Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I blew it !!

In last Sunday's Blog, I wrote about our upcoming travels and Rallies that we will be attending and I put the dates.  Only I put the wrong Month!!  I put September and it should have been October.  One good reader made a comment and told me that I was going to MISS those Rallies because the month of September was about OVER!!!!!  Wow, how could I make a mistake like that?  I proof read the thing a couple times and Ms Pat proofs it, too, but we both sure missed it. My face is red and I'm embarrassed.  If I continue to do this Blog, I must be more careful.

Then to top that off, I received an email from someone that I had put a picture of on the blog, asking if I would please remove their LAST name.  That's a FIRST but I guess I can understand with all the identity theft that's going on!  I must admit this Blog is wearing on me a little right now. Maybe it's just because a lot has been going on lately. Mostly they have been exciting things and good things and I have always been one to enjoy excitement...and challenges. But I can't help but wonder what is happening to me.  I always stood up under pressure very well in the past.   Is this a sign of something?  Is my life changing too much, too fast? It could be.  Maybe...maybe not??

Ok, enough of those foolish thoughts.  Don't worry, I'm OK and as I would have said in my earlier life, "Buckle Down...move on...get over it"! It's not always fun and games, especially getting old.  I never in my life realized what it would be like in the last quartile of your life.  I am so thankful to our Father, God Almighty, that I have the opportunity to experience it.  I sometimes can't help but wonder why things happen. Why did my only brother Richard die when he was 53 and my youngest Son Scott at 47, then my oldest Son Mikel at 55? Why them and not me? God only knows the answer to that but I have learned that he does have a reason and he has a plan. Here I am entering into the last part of my life and I'm a little scared.  I'll admit that. But, why should I be?  Many have experienced it before me and I now realize the experience they felt.  I've heard many times that getting old isn't easy and it's not for sissies. Well I never worried before because I'm for sure not a "sissy".....Or am I???

I thought I was tough and could handle anything...anything at all....just bring it on. Hummm, I'm having lots of different thoughts now days.  I'm questioning my self a lot lately but I do know that the many things I have seen in the past few years make me certain that you have to have FAITH...FAITH in someone...and that someone for me is God.  God is calling the shot's. Now I have had faith in a lot of people in the past and still have faith in many more. But several of those that I had faith in are gone.  My Parents, my brother, my uncles, aunt's and  Scott and Mikel. I never gave a thought to all those loved ones passing on.  What, leave me here all alone.  Never?  I should have thought of that...I sure should have! If you haven't thought of it, do it right now.  Someday, hopefully, you too may experience getting old.  You can Thank God if you do experience it.  I have learned to put my faith in God.  He will be there for me and his plan may not be always what I want it to be but he will never leave me. I am so Thankful for the many things in my life that I have and have been allowed to experience.  That's why I put my Faith in God.

Monday we had a great day for the Buffalo Roundup in Custer State Park.  We headed out before daylight and got in line.  Cars were backed up for at least 6 miles.  The crowd was extremely large, around 14,000 was the count. The biggest Roundup ever but the staff handled it well. I especially enjoyed seeing all my old friends that we used to work the weather was just Outstanding.

This is Duane Stanley, one of the first Law Enforcement Rangers we met when we came to the Black Hills for the first time way back in 1995.  Duane is Head of Law Enforcement at Angostora State Park south of Hot Springs where we spent our 1ST year working for South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks. He was up here helping with the Roundup at Custer State Park.  Doesn't Ms Pat look happy and content.  She immediately fell in love with this entire area and it has been her love since.

The first Buffalo in the herd began to show up coming over the Hills, the entire herd was not too far behind. Look at those clear skies!

Soon the entire herd was in the corrals after thundering right by us.  What a beautiful sight.  This was our first experience as a spectator.  It is exciting, but not near as exciting as being out there in one of those trucks herding them in.

