Sunday, May 1, 2011

One More Month at North Ranch in Arizona..

 April 2011 is history, gone forever and we only have a few short weeks before we head North to our other favorite place, the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota. I get anxious to go but I love it here and have plenty to keep me busy. While Ms. Pat is up Line Dancing I have been taking short trips out in the desert on my 4 wheeler. I needed a few rocks to complete a little project, so I been Rock Hunting..  DSC_3108
I needed a few of these smaller rocks to complete a little “spillway” where rain water runs off the roof.   Gina started it last year but didn't have to time to finish it.  I know she could do a much better job but she's on an island somewhere relaxing on the beach and eating "lobster". :-) Bless you Girl!
I found enough to get it pretty well lined so hopefully it won’t wash out. I hope Gina approves!
I wet the rocks down and Ms. Pat ran the 4 wheeler back and forth over them to sink them in so they will “stay put”.
Ms. Pat wanted a few more rocks for some special places, so we went out again yesterday by ourselves. This big vast desert is so beautiful. This is a wonderful time of the year down is so quiet and peaceful. The weather is perfect. Almost everyone else is gone, headed who knows where. We have the entire place all to ourselves. Fellow Blogger Al would be in Heaven....right Al?
Always way back in the background is "Round Mountain". It is a landmark we use to keep from getting disoriented. You can get in these “washes” and zig zag around and around and it’s easy to get confused as to where you are exactly. Just get up on a little hill and there is Ole' Round Mountain to tell you just where you are.  Pictures make this country look “Flat”, but believe me it is anything but…..
Here we are about 3 miles out looking back at the large Martinez Wash. North Ranch is right in the middle of the picture just over the hill out of site.
Ms. Pat has found some special rocks.  If Gina were here she would be “Rockin' and Rollin'” with us!
I wanted to call your attention to Ms. Pat’s special “Cap” that she wears in honor of Rollie and Gina’s son Thomas. Thomas is a Marine and has been deployed since February.  Presently he is staging on a ship out at Sea waiting,…. waiting for something that we all hope doesn’t happen. But isn’t it comforting to know that our American Sons and Daughters are standing ready to defend our country and our freedom?  Ms. Pat gives Thomas a “Thumbs Up” and wants him to know we love him very much and are thinking of him and praying for his safe return.  We can’t wait for him to get back home!!  You be careful Son and God Bless you and all your buddies out there.
I wanted to show off my son Patrick, who was also a Marine!! He went riding with us out in this beautiful desert back in February...We took him to "Box Canyon". One of those times I will cherish forever. Way too few and far between.DSC_2896
This is Patrick’s “RAZOR”.  Hopefully, this will clear up the confusion and answer the question many readers had about what the connection was between a Golf Cart and a RAZOR.   Razor is a model of ATV that Polaris makes. As you can see it has dual seats and “roll bars”.... it even has “safety belts”! My son feels it is much safer than the ATVs we ride. Some are afraid I might fall off of mine and hurt they think I should get a RAZOR.  I have no idea why they would think such a thing…..baffles me! :-)

But, to answer their question, " No there is no RAZOR in my future".  Not to say that I will never have one but remember I’m an old Cowboy and Cowboys like to ride “on” stuff, not “in” them.   So I’ll keep slinging my leg over my rides for a while yet…..  maybe until I get old!!

That’s about all the foolishness I can think up this time…..until next week.

It was a GREAT WEEK!!!

Thank You for stopping by and I do hope you can find the time to drop back in next week…

Praise the Lord for all he provides us and you all travel safe!


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All Because Two People Fell In Love said...

Mighty PROUD of you Pop's. Could not have not done it any better myself....looks really GOOD!!!! I do wish that I was there hunting rocks with y'all. However, doctor order's no lifting. Glad to see I turned y'all into rock hounds. LOL
Thanks for your support and prayers for Thomas. I love and miss you both.
Your Daughter

Sam&Donna Weibel said...

Mike tell Ms Pat I to have a US Marine ball cap on our fireplace in a place of honor to remind me Thomas is deployed and in harms ways, Even though I was a Navy Flyboy in a combat helicopter squadron I flew plenty of Marines around and was always happy to be flying back to a carrier or base and not being stuck in the field.It would always amaze me how the Marines would say they wouldn't take our job in a minute minute, because it was to dangerous, and then would go out to face battle. Your spillway looks great you sure have patience to get all those rocks just right. Take care buddy, and don't work to hard. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

Al Bossence said...

Yep, that sure is right Mike. I'd be in heaven for sure. I would soooooo much like to be somewhere in the great American southwest right now exploring new areas, walking mountain paths & quiet desert trails. Been in this area of Canada waaaaay too long. I agree with you about the ATV. Just looks like a heck of a lot more fun than riding around in a comfy kind of 'old folks' safety wagon. I've never had the opportunity of ATV'ing cross country but I know it would be something I'd get a big blast out of doing. What is excitement without a little bit of the fear factor thrown in eh. I've always been a rider/driver, never a passenger:))

Anonymous said...

Right idea on the atv. Your a long ways off from needing a RAZOR.

Janna and Mike said...

Glad you cleared up the confusion about the Razor! Looks like you guys are still having fun!

Jerry and Suzy said...

Nice country you are in for sure. And yes, it is sometimes delightful to be nearly the only ones around. Razor has wheels? Mine only has blades. Guess we're talking about two different things altogether!