Wednesday, November 17, 2010

WOW!! My Heart is Still RACING!!

One HOUR and 28 Minutes of pure EXCITEMENT………

Ms Pat and I don’t watch many movies at all, you could almost say NONE.  However, there is a big Theater just a few miles from our place down here in Mission,’s easy to get to, plenty of parking and a good chance for us to catch the latest Movie Releases that interest us. If you go to the early Matinee, it only costs $5.00 and it's never crowded.  So yesterday we decided to go see “UNSTOPPABLE” .

Well, let me tell you, it was an exciting movie!  I was worn out when it was over!!  WHAT A RIDE!! I used every muscle I had trying to slow that train down. I twisted and turned in my seat from the beginning until the end…..Whew!!!  I don’t usually get too excited but I just couldn’t calm myself down and Ms Pat was holding on to my arm because she was so excited.  I was actually kinda happy when it was over.  I couldn’t have taken much more.  Hey, what great entertainment and I always enjoy Denzel Washington, the star actor.

Maybe I had special interest in this movie because my son Patrick is a retired Engineer and drove one of these for many, many years and is now a Federal Agent for the Railroad.  I asked him what he thought of the Movie and he said he hadn’t seen it yet but he would check it out and let me know.

So now we’re going back to relaxing.....hitting the Hot Tub every other night at about 7pm.  I’m going to miss it when we leave in a couple of weeks.  But I am anxious to get back to the beautiful Cactus country…..
This is the picture of our new place at North Ranch, the Escapee RV Park, in Congress, AZ. It was taken just as we pulled out last Spring headed for Custer,SD.   Two weeks from today we should be there or real close. I can’t wait!!

It is a GREAT WEEK!!!

Thanks for stopping by….Hope to see you Sunday.

Remember to tell your kids you love them.  They may not be around forever!!


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Al Bossence said...

I can sure understand wanting to get back to cactus country alright. We love New Mexico, Arizona & California:)) Especially love anywhere in Saguaro Land for sure.

Happytrails said...

Mike and I will have to put that movie on our "to see" list. We usually wait for the DVD but this may be one to watch on the big screen.

What a beautiful place you guys have in cactus country!!

Sue and Doug said...

the movie sounds good!...glad you enjoyed it!..we may have to check it out on the big screen rather than waiting till we can watch it at home!!

David, Sheila and Stella the Beagle said...

Please take plenty of photos on your way to AZ when it is time to move on. We don't take enough on this 75-acre Key here ... way time past for a blog update I'd say!!!

Dave & Sheila

Rick said...

Just watching the commercials on TV for 'Unstoppable' is enough to get my heart pumping. Can't remember the last time I went to an actual movie theater though.

Looking at that great picture of your place at North Ranch, I was thinking about how nice it would be to return after so long and not have any grass to cut or weeds to pull!

Jerry and Suzy said...

You watch out for that racing heart, pal! But it's wonderful when your lady love hangs on to you in the movies! Was it just like it used to be? You don't have to answer that!

All Because Two People Fell In Love said...

Pop's you sure have made that movie sound exciting, Rollie and I may just have to go see it. We sure do MISS you and mom a lot. Take care :-)

Your "kids"

Debbie Goode said...

You will be glad to know your place looks just the way you left it...very nice. We did a "drive by" yesterday. I hate that we will miss you guys, but we are only here in Congress for one night and then it is on to Bullhead City. Take care and Travel Safe.

Dennis and Donna said...

Yea, there is something about the cactus and sagebrush that draw you there..Sounds like you had a great time!

Freely Living Life said...

We don't get a chance to watch many movies either. But we will put that one on our list of movies to see when we do have the opportunity to see one! Thanks for the awesome review/suggestion!

Congress, AZ is a beautiful area! Enjoy and we can't wait to see some more pictures of your pretty little spot there!


Angie & Family

K and D in the RV said...

We went to UNSTOPPABLE last Saturday evening. I am a retired freight conductor for CN and I went with a buddy who is a retired engineer. Great movie, we of course would have done different things to stop it, but then the movie would have been over in 10 minutes!