Sunday, June 28, 2009

We're back home!!!

That was a quick, long trip. 800 miles in 2 days....Whew!!!! I'm sorry we took off and left you all in suspense Wednesday morning. Here's what happened. I have been looking around the area for a 2-wheel Cargo Trailer. I always have something to haul and needed something to haul it with. Plus, we were also looking for a good Polaris 4x4 ATV....

Much to my surprise as I was doing my usual check of the "For Sale" ads, I ran across a guy that happened to have a nice cargo trailer and a Polaris 4x4. In talking to him on the phone, he sounded like a reputable person and the pictures of both units looked good. Only problem was, they were completely across the state near Sioux Falls. I wouldn't have driven that far to check on just one, but for both we decided to do it.

We took off shortly after 5am Wednesday morning. It was a nice day and the weather was 2pm our time we pulled into Chuck Miller's place in Brandon, SD. We looked at both units and they were just what we wanted, so we did a little bargaining and made a deal!! We hooked up the trailer, loaded up the Polaris and headed back West... made it about 80 miles to Mitchell, SD, where we stopped at the R&R RV park. By then it was HOT & HUMID!!! Clouds started gathering and a storm was brewing. There came a "knock" at the door and we were advised a Tornado was spotted North of Town. We could come into the office bldg if we wanted but we were both so tired, we just crashed. The storm stayed North of town...that was good! You know some times you are just too tired to worry....ever been there?

After a nice evening of rest, we came on home Thursday. It was GREAT to be HOME.... even Megabyte2 was HAPPY to be back.

Anyhow, here is what we bought:
This is Chuck Miller and behind him is the 6x12 Cargo trailer.
(click on all pictures to enlarge)

Here we are parked at a Rest Area headed for home. The Cargo Trailer pulls Great!

This little pop-up Camper comes in handy,,,,,Pat is making some lunch..

We were so busy, we didn't get any pictures of the Polaris until we got it home. Here it is in the Shop right after we unloaded it....out of the trailer. It is a Sportsman 500.

Trailer is finished off inside including a Line-X finish on the floor and several tie downs.

Yesterday we took the Polaris out for a short spin across the road on some National Forest land. Here is a picture of Ms Pat taking her try at it. The Polaris runs out good and we are happy with both units....More toys!!! We are filling up that new Pole Garage! :-)

We have so much to be Thankful for !!!! Praise the Lord!!

Today we are looking forward to our Great Friends Tom and Sally Gierisch arriving and spending a few days with us.. They have just had their Teton 5Th wheel painted with a FULL BODY paint job! We are anxious to see it. I'll get a picture of it and show you how it looks Wednesday.

God Bless you all...

Happy Birthday Scooter!!!!

It was a GREAT WEEK!!!!!!


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Carol said...

We have been waiting with bated breath to find out just what you were looking at! Nice ride---and nice ride puller. You guys are so much fun! :)+

Jerry and Suzy said...

The trailer and the Polaris both look to be in good condition! I'll bet you bargained until you both were satisfied.

Miss Pat has either grown taller since we last saw her, or you didn't pop up your pop-up camper.

And we recognize that shirt!

Have a great week, it's fun to be with you.

Rick said...

Great looking trailer and Polaris - wow, they look like new. Congrats! I remember Mitchell, SD well - the famous "Corn Palace". It was the hottest place we've ever stayed in. We spent 2 nights at the KOA in Mitchell in '07 and the temps were in the 110F range - with a hot wind! Luckily, no tornadoes though. Have fun with the ATV and drive safely.

Dennis M said...

We will be interested in what Tom & Sally have to say about the full body paint. That is something we are seriously considering for our Newmar fifth wheel.

Anonymous said...

OK, looks like fun! I know triple towing can be risky in some states, but, I think you will really raise eyebrows with quadriple towing!!

Doug F.