Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Another year has slipped by,,,,

Last Sunday I mentioned that it was a Great Life. Well, yesterday was my Birthday and it brings to mind how the years slip by.  Another year of my life came to a close yesterday, and today I start with the First day of the next one. I Praise the Lord!  I want to thank all those that sent me good wishes.  Gosh, that was great!! I received over 30 Facebook birthday greetings, many private emails and several phone calls. What a blessing! Since we spent the day alone, those messages and phone calls meant ever so much to me.

We did have a neat day for my birthday. By 7:00am we were out in the Park doing our 4 mile hike.  It was such a pretty day, I asked Ms Pat if she would like to take a bike ride through the Park.   So, after lunch, about 1pm we took off..

Here we are stopped at one of the tunnels on Needles highway.

I fixed Pat up with a little camera so she can take pictures while we are moving. She is learning how to use it and has my helmet to contend with. It doesn't take as good a picture as the Nikon, but it is a lot smaller and easier to handle.

Here she missed my helmet as she takes a shot straight up above us as we ride......I sure hope those rocks don't fall!!

This is an interesting shot of the Cathederal Spires. She got a lot of my helmet, but note the special effects reflecting off the helmet. You can see the Sun behind us along with the trees and rock formation.... Nice job my Dear!

As we came to the long tunnel near the Needles Eye, there was a tour bus going through. Many people don't think there is any way a big tour bus can make it. Here is living proof.  I will say that not all tour busses can make it and those that do have a few dents and scratches. It's a close fit!!

We slowly followed the bus on through...

It was close but he made it. This wasn't a scaled down size bus, it was a full size 40', with tag axle and all. The big SUPER size ones can't make it.

We made it back home shortly after 3pm and the sky was already building with storm clouds for our usual late afternoon Thunderstorm. Sure enough, just as soon as we headed for Ms Pat's Softball practice at 7pm, the bottom fell out.  No hail or wind, just thunder, lightning and rain.   Needless to say, NO PRACTICE!!

It was a great day.  Nice hike and nice bike ride in my favorie place in the whole world. Plus, with my "love of life" and now my "Personal Photographer".   Now how can life be better than that? Praise the Lord!!

It is a GREAT WEEK!!!!

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Happytrails said...

What a fabulous birthday ride!! It is an awesome place! Mike and I have played around with the idea of getting a bike for fun rides but haven't done it just yet. What kind do you all have?
Glad you had such a special day!!

Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

Rick said...

Happy Birthday, Mike! Looks like you had a great day with Pat. I remember very well how worried I was about even driving my Silverado thru that same Needles tunnel. I would never have imagined a big tour bus would be able to get thru it. Thanks for showing us those pictures.

Jerry and Suzy said...

Nice helmet, pal! We took a tour bus through that tunnel a few years ago. Everybody on board was holding their breath. And there was a bunch of gawkers standing at the end of the tunnel, all hoping to see the bus get a scratch or lose a mirror. They were disappointed, but our driver got a lively ovation!

Sam&Donna Weibel said...

Your right Mike that is a 45 passenger MCI in the picture, the 57 passengers will not make it,and the Van Hools are probably too wide and tall also, I know we had several places where the smaller MCI's could go but the others would have to detour.Now that I retired again I will only have to worry about the truck and 5th wheel. Happy belated birthday, it's not how old you are , but how young you feel. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

Jessica Riker said...

Happy birthday Mike! Sounds like it was a really awesome day! I like the bike helmet camera - that is a great idea! :)

Rod Ivers said...

Nothing better than a bike ride on your birthday!! Paradise, LOL. Here's to many more!

Connie and Rod said...

Happy Birthday Mike! Sounds like it was a great day.

Roadrunner Chronicles said...

Great pictures of your Birthday Bike ride. Congrats and we wish you many many more.

Marty and Roz said...

You certainly know how to celebrate a birthday. The wife and I were just up there at Custer State Park and Mt Rushmore last week. What a beautiful place you have to play in.
Again, Happy Birthday, and may the wind always be at your back, especially when you are on the Harley.
Marty & Roz

Sharon Del Rosario said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Mike! I spent a few years with a helmet in my face (and then many more years riding my own BMW), so I'm familiar with Ms. Pat's view. And I love the photos of the bus going through the Needles Hwy Tunnels. We took the bus tour about 2 years ago, then drove the highway in our car last month. Thanks for the great photos. The new camera in Pat's hands is working just fine!