Sunday, February 27, 2011

OH NO!!! .........SNOW!!!!

Oh Yes!! SNOW!!!  Last night when Ms Pat finished cooking on the grill she asked me if I would go cover it up as it was starting to sprinkle. I covered it and noticed it was sprinkling lightly and later we could hear it raining a little harder. Never thought much more about it until this morning when I was looking at my Weather Monitor.  I could see it was 33.5 deg and we had only received 0.12 of rain. So, as I usually do after I pour myself a cup of coffee at about 04:15, I stepped outside to look at the sky and other things. It was super dark, but I soon saw this:
From North Ranch SNOW-Feb2011
SNOW everywhere. Click on the caption link below the picture and it should take you to the album with several other pictures of the snow around our place. Our poor Oleander hedge is bent almost to the ground. I sure hope they come back up.  I have seen a little snow here at North Ranch before once or twice over the last 12 years but I don't think I have ever seen this much, It is a super heavy, wet snow but it was already melting a 0700 when I took these pictures.

So, maybe this is the FINALE. Maybe it will warm up now and become the nice warm, beautiful Spring that we are so used to around here. I sure hope so! I will say this was a good year to have a house. This house is so well built and insulated that this cold winter hasn't bothered us near as much as it would have in an RV.

OK, we do have another "project" going. It's not often we don't have some sort of a project to tell you about. We want to tile our favorite room in the new house....the screened front porch. We got in touch with Rich,  the contractor that built the house and asked him if he would do it for us. He was more than happy to do it and told us where we should go to get the tile and gave us several other pointers. He said this place is his "Pride and Joy" as he and his sons built every bit of it and he is very proud of the way it turned out. Now that's the kind of guy I like to have working for me!! Thursday, when we were in Phoenix, we went to the the Floor and Decor Tile Outlet Rich suggested and after looking at what seemed like a million samples, we decided on this:

We called Rich and he took a look at the 2 Porcelain samples we brought home.  He loved them and thought they would be perfect. He suggested the bigger one since the room is pretty big and said it will look much better than the small one. So Monday we are headed back to the Tile Outlet in Phoenix and get the 23 boxes we need to do the job.  I ask Rich to put it on his schedule as soon as he could get at it. The porch floor is just "bare" concrete now and it is just "begging" for some nice floor covering. We are extremely excited about this choice and anxious to see it all completed. I'll keep you posted.  Thankfully we now have a Pickup truck and can easily haul the 23 boxes of very, heavy 18x18 tile.  AND....most importantly, Rollie and Gina, stopped by on Friday and approved of the tile also. :-) That ment so much to us...

Rollie and Gina were on their way home to Louisiana to be with family after the loss of their Uncle Jim.  They have driven over 1500 miles since we saw them on Friday afternoon and should arrive at their home before Noon today.  It will be a really sad occasion because they were all very close to Uncle Jim.  Please pray for them and their family during these very sad times. 

We continue to Praise the Lord for all he provides us in good times and in bad times. 
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Thanks to all for stopping by and may God Bless you all.  It was a GREAT WEEK!!!!


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Sue and Doug said...

snow in Arizona!!?..what the heck!!
nice choice on the tile!.I approve too, that is if my opinion really matters :)..can't wait to see the finished product!!
have a great week!!

Al Bossence said...

Hey Mike, I bet your neighbor was just pulling a fast one on ya & sprayed some white foam on your lawn. Some neighbors are like that you know. Nice choice of tiles. Kelly & I so love the southwest decor with all it's colors. Adobe walls along with tiled floors & roofs, etc. Those colored tiles will be so much better than a bare concrete for sure....10-4.

Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

Makes me glad I stayed in FL this winter. :)

Happytrails said...

This weather is just crazy! Our weather is just the opposite....way too warm for February. It has been like spring with temps reaching into the 70s which means everything is budding. Now when we have that next cold spell we may loose alot of those pretty spring buds. Perhaps it won't happen!!

Love the tile!!

Janna and Mike said...

Snow??? We only got rain over here in the desert but it sure was cold today. We may be heading your way this week.

Jerry and Suzy said...

We had our snow Sunday morning as well. Glad it was yesterday, as today we drive the Tucson for medical appointments (3 of them) and to pick up my computer that was being repaired. Computers are like women -- you can't live with 'em and you can't live without 'em!

René and Jeanette Genereux said...

I like your tile choice.

Gosh, it was so cold in the Palm Springs/Desert Hot Springs area, we had to scoot out of there and head to northern California for a bit more heat - like 3 more degrees.

Goofy weather everywhere of late.