is 28 deg and in Rapid City, SD, it is 12. So I doubt I will get much sympathy from anyone up North. But this is down South and that's COLD for us. The humidity is high here and the cold seems to really penetrate. We nearly froze when we started our walk yesterday and it will be worse today. Monday it warmed up to 70 and was nice... yesterday it barely made it to 67 and it wasn't up there for long....

Oh well, I said I wouldn't complain as long as I didn't have to SCOOP anything!!!! No worry about that,,,,,,,I hope!!!! :-) I see it's -40 to -50 way up North,,,,,,,that's BELOW,,,,,,and SNOW!!!! They do have to SCOOP!
Meanwhile, I'll take what we have and SMILE!!!!
Now I want to introduce you to my new friend. Most of you know I get up around 4am each morning. Many ask, WHY?? My answer is quite simple... because I like to! When the weather is good, I take my coffee outside and check things out. Mainly just enjoy the peace and quiet, I love the early hours.
Shortly after we arrived here at Retama Village in the Rio Grande Valley, I was outside early one morning and suddenly had a visitor. A little gray and white kitty showed up. She wasn't very friendly and I couldn't get close to her. I talked to her and tried to get her to come closer, but she wouldn't. She stayed her distance, then disappeared into the darkness to the house behind us.
This happened each morning and every time she would come a little closer, but still wouldn't let me pet her. I hadn't said anything to Ms Pat about my new acquaintance until one morning I went inside and ask if we had any milk. What in the WORLD for??????, Ms Pat asked. At first she said NO!! "We aren't feeding any strange CAT". Ahhh, come on I pleaded,,,,, "pretty pleeease",,, she's not a strange Cat...she has been visiting me every morning for over a week and I think she is hungry!!! A little more pleading and she gave me a small bowl of Milk...........(-:
The little Kitty wouldn't drink it at first, so I just set it down and watched her from inside. She would go and drink it and BE GONE.
Thus, began our Friendship, which has turned into quite a Friendship.
Soon she became friendlier and friendlier and it wasn't long until she would rub my ankles with her body and let me pet her and Finally, even HOLD her !! She started appearing during the day at times, but always disappears quickly back behind us somewhere under a storage shed. She never had any type of a collar or identification. Now her visits are a daily thing and sometimes several times a day. In fact, she is beginning to make herself right at home on the back of my truck.....
Ms Pat was very reluctant at first,,,but she was soon "won over" by the Cat's friendliness.... She still says "NO, we can't have a cat"! "They shed too much"... Here are of few pictures of my new Friend....

She enjoys laying on the back of the truck and snoozing in the warm Sunshine... Is she comfortable or not?????
Thus is my New Friend, an interesting Friendship. The only Cats I have been around since I was a small boy were at late son Scott's house. He and Ann LOVE cats. They each had their own when they met. Scott's cat was named Megabyte,,,,,we called her Mega. Scott had Mega for 19 years, through "thick and thin", the friendship they had was priceless. Interestingly enough was the fact that his Mega was on his lap constantly, especially during his 9 month battle with Cancer. I especially noted the relationship they had during that time. She would not leave his side(lap). It was as if she KNEW the battle and pain he was going through.......
Just as interesting is the fact that Mega died just a few weeks after Scott passed away. I think about that a lot.. I bet they are together..
So I named this young loving little kitty, Megabyte2. I shouldn't get so attached to her, because I realize that I can't take her with us,,,,no way. Pat and I agreed a long time ago that there wouldn't be any pets while we were traveling. Someday, if we ever have to be stationary again, we can have a pet,,,,,,But, let me tell you,,,,it's gonna be hard to leave little Ms Megabyte2.
However, every time we leave an area there are many things and people that are HARD to leave. But it's part of this lifestyle that we love so much, and yes, I know that lots of folks travel in an RV with pets. But we have about all the responsibilities we can handle. We'll have a pet someday, just not now. Just so you know, we aren't leaving her without someone to take care of her. The shed she stays under is in our neighbor's back yard. They also feed her and another Tom cat that hangs around. So she'll be fine. I'll miss her but maybe she'll be here to greet me when we come back next Fall.
Time to go for the Walk!!!
See ya all SUNDAY...........
Its a GREAT WEEK!!!!!
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Jerry and Suzy said...

Megabyte2 is a good looking kitty!

That was a touching story about Scott's cat.

Suzy's Mom had an old Maine Coon during the last 4 years before we retired. He was HUGE, very loving, and stayed in her lap for hours. Sadly, "SamCat" got very ill and had to be helped to a final rest. He was 15 years old when we got him, and Suzy's Mom joked about them being "two old cats together."

Bruce said...

Hi Mike: That is quite the story and I'm glad that Mega 2 will be cared for when you leave. I had cats when I was young but then found out I am highly alergic to them. If we could we would have a cat along with our three doggies. Maybe one day when you can have a pet you will adopt a German Shepherd dog as they are just the very best of companions. Bruce

Carol said...

The first time I read this, the whole thing hadn't downloaded---but I didn't know it. Mega2 is a beauty and Mega1 was certainly a special kitty. Thanks for sharing that about Scot's kitty.....all good dogs/cats/pets go to Heaven, I do believe! When our Ben died, we said NO MORE DOGS...after our Gypsy goes on. So now what? We have THREE, including Gypsy! God smiles on us, I am sure. :)+

Anonymous said...

That is a cute kitten.

We don't have pets because taking care of the cats got to be such a hassle when we would travel back before we had an RV. We never took them with us so someone would have to feed and water them for us. Once they were gone, there was never any consideration about getting more pets because we were planning on doing some extended traveling once I retired and, like y'all, we don't want the added responsibility.

Except for a brief time, we've never had inside pets, so having a pet and taking it with us would be a tremendous adjustment. That being said, I can appreciate the attachment that many folks have for their critters.

Mike Goad
Haw Creek Out 'n About

Unknown said...

Megabyte2 is a beautiful kitty.
We have two cats with us plus the dog. So we have a full house.
Thanks for sharing her picture and her story, she's an angel kitty:)