I was glad to see my ex-boss, Ron Tietsort, made the ride in good shape and was about to unsaddle his horse as we walked up. This Saddle always touches my heart and brings back many memories  I won this saddle back in 1953 when I was doing the Rodeo circut.  My mind goes back to that summer day
way back in 1953...some 57 years ago.  I was a mere 18 years "young".  I was young, proud and probably a little wild but I had one of the best days of my life that day....especially in the Rodeo business.  It was almost a flawless day.   I won or placed in every event I entered.  That included the Bareback and Saddle Bronc riding, Bulldogging, Calf Roping, Wild Cow Milking and Bull Riding.  When it ended up, I had enought points to win the "All Around Champion Cowboy" title and won this beautiful Saddle and many other gifts, awards and money.

I remember getting home about 3am after the rodeo and my Parents were sound asleep. I quietly carried the new Championship Saddle in and spread it out on the kitchen table. I knew they would see it immediately when they woke up in a few hours. I then went to bed after a long, hard day.  I will not forget the yell my Dad made when he saw that saddle I had won.  He was a proud Guy, just as I was.  My Mom never was too happy about me following the Rodeo circut, but she smiled and said "nice"......Then she asked "Are you hungry?"  You bet Mom, I sure am!

This is Rollie, Gina and I while we were talking with Ron. I loaned Ron that saddle a couple years before we retired from the Park.  It's his as long as he wants to use it.  He loves the saddle and I'm glad to see him use it and enjoy it.

We plan on leaving this Sunday morning, only 4 short days away.  We are continuing our task of preparation to leave and winterize everything we leave behind. Rollie and Gina are finishing up on a few items and giving us a hand. We appreciate them so much!  They make life so much easier for you all know.

Mark and Dale are leaving us this morning and we're going to miss them but we'll see them again real soon at the HDT Rally in Hutchinson, KS.  They treated us to a real nice dinner last night at the Alpine Inn in Hill City.  Thanks Mark and Dale and travel safe.

I will try to get a short Blog out Sunday before we depart. However if I don't, you will know why.  I will be back ASAP and keep you posted on our travels and adventures. 


Thanks for stopping by, God Bless you all...


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Jerry and Suzy said...

Good post, Mike, about faith, buffalo and rodeo saddle. You truly are a man of many blessings, including that lovely lady who shares your life.

maryann parham said...

I read,and re-read your post just now,you have such a wonderful way of writing about life,sure gives a person a lot to think about. I am so very,very happy that the 2 of you found Rollie and Gina,and vice versa,sounds like it was meant to be. I have a plaque I bought some time ago,and love, it says: "Friends are the family we choose." So true..not that we don't have the most wonderful family,we do,but friends are so important.
We hope to meet up with you Pat somewhere down the road,would love to meet you two.

Thanks for taking the time to write your blog,and please don't give up on it,you have brought so much into the lives of us who read it.


Connie and Rod said...

You know what? You're human. You will always make mistakes. Laugh about it, I do. People will either forgive you or they won't. There is nothing you can do about that.

There isn't a day that goes by that I don't forget someone or something, or do or say something wrong. The past pain we've endured catches up with us from time to time. Sounds to me like you have mind gremlins working overtime.

I do too right now. This works for me. Allow yourself the time to just "be." It's a great gift and you deserve it.

No thoughts, no mind talk, just "be." You are in such a beautiful area anyway, just sit outside, take a deep breath of fresh air and sunshine and be completely thought-less. Listen to the wind or a bird or your own breath. Free your mind completely of thought. It opens up some space for better things.


Anonymous said...

Mike, wonderful post. Really brought it home about the joys of life; past, present and future and one's own marvelous moments as well as the heartbreaks. You have experienced both the Highs and the Lows and are a more seasoned and wiser man because of your living life and playing the hand you were dealt. You have experienced a life many of us could only read about. Thank you so much for sharing it with us.
Safe travels for you and Mrs Pat.


David, Sheila and Stella the Beagle said...

Safe travels to your whole gang there. We toured the Winnebago Industries Factory yesterday and are thinking of touring the Foretravel factory next week on our way south. We are to start work in the FL Keys on Oct 15th, am torn between enjoying this beautiful Indian summer weather and panicking to finish up our projects on the family farm in NW IL. Originally we had a schedule conflict so we couldn't attend the HDT rally, now we are just running out of time, LOL! See you guys down the trail! Dave & Sheila

Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

Good post. As I hit that last 25%, I just wonder who came up with the term "golden years". Clearly not someone who has experienced it.