Sunday, May 15, 2011

Cleaning up loose ends..

The Gypsy in me is coming alive again. I have been in one spot long enough!  If I didn’t have a Doctor's appointment on May 26th, I swear I’d hit the road.   It’s the soonest I could get in to see this Dr. and it's an important one to me or I’d cancel it.. But we really do have a cram-packed two weeks ahead of us before we leave. But, two weeks from today, we should be on our 2nd day headed for good ole' Custer, South Dakota.

One of the last things we have to do each year before we leave is Megabyte2’s annual visit to the Vet for her checkup and immunization shots. She doesn’t like it!  When I got her car carrier out, she took one look at it and vamoosed! Under the chair, then the table....she wanted no part of that carrier. I could hear her hollerin' “NO!! POP’s, I ain’t goin'”!!  I finally caught up with her and had to “stuff” her into it because she wasn’t going willingly.

After a short 10 mile ride to Wickenburg, we pulled up to the "Bar S” Animal Clinic. Ms. Mega2 didn’t say a word....she was trying to hide in that little car carrier.

Now while we were in the waiting room, I know she is thinking, "Oh, I remember this place and I told you I NEVER wanted to come back here"!! She endured a lot of pain here a couple years ago and I’m sure she hasn’t forgotten it.   I know I haven’t forgotten it and I was about as scared as she was.

In no time, they ushered us to the examination room and asked Mega2 to remove her clothes and get on the table. Ms. Pat is trying to comfort her but she was looking at me with her big eyes and I could tell she was saying “Please help me Pop’s....lets get out of here!”

Soon the Doc was in and began her examination, looking at teeth, poking and pushing, listening and then that dreaded SHOT! During all of this, Ms. Megabyte2 was trying to be nice but she didn’t like it and she stayed as close to Ms. Pat as she could.   Then came the rear toenail clip and the Doc got a little close on one and Mega2 let out a BIG holler…….”OUCH”!! I almost clobbered the Doc and wanted to tell her to BE CAREFUL!! Don’t hurt my girl!! Ms. Mega2 passed the exam with flying colors and is good to go for another year.  She and I were ready to get her out of there so we headed for the pickup and left Ms. Pat to pay the bill. Whew....glad that's over for another year, and so is Ms. Megabyte2!

Now if Ms. Pat and I can get our medical checks done and come out as well, we’ll be outta here. Plans are to leave the next day after my Dr. appointment on the 26TH. So by the night of the 27TH we should be several hundred miles from North Ranch.  So many of our friends all went north out of here to Canyon de Chelly (pronounced d’Shay) and since we have never gone that way, we decided to do a "Monkey see, Monkey do". We’ll plan to spend the night in that area and look around a little, then go on over to Cortez and Durango, Colorado. Then I think we will give that Million Dollar Highway #550 from Durango to Grand Junction a try. Haven’t decided for sure yet but if you watch the You Tube Video, it looks like a humdinger and I love humdingers!

It was a GREAT WEEK!

I’m happy to report that we received word late last night that Gina had arrived back home in Louisiana all the way from Grenada.  We are so happy to hear that. When loved ones are flying nowadays, I worry.  Glad you're home Sweet Girl...... now we are anxious to hear all about your wonderful trip.

Thanks for stopping by.  Come on back Wednesday and get the low down on a few more projects we HAVE to do before we leave.

Travel safe!!


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Sue and Doug said...

poor Ms.Megabyte!..I can so relate to her visit to the vet!..the fur is always flying when we have to load our kitty Oliver into his crate too!..very stressful for them!
have a great week!..let the preparations begin!

Jerry and Suzy said...

Be very careful if your doctor starts to trim your rear tonails, Mike! Don't want you yelling and screaming!

We've been to Canyon de Chelly many years ago, definitely want to return.

Sam&Donna Weibel said...

Great to hear Ms Mega is in good shape, we have a feline visitor for a week and he is a real neat cat. Lucky is his name, hope the two weeks flies by so you can hit the road to Custer. be safe out there my friend. Sam & Donna...

test said...

Happy to hear Ms. Megabyte2 is healthy and good to go for another year. I don't like taking Koko into the Vet as she has the same reactions that Ms. Megabyte2 does; but it is the best thing for them!

Good Luck on your doctor visits and hope your results are just as favorable as Ms. Megabyte2.

It sounds like you are going to have a beautiful route back to SD, safe travels and enjoy.


Happytrails said...

Eww...I so agree with Ms. Megabyte, I don't like those doctors visits either! Glad she passed with flying colors! Now you two follow her example and do as well.
We always start getting excited as we get closer to travel day. Time will pass quickly!!

Bruce said...

Our dogs hate going to the vet and since cats are far more independent than dogs I'm surprised there wasn't a wildcat in that exam room. Large dogs don't like to be held forcefully and even though I always tell the vet let me handle them, they have the vet tech do it. We will probably look for a new vet. I can't imagine a cat with their independence having their temp. taken or being held. Glad Ms. Mega2 survived the ordeal. Double glad old dad survived too.

Karyn-Lee said...

Sammy seems to know when it's "time" for his exam and shots too. He's due in June so that should be interesting for us as well.

Hope your exams go well too! Looking forward to your travels!


JB said...

Those vet visits are always interesting. Our vet told us to put the cat in the carrier backwards and darned if it wasn't a whole lot less stressful, and no scratches either.

LakeConroePenny,TX said...

When we SPCA foster moms have to load cats in carriers, like JB said it is less stressful for all concerned to load cats in backwards, especially if you have the carrier on it's end.

It is so much easier if you use people toenail clippers rather than animal clippers on cat's claws. I just use animal clippers on dogs.
Surprised that a vet would go too close. Poor Ms Megabyte, she will remember that.

Happy Tails and Trails, Penny, TX

Janna and Mike said...

Poor Megabyte! Emmi isn't crazy about the vet either. Good blog Mike!