Monday, February 1, 2010

Weather Delay..Sorry my Blog is late!

This is the weather we woke up to on Thursday, the day we planned to leave the Texas Valley, with more rain forecast for the next day. So we decided to delay our departure until Saturday.  We were up and out of Retama at 8:15am. It was a nice brisk, cool morning and we were happy to be on the road.

We had a nice trip and easily traveled 386 miles to our favorite boondocking spot of all time. It is just 40 miles West of The WalMart store in Del Rio. We got there shortly after 4PM, just in time for Happy Hour! It was a gorgeous evening and Ms Pat and I enjoyed the evening watching the sun go down on the beautiful Pecos River and Canyon.  You can see where the Pecos dumps into the Rio Grande River from where we were.  We had the place all to ourselves the entire night. The moon was full and bright as it reflected off the river several hundred feet below our camp site.
We were way off the highway right on the high canyon above the Pecos River. It has a nice, wide, winding road leading back to overlook, with a big turn around that can handle any size rig...even ours!  There was NO cell service and NO WiFi or Internet....we felt a million miles from nowhere! We did flip our King Dome on for some Direct TV, but we were so beat we couldn't stay awake to watch it.

This is the bridge across the River on Hwy 90 just North of us. It is some 240 ft above the river and is the highest bridge across water in the state of Texas.  Have you ever seen such a beautiful view from a private camp site??

We were on the road at the crack of dawn the next morning and on our way to Deming, NM to the SKP Dreamcatchers RV Park. We racked up a total of 486 miles and made it in by 4PM. However, we lost an hour, so it was really 5pm. Anyhow, we were just in time for Happy hour! It was another day of superb travel. It is so comfortable traveling with this big rig, I could almost go on forever. We even had a 5-10 mph tail wind all the way.

Sorry I couldn't get the Blog out yesterday.  It is the first one I have missed in 2 years. It is kinda nice after a day of travel not to have to put the Internet Satellite up, although I didn't really mind it. Being a Ham Radio enthusiast for the last 45 years, erecting antenna's and getting a signal, then tweaking it was my enjoyment.
This Verizon Air card is handy, but I really hate it. Just like yesterday, no signal and we couldn't even get a respectable connection on I-10 from Van Horn West. Plus, the 5 GB monthly limit really kills us. We go over that amount in two weeks with both of us on the internet as much as we are. Most of you know that we went over the 5GB to the tune of $190.00 the first month we had the Verizon Modem. Oh and yes, we don't watch movies or download music, etc. We have stopped all our automatic downloads and updates. We absolutely do not watch any of the You Tube videos, etc. forwards that we get.   So, no I don't like the Verizon Air card at all! Better than nothing...OK, but just barely. Pardon me for griping, but we just came off of a high speed cable data line for 3 months at Retama and BOY did we get spoiled.

I have come to the conclusion that I am spending way too much time on the computer. To the point that it is interfering with other things that I really like to do. So I have decided to put myself on restriction and cut out some of this computer time. Here at North Ranch, where there are so many great things to do that I enjoy, like 4-wheeling and target shooting out in the desert, Motorcycling in the hills and just getting a lot more exercise, my computer time will diminish.

Today (Monday) we will be up and out of Deming, NM early and make the final leg of our journey to my second favorite spot (Custer is first!!) North Ranch. It's a leisurely day's drive of 436 miles through some of the most beautiful country in the USA. I just love these Hills and Mountains. I guess the flat lands of the Rio Grande Valley make me appreciate them even more!! Thank you God, it's great to be HOME.

Paul and Nancy....see you around 4 PM this afternoon if the good Lord's willin' !!

It was a GREAT WEEK!!!

God Bless you all!!!


This Blog is published every Sunday (sorry I missed yesterday) and Wednesday..


Bruce said...

Those are beautiful views and thanks for sharing them. Hope the rest of your journey is uneventful and equally pleasurable.

Unknown said...

I am so glad to hear that you and MS Pat arrive safe.Sounds like you are going to be busy having fun!

Connie and Rod said...

Travel safe and take plenty of pics.

Rick said...

That sure looks like a great place you picked to camp - just about perfect! Nice picture of the bridge over the Pecos River too! Too bad about your Verizon connection problems. We use Verizon and it's been great for us - we've had strong signals everywhere we've been, but that's mostly in California, so, who knows?

Jerry and Suzy said...

Howdy! Good to be on the road. sorry you're having Verizon blues.

We'll miss the Yuma rally this year, and will miss seeing you guys as well. Maybe we can find our way to North Ranch someday, but I'll bet you'll be on your way to Custer by then. We'll keep in touch with blogs!

Anonymous said...

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