Wednesday, July 8, 2009

WHAT,,,another Lottery winner in South Dakota!!!!!!......

I can't believe it,,,,,,,another lottery winner in SD. This one was only for a "mere" $200,000. and was in Rapid City. This gentleman only picked 5 of the 6 numbers and didn't get the Powerball number. This makes "5" $200,000 Powerball winners in SD this year! Guess we better start buying a ticket! Here is the newspaper article: Rapid City Journal

Most Rv'ers are quite power conscious and like to monitor the power coming into their RV at all times. We and several of our friends use the Progressive Power Management System. I love it and it tells me what the Voltage is and also tells me the Amps being used on each leg. I have two monitors with my Power Manager, one upstairs and another in the basement.. It's a super set up and if you don't have one, you really should. Ours is built right into the RV. I don't have to plug it in at the post. I prefer you don't have to be outside by the power post to know what your power is doing....but others have other ideas, and use the post mount.

Another handy gadget that I have had for quite a while is the "Kill-A-Watt". Many of you know what it is; if you don't, you might want to look into one. It will monitor your power at each outlet inside your Coach. Plus, it does a lot more!! I go more by the amps that something uses than I do by watts. The Kill-A-Watt will give you the Amps used by any appliance that is plugged into it, plus more. If you want to see how many Amps your little heater uses (or anything else) just plug it into the Kill-A-Watt. Neat gadget!! It's all part of our POWER MANAGEMENT. Check it out here: Super Media Store I have bought a lot of "Gadgets" from this outfit. They are trustworthy and give good service.

We have been having some kind of BEAUTIFUL weather here in the Black Hills of South Dakota the last few days.....lows of 48* and highs in the mid to upper 70's*, clear skies and a gentle breeze.......You can't beat that !!!

Sturgis Bike week will be in full force in just over 3 weeks AND my Harley Heritage Softail should be showing up in EXACTLY 3 weeks!!!! Hallelujah!!!! Lots of Bikers come a week early and many stay a week late, so it will soon be wall-to-wall Motorcycles.....all types, brands and sizes! We probably won't do a lot of riding until it clears out a little.

PressurePro Tip of the week.

PressurePro will soon be coming out with a MOTORCYCLE Tire Pressure Monitoring System. They are sending me one of the Beta systems to test. Stay tuned for the results and to see the final product. Rest assured, PressurePro WILL NOT put it out on the street until it has been "tested and re-tested".

DID YOU KNOW: If you purchased a PressurePro System within the last 2 years, your system will have the HIGH pressure Alert. That means if your tires get hot from some unknown reason, such as dragging brakes, bad wheel bearing, etc. the PP System will give you a "HIGH" pressure alert. Check your manual to see if you have this feature. They come with the high pressure alert set so it will alarm when the pressure gets up to 24% above the initial pressure set at installation. The manual instructs you how to change that setting to your own personal preference (10%, 15%, 19%, 24%, 28%, 33%, 40%, and 45%), or leave it at 24%... I leave mine at the factory setting of 24% and I've never had it alarm. However, we have had a few customers that have !!!!

It's a GREAT WEEK!!!!!!

Goodbye Jim and Ellie.............Travel Safe!!!


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Rick said...

Hey, Mike - thanks for the tips on those electrical gadgets. I like the sounds of that Kill-a-Watt thingie. I'm going to check that one out. I remember well the Sturgis bike rally too - we were in the area in 2007 and, boy, I've never, ever seen so many bikes in my life.

Jerry and Suzy said...

Looks like we'd ALL better buy lottery tickets in South Dakota!

Your weather is a little different from ours. We're running over 100 degrees in Tucson, pretty close to that here in Benson. Yesterday was our second huge downpour at the park. The street in front of our trailer was side-to-side river. Ah, summer in Arizona! But that's what gives us the beautiful greenery all year long. Green cactus, green palo verde, green mesquite.

Carol said...

our son-in-law, Rick, isn't much of a "biker" but he likes to take his Harley over to Daytona Beach when they all are there.

your weather sounds like ours---perfect. wish we could have it like this year 'round but bet we would get tired of it, huh???

hugs to ya both! :)+