Sunday, June 13, 2010

"WELL" !!!!

"WELL" right!!! Our "WELL" is giving us fits!!!! It has done its job perfectly since we put it in back in the summer of 2004. This summer after we arrived here and I took my first shower, I told ms Pat, " WOW, we really have water pressure! Like never before."  Since we originally set the pressure regulator on the pump at 50 lbs, I never use a pressure regulator. Noting the high pressure, I went out and put on our regulator. I have it set at 65 lb. It immediately went up to 65 and stopped. Hmmm, that's unusual. Now I have another gauge set up so that it can measure the exact pressure of the water coming in. I got it out and put it on and it went way over 100 lbs.  WHOA, what's up here?  That's not right.  I figured it was a pressure switch. I called our "WELL" guy and of course, he was out so we left a message.

"WELL"....we have an RV.  Right?  We have a fresh water tank.  Right?  No problem.  I filled the fresh water tank and shut off the "WELL".  Now we should have water, at least 100 gal.  All set...OK.  Ms Pat turned on the kitchen sink faucet and nothing.    Hmmm, now what? After some checking I find that the Shurflo Extreme 5.7 gpm Smart Sensor water pump that I special ordered on this Teton has blown a fuse.   Hmmm, I have had trouble with these Shurflo pumps before. I tried another fuse.  Blew it, too! Another problem!! Ms Pat says she can smell something like wire burning.  Uh oh....not good. All the wiring seemed good. Nothing to do but remove the pump and see whats up.  That's not an easy task as they are NEVER in a convenient place. When I get it out and test it, I can see it is shot. Burned up. That's the smell!.  What is it with these pumps? Some repairmen have told me horror stories about them.  I'll have to contact the Company again. Meanwhile, no water.  Now we are living out of gallon jugs. 

After about 3 days and another call to the "WELL" man, he finally shows up. These guys just don't seem to understand the urgency of these situations. Although they are all real busy out here and you're lucky if you can even get anyone.   After considerable checking, he finds the pressure switch is OK and the "WELL" needs to be pulled to check further. The truck for that job is tied up and it will be a few days.  Hmmm. Ok what can we do?  Finally, on Friday, they came to pull the well.

Ms Pat watches as they begin to pull out the "WELL".

This is the Stainless Steel elongated submersible pressure tank. 

All 180 ft of it came out, 20 ft at a time..

They find a Check Valve that is bad. They replace it.

It's all back in and we're ready to hook it up.

"WELL", it still doesn't work properly. They think there must be another problem. The Boss thinks he knows what it is. But the "WELL" has to be pulled AGAIN.  Plus, of course, it's getting late on a Friday night.  Can't do it until Monday!!  Now you just watch.  Monday they won't show up.  I know how it goes.  Oh "WELL". Maybe Tuesday.. We can only hope....we are at their mercy!

That's how our week was huh? We do have water though.  We just have to go out to the power pole and turn it on and off when we need it but we're still living out of gallon jugs.  We can at least go turn it on when we want to shower and off when we are done. Who knows how this saga will end but I can tell you one thing I do know, it's gonna hit HARD in the ole' pocketbook. I can here the cash register ringing.

However, it was still a GOOD WEEK!!!

BTW, Ms Pat has been working real hard on a couple of websites to advertise our Teton/Volvo and our lot in Retama Village. Take a look and let us know what you think.

Thanks for stopping by.  Check back Wednesday and I'll let you know what happens.

Everyone Travel Safe!!


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Ron and JerrieLea said...

You guys could just come to the Eastern end of the state and have all the water you want. It has rained every day since we stopped here in Sioux Falls. Ron had to help a SKP out this morning as we are on grass and he couldn't get moving. We're not sure we can get out tomorrow when we are supposed to move. I'm lonesome for my desert.

Good Luck with your "WELL".

Travels with Emma said...

What a bummer about the well. If it isn't one thing, it's another. :( Good luck next week!

All Because Two People Fell In Love said...

Hey Pop's,

Wish I was up there to lend a hand. Not sure what I could do other than sit and listen with ya. We'll be there in about 16 days counting the days down. Hope all goes well next week. Mom did a nice job on the web pages for the teton & truck and the lot at Retama. Love & Hugs

Your Kids

Rick said...

Sure hope you get that water well fixed up soon. Great job by Pat on the ads. I was thinking that if you get your asking price on both sales, it just might be enough to cover the cost of the water well fix!!!

Jerry and Suzy said...

When you first said you were down to water from gallon jugs, I wondered if you could shower that way. Then you explained that there was other water available. That's good.

When we lived in Montana, we had a well, and I'm sure glad no one ever had to come out and "pull" the well to check on things. It was 360 feet deep!

Your post was especially "well" written today, by the way -- WELL DONE.

David, Sheila and Stella the Beagle said...

Best of luck on speedy repairs tomorrow. We could be in Rapid City sooner than we thought as reservations are way down & we aren't getting the hours we were promised.


Dave & Sheila

John and Carol said...

And we thought we had problems having to wait over three weeks to have one of our two air conditioners replaced on warranty. Hang in there. You really have a good attitude.

Happytrails said...

Sure hope the well gets fixed for you guys! Here's hoping they will indeed show up on Monday! I'll cross my fingers.
The ads Pat wrote are super! Everything is beautiful and should sell fast.
You guys take it easy!

Mike & Gerri (happytrails)