Sunday, November 1, 2009

Did You Remember??? Time Change......

I hope everyone remembered to set their clocks back an HOUR before they went to bed last night. If not, you're one hour early this morning wherever you are, EXCEPT Arizona. I don't know if there are other states that don't change time or not, but I do know Arizona doesn't. Personally, I don't care one way or another, but if I did have my rathers, I wouldn't have it change. About all it does for us old folks is keep us confused. I don't know about most but this "Old Folk" is confused enough without having to change my time. It's bad enough when we are traveling and crossing all those different zones. But who cares what time it is,,,right??? I say it's "Happy Hour" somewhere!!!

We had some excitement in the Park Friday afternoon. Pat and I were returning from mailing out a PressurePro System and as we drove by our friends Greg and Bonnie's place, we noticed Bonnie was lying on her back in the grass and Greg was standing over her. I waved and Greg waved back...but right away I thought, "wait a minute"...somethings not right here. Bonnie's not getting up. I stopped, backed up and Ms Pat ran over to where Bonnie was lying. She had FALLEN off the ladder while cleaning their 5TH wheel. She couldn't move her left leg and was in extreme pain when she tried to move. Greg had already called 911 and the ambulance soon arrived. We helped load Bonnie into the Emergency Vehicle on a Back Board. The move about killed her.  That kind of pain usually means a broken bone.

Sure enough, she has a fractured left "femur" just below the hip. She's in the hospital and is in traction.  It will be Monday before she can have surgery.  We're not sure what the surgery will entail but it sounds like she has a good Orthopedic Surgeon taking care of her.   I please ask everyone to put Bonnie on your prayer list and pray for her to make a speedy recovery and that the Surgery goes well. Bonnie and Greg, you are both in our thoughts and prayers. Like we told you, if there is anything we can do to help in any way, please let us know.

I think we will take another Bike ride on the Harley this morning as soon as it gets daylight. Not sure where we will go....maybe North. That's about the only way we haven't been......we sure can't go too much further South.  :-)  Oh, what I wouldn't give for some nice hills and pretty forests to ride in.  That's not gonna happen, not around here, that's for sure.  But we are thankful we are healthy and are able to ride wherever we are.

I did get my camera back from Nikon. They sure took care of that fast and I'm glad to have it back.  Now if I can just get busy and find something interesting enough to take a picture of.  I'm not a good reporter.  I always think about taking a picture after the fact...duh!

It sure cooled off here the last couple of days.  Yesterday it was 48 deg when we got up....this morning it's 51. Now that's warmer than we had it all summer in the Hills, but we almost FROZE to death yesterday. We had on jackets, gloves, the whole works.  After almost 100 deg then it drops to 48...well, that's a shock to the ole' system. Our 4 mile walk yesterday morning was FAST, as we were walking extra briskly. We did it in just 60 minutes on the dot! We were movin'!

For some unknown reason, the Blogger editor menu in the bar up top has no way to publish pictures today. I don't know what happened to it, it's just GONE!!  Sorry, but no pictures this week. Maybe they will get it fixed soon.

Meanwhile, I'm gonna look at the map and find a place to ride this morning.

Congratulations to both the Nebraska Cornhuskers and the Florida State Seminoles for winning their football games yesterday. We couldn't find either of them on TV, so we didn't get to watch.

Thanks for stopping by and we hope you had more Treats than Tricks on Halloween! Remember when everyone used to have to set their OUTHOUSES back up after Halloween? I doubt many of you go back that far?? But some of us do!

It was a GREAT WEEK!!!

Edit***PS. I forgot to tell you,,,,,Tomorrow (Nov 2) is Ms Pat's BIRTHDAY, Give her a shout!!! (shhhhhhh) hope she don't read this.....:-)


Loving life down here in Mission, TX.

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Jerry and Suzy said...

Mike, you got the fast weather change we had a few days back. It was our usual balmy fall, then WHAM, 27 degrees two mornings in a row! Back to balmy now.

Happy birthday to Pat tomorrow!

Don't know about Blogger. We've been building our once in a while blogs on Windows Live Writer, then publishing through Blogger. Much much much easier, once you learn a couple of the tricks.

We're praying for Bonnie. And for you two wild bikers too!

Rick said...

Happy Birthday to Pat!! Sure hope your neighbor is o.k., that broken leg sure sounds awful. As for the pictures, Blogger has a new editor now, so you might want to try it and see if it works. If you are already using the new version, you could try reverting back to the original to see if it fixes your problem. To change editors, just click on Dashboard, Settings, Basic and scroll down to "Select Post Editor" and pick the one you want to use. You can always switch back and forth to. Have a nice bike ride!!

squawmama said...

Good Morning Mike... First I want to say I sure hope Bonnie is going to be ok... My prayers & thoughts are with her... Sounds like other then that all is going great for you... Enjoy your bike ride today and keep safe! And I have to add "GO NOLES"... they are my team no matter what... Have a super day and I will come by tomorrow...

Have Fun & Travel Safe

Roadrunner Chronicles said...

Happy Birthday Pat!

Sorry to hear about your friend. We'll be praying for her and her family during her recovery.

Randy & Pam

Ron and Thelma said...

Mike Where did you get your nikon 5000. I have a D50 but am looking at getting a 5000. Like the video part Have you used that yet.

Happy birthdya to Ms Pat

Sharon said...

Hi Mike and Pat,

Just came across your blog and realized we have a lot in common. My deepest sympathy on the loss of your son Scott. My first husband passed away from the same disease. He didn't make it to the transplant phase and his fight lasted only three months after being diagnosed.

My second husband Don and I are full time RVers and we had a big Sterling to tow our fifth-wheel when we started out. He has been a professional driver for most of his life and really loved to way the Sterling handled our trailer.

I couldn't drive it though so we've sold it and have a dodge now.

It was nice to read your blog. We just left Texas two months ago and are in Arizona now. Not sure where we're headed next though.

Take care.