Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Suzuki FOR SALE,,,,

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Suzuki Marauder

My 1998 Suzuki Marauder 800 Motorcycle is still for sale. I haven't really been trying to sell it, but now I'm motivated... I see a HARLEY in my future.....A Heritage Soft Tail Police Officers Special Edition. It is a BEAUTY and like NEW!!! Owned by my best friend and buddy Roger Haddix. Roger told me he had it sold and I almost cried..... He called the other day and said "the guy backed out for some financial reason"..... I jumped with JOY!!! Praise the LORD! I procrastinated on it first time around and I won't do it again. I don't know how I will pick it up as it's in Florida, or if it will fit on my Truck without modifying my Rampage. But where there is a will, there is a way,,,right? RIGHT!!! We'll MAKE it work!!!

So, if somebody wants a nice LIKE NEW (only 3500 miles) Suzuki Marauder, I'll make you a deal....It is a "jewel",,,,,,I just put a new battery and new front Dunlap tire on it.....It runs Strong, Loud and FAST!!! I have had several people ask me what kind of a Harley it is.

Give me a call or email,,,,,,,I've got to sell it, sure can't use 2 bikes...Ms Pat says she is NOT interested in having her own bike, so it's GOTTA GO. $2500.00, or make me an offer.

Wanna see a picture of the Harley,,,,,,OK..... hang on a minute I'll get one

Here it is,,,,,,,Click on the picture to enlarge it and take a close look......It's a BEAUTY!!!! I sure wish it was up here in the Hills right now! I can't wait to get back in the Harley corner. I have been sorry ever since I sold my Wide Glide and my Hugger when we went full timing. I have had dozens of Bikes and I enjoyed the Harleys most. A Harley will "spark" a whole new interest in my life and in Motorcycling......Can you tell I'm excited?

Well, friends that's about it for this Wednesday. If we aren't traveling, building something, remodeling something or repairing something, it limits what I have to talk about. The STORMS are starting to move in here in the Black Hills, so I hope I don't have something exciting to tell you about them!! We had a "smidgen" of HAIL the other day and my heart quickly jumped up into my throat!!!

Our GREAT friends Jim and Ellie Meacham went by our place yesterday in their beautiful Phaeton,,,and tooted there air horn. They were headed south to the Broken Arrow Campground. Yesterday they stopped by for a visit and brought us some of Jim's homemade "Salsa". It was great to see them. We already have a BIG cookout scheduled for Friday and we're planning a few "Geocaching" trips in this area.

PressurePro Tip of the week...... What causes erratic pressure readings ; i.e., pressure reads higher than the actual tire pressure, then bleeds down to a pressure lower than the actual tire pressure?

This can be caused by a "weak or worn" dill valve. When the dill valve is depressed by the Sensor, a small amount of air could release into the area between the Sensor insert and the dill valve while not depressing the dill valve far enough to keep the air passage from the tire open continuously.If the dill valve closes off air from inside the tire, then the air caught in the above-described area can be compressed to high pressures (i.e., 150 PSI). It would then stabilize at a pressure lower than the actual tire pressure (i.e., 20 PSI). If the dill valve has closed off air from the tire, then the Sensor cannot read the air pressure inside the tire. A possible solution is to replace the dill valve. Tires and valve stems should be carefully inspected prior to installation of the PP system to ensure that they are in good condition. Defective valve stems and Dill valves must be replaced.

It is a GREAT WEEK!!!!!

God Bless you all!!

Remember to tell your kids you love them,,,they may not be around forever....


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Rick said...

Nice bike, Mike. I can see you climbing on that baby and driving over to Sturgis this summer!

Jerry and Suzy said...

We are sure you'll sell that Suzuki quickly, but not to us. We have our own Suzuki, a four-wheel XL-7 that we tow behind Rocinante, our motorhome. And the XL-7 hauls Big Red, Suzy's get-around scooter. No room for a motorcycle, but if you happen to come across a Segway for sale .....

Carol said...

nice. wish we could have the other one but sure can't use it here. Sasha's hubby bought her a small bike (he has a Harley---and a teacup Yorkie named the same) and she wouldn't ride it so he sold it. Me? I woulda!!! :)+

Unknown said...

I want it Mike, Phil said if you didn't sell it by the time you came back to Retama he would buy it. So I want you to sell it for you, but I don't want you to seel it so we can buy it! LOL

Roger said...

Mike, you crafty guy!! You know I really wanted you to have my, it is yours!!

We will finalize the deal later but in the meantime, I will care for it well!!!

If I have to, I will ride it to Wichita!!!


Roger (aka, JRoger)