Wednesday, February 17, 2010

National Seniors Rodeo Association

I mentioned last Sunday that after Church we would be going to the Seniors Rodeo.  Before the Rodeo, we stopped at the Arts and Crafts show in town and walked around. I was only interested in ONE thing...that being to see our good friends and sometimes neighbors, Tom and Sally Geirisch.

Here is Tom....hard at work at his booth surrounded by some of the best smelling "stuff" there is. We could "smell" them long before we could find them. We missed Sally, she was off somewhere. Tom was looking good and today was the last day of the Gold Rush Days, so we will look forward to spending some time with them both at our infamous "Happy Hour" and maybe a Pot Luck.  WOW!!  That "stuff" (potpourri) sure smells good.  Check out their web site and try out some :  S & T Potpourri, Etc

On to the Rodeo.......

First is the Grand Entry.

And the presentation of the Colors and National Anthem.  That little gal,  between the horses carrying the American and Canadian Flag, has a microphone. She is none other than our Pastor's daughter! She can really belt it out and did a beautiful job.  Well, leave it to me.   I forgot my telephoto lens!!! Dad Gum it!!

Here is one of the Bull rides but without my telephoto you can't see much, so no need showing you more. Sorry...

It was a fun afternoon. What a beautiful day...we were actually even searching out some shade for a change. The crowd was large and the Rodeo was good, for a bunch of OLD guys.   Gosh, I was stiff and sore just from sitting for 3 hours.  It would have killed me to be out there contesting. OK, so now I'm a "tenderfoot".... but I used to love to get out there and roll around in the Mud, the Blood and the Beer!!

Yesterday, it was back out in the Desert with Larry and Geri Gustafson. This is one of the trails and that hill is MUCH steeper than it looks but what was really fun was going up the other side.

This is one of our "rest stops" and Larry is kicking back while Geri gets a few photo's of this beautiful area.

I just had to pause here and take a picture.....Look at this beautiful area, can you believe this! It is so Green this year. Out of this world!!  Can you see why I love it here so much? Right in our back yard....Praise God!

These machines are so neat and fun to ride. They will go almost anywhere. You should have seen some of the rock and boulder area's we traversed today.  Wow, it's amazing how tough and strong these 4 wheelers are.

After we got back out on the flat area, Ms Pat finally let me ride her new one....out where she was sure I couldn't abuse it like I do mine.  I only got to ride it for about 5 minutes.  But...My O My...let me say, I was impressed!! I couldn't ride it any more...had to give it back to her ASAP.   Otherwise, I could have never gotten back on mine.  I didn't think there would be that much difference, but there sure was. Her's rides better, has more power and is faster.  Now lets see??  What can I do and how can I talk her out of it?Hmmm, gotta work on that.  I can sure see why she loves it so much........and I'm glad for her!

Today it's back to the big city of Phoenix for more Dr appointments...not looking forward to it at all!! But gotta do it so off we go and get it over with.  Wish us luck and we'll see ya Sunday..

Wherever you are and whatever you're doing..... have fun, enjoy life and be careful.  See ya down the road.

It is a GREAT WEEK!!!


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Rick said...

I think you're still in the Rodeo, Mike, only this time it's the four-wheel type!! Sure is beautiful out in the desert and that 4-wheeling looks like a lot of fun. Glad you got to ride Pat's ATV!

Jerry and Suzy said...

C'mon and ride, Cowboy, ride! A line from one of our favorite cowboy songs. Gosh, we haven't been to rodeo in years, and we used to love 'em. Always went to the Livermore (Calif.) Rodeo when we lived there. Maybe we saw you ride there uears ago? If so, we hope you stayed on that horse or bull for the full time! We see North Ranch has a big to-do coming up next month. We'll still be sitting here in Benson, but we'll eat some good chili in your honor!

Unknown said...


Just stumbled across your site. Have been enjoying your pics and info. Fantastic rig. Hope to be living your life in a few years after retiring....maybe early...I'm only 52...from FSU's WFSU-TV & RADIO. I'll continue to follow your blog. Maybe some day our paths will cross.

Barry Fitzpatrick
Tallahassee, Fl.

Debbie Goode said...

I know where Ms Pat is coming from....whenever I let Billy borrow one of my power tools it always comes back somewhat broken and abused...MEN! Ya just gotta love em! LOL! Of course, Billy says the same bout me....just gotta love me