Sunday, June 14, 2009

Finally,,,,we went Fishin!!!!

Dad Gum,,,we have only lived in the Black Hills for 14 Summers now, and this is the COOLEST spring we have seen.............Plus, it's been rainy and dreary for days on end!!! Yesterday when we got up it was 34 deg.....burrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.... Now I like cool weather, better than HOT, but this every day of fog and rain has me with cabin fever....This morning it is 46*.... now that's much better! But it rained hard most of the night. The drought has "shore nuff" ended!

Watching the weather closely, it looked as though FRIDAY might be a break. I told Ms Pat "we're goin fishing". She never turns down a fishing trip. So we got up,at the usual time (you know what that is:-) and we were FOGGED IN......OH NO!!! not again! Shucks!

But I could tell as the sky began to lighten up in the East, that the sun was gonna shine! I told Pat. "Let's get ready, this will burn off in a couple hours". So we got all hooked up, lunches packed and we were READY TO GO!! We were outta here by 0700 and on the lake by 0815. It looked like a good day.

When we go Fishing at our favorite lake at Angostura Recreation Area, we have to go right through Wind Cave National Park. They have a herd of a couple hundred Buffalo. This morning they were right on the highway (US385). I just had to stop and take a quick picture to show you..... We usually see Deer, Antelope, Coyotes, Prairie Dogs and sometimes even a heard of ELK on our way to the lake...

We had a GREAT morning Fishing, the weather was beautiful. We quickly caught 5 fish,,,,,but as of June 1ST all Walleye have to be 15" instead of 14". WOW, the BIG ones took the day off!! We had to release everything we caught. By noon the heavy clouds were building in the Northwest......I was watching it closely, nobody else was catching anything.....So we decided we better call it a day. We were home by 3pm. GREAT DAY, but NO FISH. No big deal, like they say there is NO BAD fishing day!....... besides we didn't have to CLEAN fish!!!!! Incidentally, it did rain on us on the way home....

OK, I have had lots of requests and I'm sorry I have been neglecting posting any pictures of MEGABYTE2.........But she is doing well,,,,,,,and has been entertaining Ms Pat and I like you can't believe.... Here are some recent pictures.

She says "Is dinner ready, I'm hungry"!

She still LOVES to watch the "BOIDS".......We don't have as many "boids" here as we did in AZ. But when we say "BOIDS" and look at her, she immediately looks to the back window and her bird feeder. Then she sneaks up on them......

She can't wait each morning for us to get "HER" bed made up.....Sometimes she helps!!! Sleeping is one of her favorite pastimes. She is the QUEEN!!!!

Now isn't she just about the most beautiful Kitty you ever saw?

Here is Ms Megabyte2 in Texas the day after Christmas last year, just a few weeks after she and I met. We made friends quite quickly,,,but it took Ms Pat a while to see how much she meant to me.

However, we still decided that we wouldn't take her with us. Now, she and I kept becoming more and more acquainted and getting to know each other.... I could tell it was a "Special" friendship. I couldn't quite understand it. This had never happened to me before......she and I spent a lot of time together. Ms Pat still wasn't quite sure. She wouldn't let me take her into our Coach House and definitely in NO WAY into the TETON!!! She had been living under an old shed out behind our lot and each morning I would go outside about 4:30am and look for her. Sure enough there she would be, appearing out of the darkness. We were always so happy to see each other.

In a few weeks we would be leaving and I stated to Ms Pat that I didn't know if I could leave her and that I would worry about her. But I agreed, that we best not take her. We had never had a pet with us before in the 14 years we had been full timing. We didn't even have a pet before we retired and sold the house and hit the road....

Then,,,,,,Ms Pat started melting,,,,,she too started becoming friends with Ms Mega2. She is such a friendly Kitty. Soon it was OK to let her in the Coach house!!! Even on the Sofa. WOW, WHAT!!! :-) One day,, just for the fun of it I said, "Can Ms Mega2 come in the Teton? Oh, OK, but not for long", was the answer. Much to my surprise, I was shocked!

It was getting close to the day we were leaving, heading to our place in Arizona. Friends were saying "You can't leave her"! But we still thought we would. We were madly getting ready to go. The last 2 days Ms Mega2 must have sensed something was up, because she spent an awful lot of time at our place and most of it was perched right on our front step. Ms Pat said, "She knows we are going to leave". I said "Yes, she must, it's gonna be hard". I couldn't sleep, thinking about how she would be there all alone. Would she miss me? I was sure gonna miss her.

It was about one day before we were to leave and Kathy Detweiler sent me an email and it stated "You can't leave Ms Megabyte2, she is an ANGEL KITTY". WOW, Kathy you will never know how that email struck home......., it buckled me. I told Ms Pat what Kathy had said...that she WAS an ANGEL KITTY. I told her that our son had sent us the Kitty. He had a cat named Megabyte that was with him for 19 years and had died just 3 weeks after he passed away. Megabyte was a special cat to him. For 19 years, they were very close....Hummm, heavy stuff. So, Pat and I made the decision that evening before we left that Megabyte2 was now part of the family and she was going!!!!

That was almost 6 months ago.......Both Ms Mega2 and we have made a lot of adjustments. Most of you know of all her problems and how traumatic it was for us all. Her being an expectant mother really complicated things. But we survived and so did Ms Megabyte2. She is a happy Kitty now and I would like to personally and publicly thank Kathy Detweiler for her email. It was an email from Heaven!..... This little Kitty has given us more joy and pleasure in the last 6 months than I can ever tell you about....Who would have ever thought?? She is the joy of our hearts and neither of us have ever been sorry we made the decision...... God works in strange ways and further confirms my Faith.

God Bless you all................

It was a GREAT WEEK!!!!!


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Paul Weaver said...

Hi Mike & Pat

WOW! what a wonderful story this morning. I really enjoyed the "retelling" of the Mygebyte story! I again forwarded it to many of my friends. My wife and I really enjoy your blog....I look forward to reading it every Sunday and Wednesday. Keep it up!


Carol said...

Love you guys.............

Rick said...

Thanks for posting such a beautiful story about your pet, Mega2 - she is one lucky kitty to have you and Pat to look after her. I hope she brings you many more years of enjoyment.

Unknown said...

Aww Mike you made me cry this morning. Shame on you!
I'm so glad you and your angel kitty found each other. God is so good to us.

All Because Two People Fell In Love said...

Hi Mike & Pat,

Enjoyed the story and we agree with you, God works in ways that we will never understand, but I'm glad he does.

Enjoy the summer,

Rollie & Gina

Nick Russell said...

I'm not a cat person at all, but even I liked Ms Megabyte when we met her in Texas and Pat was still saying "No way." I do believe she is your Angel Kitty

Jerry and Suzy said...

Sorry we are late again, but we also did enjoy hearing the Mega2 story told in one episode! We have always known that God watches over us, and especially since we hit the road nearly 7 years ago. Finding our new home this year was just one instance of that.

Thanks again for sharing your life, on wheels, on land, and on water!

LakeConroePenny,TX said...

When I read the story of how you met Miss Mega2 (
on the blog:
I just couldn't understand how you could leave her behind.
I had to search your blog for more news of her.
I am so happy for you, and her, that you have your Angel Kitty traveling with you now.
Happy Trails, Penny, TX