Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Good Bye Nacogdoches..

Monday morning we were up before the crack of dawn to head on South towards our place at Retama, in Mission, TX.  But first we wanted to do some things at the Foretravel factory.
Above Ms Pat is at the “Remod” shop getting some questions answered. She wants to find out about replacing the carpet in our Motorhome with Ceramic Tile. It is all tile already except for in front of the Sofa in the living room. Many of folks are having the Carpet replaced with Tile. We love that....Carpet is OUT....the full tile is great. 
Foretravel  happened to have one on their lot that they had recently completed and were happy to show it to us.  The above picture is how it would look.  We were having trouble imagining how we could make the transition between our present tile to the new tile. This is NEAT and we love the way it looks. I’m sure that one day, this will be a “Remod” we'll be looking seriously at. But not now! Foretravel (FOT) is extremely busy and fully booked until way after the first of the year and so is Motorhomes of Texas (MOT).  Besides, I told Ms Pat...we’re done!! We’re outta here!!  I’m tired of getting stuff done!! Let's RELAX!!!
Those of you that know Ms Pat know that there is no “relaxing” with her. She is always up to something. While we were walking around the Factory, we walked around this Beauty that is a used 2010 they have for sale.   It’s a “Phenix”....Foretravel's top of the line.   It only has 9,000 miles on it and they have it marked a mere FLAT, COOL, $1,000,000...yes, that's ONE MILLION!   WOW!! I was almost afraid to touch it.
This is a brand new one they had. I didn’t get the particulars on it as it wasn’t for sale and appears to be a special order….maybe waiting for a special paint job. See that raised area on the top all the way down the side? That is a Girard awning that extends out for the entire length of the coach. Both sides have one!  So did the one in the previous picture….. TOO MUCH!!  If you had one of these you would need a driver and mechanic to travel with you.  Maybe it's for  Carrie Underwood!!!

Anyhow, back to reality. We departed Nacogdoches about 9 am, finally headed south.  We had a super, enjoyable trip taking state highways over to federal hwy 77, then went straight south. The weather was perfect....396 miles later at 5 pm we pulled into a little town called “ALICE” and called it a day. The next  morning we only had 130 miles to go to our place in Mission.
About 11am we pulled into Retama and it wasn’t long until we were all settled in on our lot. for some RELAXING!!!  Oh,oh, Ms Pat says we need to clean out the Coach House!!! Here we go….

Yesterday was my Dear beloved Wife’s BIRTHDAY.  The calls from kids and emails along with Facebook messages were rollin in.  Tune in Sunday and I’ll tell you more about the “SPECIAL” Happy Hour Dale Bruss had for her and the gift she was presented…. It’s NEAT!!

It is a GREAT WEEK!!!!

Thanks for stopping by…God Bless you all.


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Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

Happy Birthday! Only one million- it would have made a great spare MH :)

Mark and Dortha said...

Glad you have arrived at Retama. Get that coach house cleaned up so we can visit!

Paul Weaver said...


If that coach is for Carrie Underwood and she needs a driver, I'll volunteer (if my DW will let me)!!!

Paul Weaver

Rick said...

Happy Birthday, Pat!

Glad you arrived safely at your spot in Retama. Sure is a nice looking place.

Pretty fancy rigs there, but for $1M, I guess they should be!

Connie and Rod said...

Happy birthday Ms. Pat, I'm glad the two of you landed safe and sound.

Relax and enjoy!


Kenny And Angela's Adventure said...


Ali Workentin said...

Happy Birthday Miss Pat! Sure hope you had a terrific day!

A town called "Alice" ` would love to go there - it's not a name I see very often.

Take care and have a blessed day!

Karen and Al said...

Happy Birthday Miss Pat!

Now you've gotten me curious about the interior of the one million dollar rig!

Happytrails said...

Happy, happy birthday Miss Pat! I hope you had a wonderful day celebrating just how special you are! :-)

That sure was a beautiful rig! I can't imagine $1 million!!

Glad you all have arrived safely in Retama! Now just relax and enjoy all that beautiful weather.

JB said...

Probably looks like it was decorated by Liberace inside.

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday!~

LynnMiles said...

Happy Birthday Pat. Like following you guy's blog.