Sunday, July 26, 2009

We went to HEAVEN !!! Right here in Custer County.

On Thursday we decided to take a ride out in the National Forest on our 4-wheelers with our good friends Jim and Donnalyn Vickers. So we rode down to Broken Arrow Campground where they are staying and met up with them and headed out for a place nicknamed "Heaven". Soon after traversing some rough and narrow trails through the woods we found ourselves in HEAVEN!!

Here is Pat, Jim and Donnalyn in "Heaven"

The view to the North...........

and looking to the Northwest......from "Heaven". See that rock pillar way back off in the center of the picture? That's "Beecher Pillar". A couple of weeks or so ago, Ellie Meachem, Pat and I hiked that peak and searched and searched around the base of it looking for a "Cache". Never did find the darn thing. )-: We were within 15 feet of it according to Ellie's GPS. We looked high and low...nothing!! One day I'm going back there and give it another shot. I don't like to get skunked!!!LOL

Our new (to us) Polaris Sportsman 500 has been performing like a champ so far and we really enjoy it. Hard to beat these POLARIS's!! I'm impressed with them...
Friday was the beginning of the annual Gold Discovery Days in Custer. We went up town and walked around all the Craft booths set up in Way Park. Some NEAT stuff!! Saturday morning about 6am as I looked out the front door, I spotted the annual balloon lift off,,,,,beautiful view on a beautiful morning. It just doesn't get any better! The high temp for the day was 69deg...:-)
To top off an already perfect week, Pat decided to host a Pot Luck at our place Saturday evening. Jim and Donnalyn Vickers staying in Broken Arrow Campground and David and Sue McCarron from Custer Gulch Campground joined us in some good ole fun, food and fellowship. We are certainly enjoying this big shop in more ways than one!

This morning our Church is joining in with the Gold Discovery Days Celebration and having an outside under the Tent service with Pancakes and Sausage served afterwards... So I gotta run!!!

Hope you're all having fun and staying as busy as we are......

It was a GREAT WEEK!!!

Travel Safe..


PS. JRoger called and advised us that the Harley was loaded up in Florida yesterday and is headed this way!!!!!!! Soon after he called, the Driver called me and let me know he was heading this way but that he was headed North to Virgina to pick up 15 more Bikes, including a couple of Trikes. He should be here Friday.

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Jerry and Suzy said...

Heaven looks heavenly! Getting togther with friends is fun, and doing the same within the church program is special!

You have had a good week! And so have we. We'll blog about it soon.

Rick said...

Thanks for another great tour and pics of Custer country! Heavenly does look like another place I'll have to check out on our next visit to S.D.

Carol said...

You sure do stay busy too! Heaven looks wonderful and know that you are enjoying ATV'ing wherever you are! YAY for the bike being on it's way to you. I know you are looking forward to running around on it. :)+