Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Tomorrow is the big day. I can almost smell the food a cookin'! This will be the 4TH year we have spent Thanksgiving with our friends at Retama village down here in South Texas.

This year there will be about 14 of us getting together and enjoying Thanksgiving Dinner together. Everyone is bringing at least one or two dishes. Jim is deep frying a big Turkey, Sue is baking 2 more and Dale is cooking a Ham. There will be plenty of GREAT food and I’m getting hungry just thinking about it! :-)
This year we will be having ourThanksgiving Dinner at David and Sue’s brand NEW home.

David and Sue built this beautiful home here in Retama during the summer. They had an “open house” about a week ago and did an excellent job designing and decorating their home.  It is NICE!  It will be an honor to have Thanksgiving in their NEW HOME!!
This is Jim and Hazel’s new home down the street.  (above) They built it over the summer and just moved in.  It’s also a beauty!!  We haven't had the tour of the inside yet but hope to do so before we leave.
WOW!!  Everybody has been busy. This is Tom and Gayle’s new home. People are building Homes, Casitas and finishing Coach Houses all over Retama! All this was done since we left here in February. You can see Jim and Hazel’s home in the background.

These folks started with an RV lot like ours and like it here so much, they are building a house or an RV Port Casita home.  The prices are right here and you can't go wrong investing in a place here.  Most of these folks are keeping their RV lot and renting it out to Winter Texans.
At the other end of the street they are still building more. Soon this place will be all filled up and at the rate they are going, it won’t be long.

Now we are really getting excited. By this time next week, we will be on the road and somewhere near El Paso or maybe even in ARIZONA somewhere.  The weather has been great.  I hope it holds!
Sunday will most likely be my last Blog from Retama for this year.

It is a GREAT WEEK!!!!

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We are GLAD to have you with us and hope you will comment now and then. We just love to hear from our readers.  I know it's a job to comment on all the Blogs we read, so whenever you can, it's nice to know you're out there. Our counter shows that we get close to 400 hits on the days we publish and 200 on the days we don’t.  It's amazing… God Bless you all!

Safe Travels to all those that are traveling during the Holidays. Have a Happy Thanksgiving as we continue to give God our Praise for all he provides us.

Last but not least, don’t eat too much !!!  Ahh shoot.....GO AHEAD!!! :-)  Shhh....don't tell Ms Pat I said that.  But the diet starts again soon, right?  Yep, I’m with ya!!


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Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

Have a happy Thanksgiving!

Ruth said...

I really love the style of those homes. Would love to have one like that....
Our Thanksgiving is past, but Happy Thanksgiving to you.

Kenny And Angela's Adventure said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and Miss Pat.

Jerry and Suzy said...

Mike, you astound us! You're actually blogging about FOOD! But this time of the year, that's the number one thing on everyone's mind, except folks who think even more highly of sitting back and watching football on TV! Looks like everyone in Retama Village is bent on having a fine home to take care of. I'd better be careful, 'cause we're also nesting here in Benson, but on a much smaller scale!

Sue and Doug said...

those houses look pretty darn nice!..especially being able to have your RV right beside it..what a great design!!

Unknown said...

Enjoy this Thanksgiving holiday with your friends and continued safe travels!


Unknown said...

It sounds like you will have a ton of food and a great time, Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Rick said...

Great looking homes there, Mike.

Sounds like you won't be going hungry tomorrow for Thanksgiving. I just know you'll be posting lots of pics of that deep fried Turkey and all the trimmings!

Have a great Thanksgiving with Ms. Pat and all your friends (Ms. Megabyte2 as well).

The Schell's RV Adventures said...

Love your blog! AZ will be waiting for your arrival. We are new fulltimers (as of about a week ago) and will winter in the NW valley of Phoenix near family. Will have to check out the Congress area one day soon. We have lived in a sticks & bricks in AZ for many years, just sold our house (yes, we were one of the lucky ones) and now living our dream amongst many many boxes trying to decide what stays & what goes. Happy Thanksgiving!

David Cross said...

Hi Mike and Pat. You guys have a Happy Thanksgiving and perhaps we will see you in Congress. We will arrive the third week in January. Have a safe trip. I really enjoy your blog.

Rod Ivers said...

Have a Happy Thanksgiving Mike and Pat, and all of us will be heading out for Arizona after the Holiday.

Debbie Goode said...

Happy Turkey Day, you two and Kitty too! Safe travels.

Ali Workentin said...

Have a great Thanksgiving and safe travels as you head down the road.

And you are right...we need to give thanks to the one above for all His blessings.

Al Bossence said...

Well Mike, anytime I'm driving across Texas I am pretty excited about reaching Arizona as well.

Happytrails said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and Pat! Hope you have a very blessed day.