Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Hello JUNE!!

As my friend and fellow blogger, Randy Warner says "Hello June"!

Time keeps moving on.......not slowing down for anybody or anything. The last 3 weeks have been some kind of a blur. It is so good to be back here in the Black Hills of South Dakota.

The next day after we arrived and got everything set up for the Summer, I unloaded my Harley.  After I stowed the Rampage loader, the ole' Harley seemed to say to me "Lets go for a spin"!  I had a lot to do but I thought what the heck! I told Ms Pat I was going for a spin. Just a quick ride out to the Park and back. I ask her if she would like to go and for the first time in history, she declined. So I got my helmet, boots and gloves on and gave her a kiss goodbye. It will be just a short ride I told her.

I headed out towards Custer State Park, rode around Stockade Lake and started back towards home. Gee, it was such a beautiful day, perfect weather about 75 deg and clear skies. I was amazed at how well the Harley ran and handled and how much more confident and comfortable I was riding than I was last summer. All my rides in Texas and Arizona had built my confidence level considerably. Thank You Gregg and Bonnie!

It was a superb day for a ride and on the spur of the moment I decided to go on out into the Park and ride over Mt. Coolidge, down into Wind Cave National Park, around through Pringle and back home.  Wow, I could feel a comforting feeling come over me.  Suddenly my mind wasn't spinning anymore and I was so glad to be alive.   Ah...the comfort and soul healing was beginning to take place.  I was especially enjoying the beautiful scenery, the Sky, the Weather, the Buffalo, the Antelope and just being alive and in this wonderful place.

My 10 minute short spin, turned into a 2 hr 55 mile, super enjoyable trip. I stopped high on a hill, parked and was quietly (praying) paying trubute to those due and having many flash backs, when it dawned on me that I had better call Ms Pat and tell her that I extended my trip. OOPs,,,I forgot my phone.... I knew she would be worried, so I cranked up and headed for home. However I was about 30 miles out and it took me  about 45 minutes to get home. She was worried, but relieved to see me roll up.....I told her that I was so sorry and explained what had come over me. We hugged, both cried a little and thanked God for each other. We are so lucky to have one another and to have God in our life!

I haven't welcomed all the new FOLLOWERS lately and I would like to do that now.

Lynette McHenry
Sharon Del Rosario
The Gypsy G-Mas
Steve and Cathy
C.J. Wigley
Karen Hardamon

We are so happy to have you along with us.........WELCOME!!!!

We are up to 99 listed followers!!  Can you believe that? I started this blog 3 years ago and just a few months back we had 50 listed followers. I always thought...if I can only make it to 50. That was my goal for an accomplishment. Then after we got the 50..... I thought, OK, I'll never make it to 100!!!! WOW, bless you all, we appreciate you !
I close with a recent picture with my middle son, Patrick.

Patrick will be 53 years old on June 8TH. Happy Birthday son!!!!   I am extremely proud of Pat.  He is a former Marine and is now a Federal Agent.  He and Michelle have 2 children....the oldest is Patrick and the youngest is Shala.  Both are wonderful kids of which I am also quite proud.  Patrick (we call LP) graduated from the Univ of Nebr with his Masters a couple years ago and is now an accountant with one of the largest accounting firms in the US and Shala is about to graduate from the same university...U of N.  Shala is getting married in a couple of months (Aug) in Lincoln. We are looking forward to seeing her then!

Thanks for stopping by.

It is a GREAT WEEK!!!!

Remember to tell your kids and family that you love them.  They may not be around forever.


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Rick said...

Sounds like that bike ride in the Black Hills was a great idea, Mike. Congratulations also, I see you now have "101 Followers", that's great. I'm sitting at 97 so I know what you mean when you say "wow, who'd of thought"? Hope you and Pat continue to enjoy your first week back home.

David, Sheila and Stella the Beagle said...

Hey, our only son is named Patrick Michael (good ol' Irish name) and he just graduated from grad school in Iowa City a couple months shy of his 24th birthday. He just moved to the burbs of Chicago and is an Urban and Regional Planning specializing in making cites more sustainable. After graduation him and his new wife Lisa came to visit us at the KOA in Ouray, CO.

Roadrunner Chronicles said...

I don't have a Harley, but I can imagine your ride and time of solitude and refreshment. I hope you have more of those this summer.

Sounds like you are off to a great start in the Black Hills. And thanks for the shout out, appreciate that. Hope our paths cross again real soon,

Randy and Pam

Sam&Donna Weibel said...

Nice to see you are back on the bike and riding, Mike, I hope you enjoy the time to heal and rest,you guys have been through a lot,that picture of you and your son is really great, you can see who he gets his good looks from. Be safe out there, Sam & Donna.

Rod Ivers said...

Enjoy that bike time, as it is the most connected way to tour every place you go. While I only ride a big scooter, time on two wheels is hard to replace with any other form of transportation.

Jim said...

Nothing like a couple hours on the Harley to settle the mind. Hope to take a ride with you up there later this summer.
Hey, you look pretty comfortable in that suit & tie, for an ole cowpoke :)

Herb Stark said...

I discovered many years ago that a motorcycle ride would definitely clear up the mully grubs....just bring your phone next time. Herb Grinning.

Nancy and Dennis said...

Wow, put that gray mustache and beard on Patrick and you two would look like twins!
His hair is darker though.

Dale said...

OK, Mike...this one made me cry! I can appreciate your pain and the joy you felt on that ride and reflection. God Bless you.


Karyn-Lee said...

Sounds like you had a great ride, a nice conversation with GOD, and left with some peace.
Well deserved.

Take care.

Al Bossence said...

I have always been a solo bike rider & find it's great quality time spent with my thoughts. I would find riding with others a distraction. Keep up the positive attitude Mike.....yer doin great:))