Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Last Sunday after Church, I asked Pat to take a close up shoulder picture of me. She took this picture and ask me "What did you want that for"? "Nothing", I replied.

This is Funny!!! Last Thursday I got a Haircut. At the same time I decided, for a "change", to cut my beard off. I didn't say anything. I thought I'd see how long it would take Pat and others to notice it.....LOL!!

Can you believe it??? I saw and talked with lots of friends, lived and "slept" with Ms Pat for 3 days and NOBODY said a word. At Church, I talked to a lot of friends, the Pastor, his wife and others......Nothing! Nobody said a word!!!! Hmmmmmm.

So when we got home from Church, I ask Pat to take this Photo. The NEXT day, Monday, I finally asked Pat if she took a close look at my face lately and she stated "Well yes, why"? I asked her if she didn't notice anything different. Then she said "OH MY GOSH, you shaved your beard off"!! She couldn't believe I did it a few days ago!! She didn't even notice when she took the picture!!!LOL,,,,So you see, it doesn't matter what you look like. Nobody notices anyhow! :-)

NOBODY has seen me without my "chin" whiskers for years and years.... It's been over 10 years since Ms Pat saw me without a beard .... I have had the mustache since 1968. It covers a prominent scar caused by a Brahma bull's horn....

Anyhow, I thought that was kinda funny,,,,,How observant are you? I will say that you won't see me long without it,,,,I don't even recognize myself in the mirror and Ms Pat says to PLEASE put it back on !!!! So, it's growing out!!!ASAP!

Goodbye Marauder, it's been nice knowing ya!
Tomorrow the truck will be picking up the Suzuki Marauder and taking it back home.....I took this picture yesterday as it is sitting all ready and waiting for the trip back East to MD. Isn't it strange that my friend and neighbor at Retama in Mission, TX., David Czetli, brought this little Jewel to me all the way to Texas from his home in MD. Now, the new owner is from MD!!!! Small world. The proud new owner is Melissa Schwink of Grasonville, MD. Melissa is the daughter of "Froggi" Donna's husband, Stu McNicol. I believe it is her first bike. I sure hope she enjoys it.........I know she is excited.

By the way have you seen Froggi and Stu's new Harley Trike? Now it is NICE!! Check it out: 2takinga5th

Ride with care Melissa, it's a HOT little bike!!!

PressurePro Tip of the week:
Why doesn’t my Monitor turn on? Make sure the lighter receptacle has power. Some vehicles only have power when the vehicle is running. Check to make sure the power cord is plugged in securely to the lighter receptacle and the USB plug on the Monitor. If the cigarette receptacle is always "hot", be sure all connections are secure. A red LED light on the plug is lit when cord is powered. Check fuse located in the lighter plug-in end of the cord by unscrewing the black ring (at the silver tip) of the plug. Replace only with a 2 Amp fast-blow fuse. Check the vehicle fuse controlling the power source.

NOTE* Actually we prefer "hard Wiring" these monitors direct if you can. It's just a more stable and dependable power source. We have the hardwire cords just for that purpose.

It is a GREAT WEEK!!!!!

Travel Safe!!!


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Carol said...

Is that you there, Mike?? I sure did notice it, right off. Yup, you are a good looking guy but I like the beard too!

That is funny that folks didn't notice. A person that I am on FB with that I have met once while in Florida said that she wore her clothes inside out one day just to see if her hubby would notice---he didn't. She was NOT happy about that!

Know you are looking forward to that new bike being delivered!!! :)+

Unknown said...

Mike you are a handsome fellow with or without the facial hair! You are right though. We worry so much about our looks and probably people don't notice us that much anyway!

Jerry and Suzy said...

Mike, I gotta say that, as soon as I saw the picture, I knew right away -- as soon as I read "How observant are you." Not bragging. I just happen to have the kind of brain that stores things, usually odd and useless things. They pop up at unexpected times.

Not to imply that you or your missing beard are odd or useless.

I'd better quit while I'm behind. As Nick says, when you find yourself in a hole, stop digging!

But we agree with Ms. Pat - grow it back!

Rick said...

That is funny about your beard. I've had a beard since 1975 and I've often wondered what it would look, and feel like, if I was to shave it off. But, I'm chicken! But, if no one is going to notice? Kind of makes you wonder though about "eye witness" descriptions, doesn't it?

Nick Russell said...

Mike, you’d be a handsome gentleman, beard or no beard! I had worn a beard since I got out of the Army, and when my son was 10 I decided to shave it off. I was a single dad at the time, and he was asleep. About the time I got done, Travis came into the bathroom, saw me, screamed “Daddy, there’s some guy in the house!” and ran and hid in his closet. I tried to coax him out, but that only scared him more. Finally got him calmed down, but he was really traumatized. I started growing it back the next day.

Enjoy your new bike, ride safe.

Joy and Phil said...

Well Mike, I guess I'm one of the strange ones who noticed immediately that you had shaved your beard. Phil says I should have been a cop ... Ha!

You look good either way! No beard is sure a lot more work though unless you have an electric razor.

Hugs, Joy