Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Killer BUFFALO Chili.

We had a wonderful Anniversary Sunday. It was our first Sunday back in Church for too long a time. Pastor Dean carries a super message and is quite moving and interesting.   I just love listening to him. We have been attending his Church for several years while we are at North Ranch.

When we got home from Church, our friends and neighbors Larry and Geri Gustafson from Custer were sitting in our drive way. It was great to see them again. We had arranged for them to rent Tom and Sally Geirisch''s RV lot which is just down the street from us. They will be around for at least a month, hopefully more. We plan on some good 4-wheeling together out in the desert.

We love BUFFALO meat and it is quite plentiful around our home base in Custer, SD.   Ms Pat always brings as much as she can can get into our 22 ft Amana household refrigerator freezer. I like Chili anytime, but when it's a little cool, it tastes extra good. Pat decided she would use the final package of our Buffalo meat to make up some of her "Killer" BUFFALO chili. She had it cooking for several hours and the smell was about to kill me. I had managed to sneak a couple small tastes while she was up at the Clubhouse doing her new found adventure of "Line Dancing". She knows that leaving me alone around  the house while she has something cooking is dangerous.

We had told Larry and Geri when they arrived to get settled in and invited them over for happy hour and some Buffalo Chili.   It was delicious and we enjoyed it much more than any celebration dinner up town. That's my kind of Happy home, with friends and some of Ms Pats wonderful cooking. Geri even helped her with the dishes....and we watched some of the Super Bowl Game. 

Monday morning early we began our annual medical check up procedures. Almost all of our Doctors are in this area and we love the medical facilities. We have a great Doctor her....and yes, he is a Cowboy. Doc has lots of horses and goes on long trail rides all the time. He is a great Doctor, too!! Definitely not a pill pusher like most of them. Anyhow, we were to meet him at his office at 7:15 Monday morning to pick up the orders for our blood work. I asked Pat if Doctors anywhere else in the world get in their offices at 7am...not many that we know of.   Maybe here and Custer, but that's about all.

Sure enough when we arrived there was Dr. Melde standing on the front porch with his coffee cup in hand watching another beautiful Arizona Sunrise. He took us inside and since none of his help was there yet, he dove into our files and made up our blood work orders. Since his office is in the Wickenburg Hospital, we walked down the hall to the Lab and gave our blood samples.

Since we usually get up at 4am and have a cup of coffee in hand by 4:15 and here it was 7:45 and we had been fasting since midnight, I was about to DIE! Pat was in about the same shape, but not quite as "grumpy" as I was. It's unbelievable how a person gets into such a habit of things and believe me I needed COFFEE!!   We have been doing this here for many, many years and have learned just exactly where the employee's lounge is. We headed there as fast as we could and began "draining" their coffee pot... Ahhh, it tastes Soooo GOOD!!

Now, early this morning we are off to the big city of Phoenix to begin our long list of getting our check ups. It's going to be a LONG, BUSY day and I'm anxious to get home even before we even get started!!  Wish us luck... I'm sure we'll be making several more trips during the next few months...

It is a GREAT WEEK!!!

God be with you all...


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squawmama said...

Good Morning Mike... I know what you mean about that morning cup of coffee... YUM!!! Buffalo chili sounds great to me. You can have Geri & Larry for a while but they need to go home after a while so we can come to Custer... LOL LOL When do you all head back there? Where exactly are you now... We are heading our way towards Tucson & Phoenix in about 2 - 3 weeks and we thought maybe we could stop by and see you all. Right now we are heading towards San Antonio... Have a glorious day my friend and travel safe.

Jerry and Suzy said...

Golly, you are apparently quite attached to your pastor in Congress. We like ours here in Benson also, but we try to make it to Sunday Mass wherever (and whenever) we travel. For us it's like that morning coffee fix, except it's a weekly fix of something a whole lot stronger. Whatever works for you is what you need, and I'm not criticizing, just yakking. Wish we had been there for that killer chili! Next time we get to Custer, you'll have to locate some buffalo meat for us to buy.

Rick said...

I've never tried Buffalo Chili but I am a big chili fan so I'll have to try it out if I happen to see it on a menu somewhere. Good luck with your tests this week!

David, Sheila and Stella the Beagle said...

What SD Mail Forwarding service are you guys using? We are contemplating changing to SD this summer. Dave & Sheila