Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Our longest ride yet... To Falcon State Park.

Last Sunday morning I told you we were going to head West on the Harley Softail this week and see what we could find. We were all "Leathered-up" and headed out about 8am. It was truly a beautiful day.

We went 65 miles West on Hwy 83 and came to Falcon State Park, situated right on Falcon Dam and Reservoir. It's a big lake and dam of the Rio Grande river.   We even found a small "Hill" or two along the way. They weren't big hills, but they were quite noticeable after all this "Flat" country around us here in Mission.

Falcon State Park was the poorest example of a State Park that I have ever been in. We paid the $1 per person fee at the gate and rode on into the park.  We stopped at a picnic table down by the beach area for our usual 10 am fruit snack. We sure weren't impressed cause the place was not much. We continued on around the circular road, through the Boat Ramp area and into the RV Campground. There were a lot of weekend campers there, but there were also quite a few that looked as if they were long-termers. Some of the spots had electricity, but not a place we would be interested in staying even for just a night.

I planned on taking a few pictures of the area, but my good Camera, the new Nikon D5000, had a recall. Some minor programing thing that Nikon wanted to fix in order to avoid a problem later. It worked fine and I hated to give it up but I bit the bullet and sent it in last Friday. Nikon sent a 2-day Air shipping label and promised to have it back ASAP.

Meanwhile I still have the old digital point and shoot we have had for years. It's a 5 mp Gateway made back when Gateway Computers were making cameras. It was one of their last. It really does work great and produces some excellent pictures,,,,,amazes me! But when I took it out of the saddlebag to take a picture, the battery was I was dead in the water.   Oh well, not a big deal since this is one place I won't regret not having a pictures of...even though the lake was beautiful.

On the way home both the wind and the traffic picked up immensely. These Mexican people are quite ambitious in this area. You see dozens and dozens of roadside stands everywhere you go. Everything from fruit, corn, watermelon, and every household appliance you can think of. We saw several folks selling enormous anounts of artificial flowers,,,tons of them. I also notice several cemeteries and the graves were all heavily decorated with beautiful flowers.  Maybe this is some kind of a Mexican Holiday or Memorial Day.

We pulled into our place shortly after lunch time. I think both of us were glad to get home, as we had in "Tired Bottoms"!!  But it was a fun ride and our longest ride yet. We traveled a total of 130 miles...not far for many of our riding friends, but for us, far enough!

In closing for this week I'll throw in a Picture of the streets of Rapid City shortly after we departed the area in Sept.  WOW!!  I remember the days I used to fight that SNOW and ICE and COLD!

Time to again stop and be ever so thankful for what we have and the wonderful life we live.....Thank You Lord..

It is a GREAT WEEK!!!!

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squawmama said...

Sounds like a beautiful day for you guys... I wonder if it was some kind of holiday or are they always out selling stuff. I bet you so glad not to be up there in the snow... BURRRRR!
Have Fun & Travel Safe!

Jerry and Suzy said...

Don't know if it's a holiday, but in Mexico Monday will be the Day of the Dead. It is a major thing in our part of the southwest. For us US Catholics, at least, it is All Souls Day, and Sunday is the Feast of All Saints.

As for parks built around man-made lakes in flat country, you can have them all. Now, a park around Lake Tahoe, that's another thing.

Rick said...

Sounds like you and Pat had a great ride even though you weren't too impressed with the park. I know exactly how you felt about sending your beautiful Nikon camera away! I had a similar situation with mine, and after examining the issue and talking on forums with other owners, I eventually decided that the problem was one that would probably never affect me so I didn't send mine away. I'm sure you'll get your Nikon back soon and everything will be fine again.

Al Bossence said...

Yep. I know what you mean by 'tired bottoms' on the bike. I rarely go great distances on the bike anymore. Couple hours on the back roads around home with the camera is fine for me:)) Kelly's only been on the bike once in the last couple of years.......