Sunday, November 6, 2011

On to LSU Country……Rollie and Gina’s

Wednesday we had a great day visiting Ms. Pat’s Son Gus and his wife Billie in Slidell, LA.  Gus is a builder but his main love is Fishin’.
This is his Fishing boat and he lives right close to many openings to the Gulf of Mexico. It was really windy or he would have taken us out.

Gus and his Mom spent some quality time together.  They hadn’t seen each other for way too long!!  We sure need to do this more often.

This is Gus and Billie. Gus wanted to shuck us some Louisiana Oyster's and show us how they are even bigger and better than Apalachicola Florida Oysters..

WOW!!!  Now take a look at that!!  BIG!!!  And delicious!!

Gus also had some Gulf shrimp he fixed for us.  Now those are SHRIMP!!  He put them on Shish Kabobs and grilled them with some steaks.  Now let me tell you with those super oysters, it was a meal to remember.  Boy are we gonna miss this Seafood!!
Gus and Billie took us all around and showed us the area where they live and Gus works building houses and fishing. Here is Gus, Mom and me saying our good byes and wishing we had more time to spend together.. Thanks Gus and Billie for a wonderful day!!  Somehow we missed getting a picture of Bear, their beautiful boxer dog, but we did get a picture of his house in this picture.

Wednesday we had some PressurePro systems to ship out and other work to do before we headed on West.  Gus stopped by before we left to tell his Mom how much he loved her and how glad he was we stopped by to visit.

Our next stop, less than 70 miles away was to two of the greatest people in this world that came into our lives only by the Grace of God, Rollie and Gina, our Kids.  Rollie met us at the Interstate 10 exit and led us to their place just a short distance away..  
This is there beautiful home near Baton Rouge, LA and this is the house Rollie was raised in. Soon our Motorhome was comfortably parked in the back yard.

We had such a wonderful time with these kids.  They are such a joy to be around. Ms Pat and I can not stop thanking our Father in Heaven for placing them in our lives… Praise God!  It was such an enjoyable weekend and we have so much to tell and show you about that I can’t do it the justice it deserves today.  Plus, we must get on our way this morning and travel on West 300 miles to Nacgdouches, TX. to MotorHomes of Texas.

Tomorrow morning early we have an appointment to give our Motorhome it's first annual checkup.  So, I am sorry but you must just wait until Wednesday to see and hear about our fun filled weekend with Rollie, Gina and more of their Louisiana family.    LSU was playing  football  at Alabama Saturday night and Ms Pat and I found out how seriously these LSU graduates take their football.. It was truly the game of the Century. Plus LSU won!!  They get almost as worked up as us Cornhusker fans and FSU fans.....but not quite. :-)  It was Fun, Fun, Fun.  I didn’t get back to the Motorhome until 10:00 pm last night and that is way past my bedtime. But it was worth every second of it…..

It was a GREAT WEEK!!!!

Thanks for stopping b.  Be sure to stop back on Wednesday…


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Kenny And Angela's Adventure said...

Sounds like you guys are having a great time seeing the family and your kids. Be safe..

Jim and Sandie said...

Lots of fun times. Be safe traveling today. You definitely won't find that seafood out here in AZ.

Anonymous said...

What great times you are having!! I'm glad to here Rollie and Gina and still perking and doing well. How's that grandbaby of theirs?
Safe travels for you all.
Don in Okla.

Paul and Marsha Weaver OCT. 17, 2009 said... you made me hungry. Those are some beautiful shrimp! Beautiful pictures of the family also. Hope the check up goes well!

Sue and Doug said...

nice to see family that you don't see very often!...the oysters looked delicious even if I don't like them..the shrimp?..well now you are talking!!!..
Wednesday's post will be interesting with Gina and Rollie!!..and baby Abigail!!

Sherry and Charley Dilworth said...

Glad you are having such a great time!! Be safe!

Al Bossence said...

I like the size of your photos Mike. Big, bright, and easy to see. Just as photos are meant to be seen.......